Over the last 9 years plus of my “on the road” journey and the work I’ve been consciously doing 24/7 to end the dark timeline and the power/greed etc of the dark, and restore the light timeline for this planet, I have learned to be even more of a detective than before.  I’ve been a lifetime activist and via my many metaphysical and spiritual experiences since childhood, I’ve learned to look under the surface of people and events.  Being an empath and becoming even more aware of that, I’ve learned that my body was already attuned to this “underneath”.  However, this work has taught me to also look at what is “making the waves” move, too. 

Activists learn to look “underneath”, just as you can look at the photo and see the rocks underneath the water, so they can identify where to focus their actions to attempt to remedy an injustice or support their desired outcomes.  I’m grateful for the activists in the world.  However, many haven’t learned to look at “what is making the waves”.  When you look at the water in the photo, the waves on the water, it is easy just to see the waves, or see the rocks beneath the water.  Often we don’t investigate or contemplate what is making the water move.  At the moment I took the photo it was windy, so the wind was making waves.  The dark have been behind so much of what activists have worked to change, but most activists have only been focused on the “underneath” and not realized the bigger/deeper picture of the dark systems and beings behind all of that.  So a law gets changed, someone new voted in, a new regulation put in place, a new cause or apology or movement happens.  But still nothing really changes on a deeper level, a sustaining level.  Wars, white supremacy, racism, slavery, oppression, genocide, destruction of the planet and environment, inequality, rights of all kinds taken away, poverty, sickness…..continue on and on and on.

So my work partner, John, and I have had to learn to dig deeper.  When I started this work I had hoped for success quickly.  I have learned though that the dark experiment has gone on for 6 to 7 million years and I’ve been in and out of incarnations ever since the beginning  attempting to shut it down and restore the original light design and timeline.  That’s a long time that the dark has had to put in place their dark agendas, propaganda, lies, weaponry, and structures to protect all that and more.  So it has taken an enormous amount of dark attacks on the project, John and me, especially me, to unravel it all.  And it has taken lots and lots of digging, questioning, and awareness.

I’m grateful for all the progress and soon we hope to finally achieve results.  I’m grateful for learning to look not just underneath but also at the powers and forces behind the surface effects.

Thanks for reading, liking, commenting, sharing, following. I appreciate the WP community and all those it reaches.

Love, katelon


Opening Our Perception AND Getting Ready For The Shift!


Good morning friends! I hope you are well and feeling as much peace as possible in the midst of all the conflicts going on around the world.

Once again, FB reminded me of this 2017 post. At one point it mentions the shift already or soon to be happening. Obviously…..5 years later, it hasn’t happened yet, but I do believe we are finally close. I’ve been consciously doing this work 24/7 for over 7 years now, (this lifetime) with it taking all the energy I have on a daily basis.

I’m sharing this post again because the message is an important one, the message of “Believing is Seeing”. There is so much propaganda and misrepresentation going on in the world, in every area of life. So when disclosure happens, and it will, and the truth of all that the dark experiment has done in this world and beyond is exposed, it will be a shocking experience. So we will all have to open our minds, trust, connect to the truth and then shift our perception or at least open it, to see all the good that will be available on the timeline of Oneness and Abundance. When I imagine that moment, what comes for me is relief…..relief that all the burdens and lies and harm placed upon this planet and humanity will be gone, relief that we can all experience that we are one, relief that we can reclaim our true divine nature, relief that we are free to live in light and love and abundance and release lack and struggle and conflict, relief that we can finally become caring stewards of this amazing planet.

May this moment come very, very soon.

Much love to you friends, katelon

Empower and Balance

Photos by Katelon T. Jeffereys

I walk in the neighborhood where I’m staying, daily.  I love connecting with the various plants and flowers.  I am used to seeing these Bird of Paradise flowers.  There are bushes of these in the backyard where I stay, and all over the neighborhood. I grew up seeing these flowers.  This is how they look…perhaps a little bigger or smaller, but yep, this is a common sight.

So imagine my surprise when I saw this double one with a new flower growing out of the same stalk, but in the opposite direction:

This must be a fluke I thought, some kind of anomaly in this particular bush…as of course, everyone knows that Bird of Paradise flowers only come one flower to a stalk.

So I walked on thinking of this strange aberration I had seen, when…wait…there is another one?!

Throughout my walk that day I…

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We Create Our Own Reality….or….Do We?


FB is good for at least reminding me of past posts that I value 🙂

This came up in my memories today. I feel even more strongly now about what I shared in this post. And just to clarify – in re-reading the post, I reference a couple I was friends with who were into the Course of Miracles, and meant to write that I seem to have attracted many friends who also were dedicated to that course, even though it has never drawn me to it myself.

When John, (my spiritual work partner), first connected with me, he felt that my financial struggles, health issues, etc. were all due to me not changing my attitudes, beliefs etc. At the point he met me, I had already spent decades trying every emotional, psychological, mental, physical, spiritual, energetic modality and technique that I could find, to heal myself and my life. My long time therapist and friend told me I had worked harder on myself than any client she’d ever had and made more progress. But still issues continued. The more John and I worked together, we found more and more interference, blocks, and attacks by the dark that had been going on since my conception. And the almost daily attacks (sometimes more than one a day), have continued throughout this 7 + years work we’ve been focused on to end the dark’s power and their timeline and weaponry. We’ve learned about illegal parts created by the dark, soul-less beings that imitate a human and carry out dark agendas: parts that the dark attaches to souls without their knowledge. Our understanding of how the dark interferes with and misleads humans has grown exponentially over the years. And this doesn’t even include all the propaganda the dark spreads in many aspects of life.

I can now feel this interference when it happens, in my energy field around me, as if someone has laid a cloak over me, and sometimes it feels like static.

So I still believe that it is important for us to do our inner work, be accountable, make changes as needed, but I also see that once the dark is shut down and our body/being is restored to its full divine capacity and connection and we are living on the light timeline, living the way we were originally designed to live, with all dark interference gone, all lies disclosed, etc then our capacity to create the reality we desire will truly be restored as well.

May the light timeline soon be restored. May we soon be living in peace, Oneness, abundance, truth and serving the greater good.

Thanks for reading!

Much love, katelon

Empower and Balance

movie projector                                                 Image from one of my corporate training manuals. Katelon T. Jeffereys

For much of my adult life I have believed that we create our reality. My son got tired of me stating it every time he would complain about his circumstances. I taught it in my corporate and public workshops. I discussed it in a radio interview. This image above is one I used to talk about how the movie of our life is made up of the beliefs we hold about our self and life and then, these are projected onto the screen of our life, attracting the situations, circumstances and people/players to fulfill our script.

This last year or so though, I’ve been changing my mind about this.  I still believe we have a part in creating our lives, or certainly how we respond to our lives and the relationships and circumstances in it but I believe…

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Further Explanation of Sound Keys


This article and the link to its predecessor came up in FB memories today. I wanted to share it as each person on this planet can also call upon these Sound keys to work for peace on this planet and the success of this project of ours in shutting down the dark who presently control this planet and restoring the Source designed timeline of Oneness, Abundance and Peace.

The present headline grabbing war is only one of over 40 more wars taking place on this planet. And that doesn’t include the regional conflicts of over 100, the millions of refugees and homeless people and the war that the dark inflicts on humanity in so many ways. Putin is dark, yes, but he is not the only dark player on this planet. The US and other dark players carry out their dark agendas and covert agendas as well. So let’s harness these Sound keys, light and love to put an end to ALL wars, ALL dark agendas, ALL dark powers known and visible and ALL dark powers/players and agendas behind the scene. Love is more powerful than the dark. Light is more powerful than the dark. Together we can do this!

Love to all of you. May you be filled and healed and comforted in all ways by Source love and light. May we very soon be all living and thriving on the Light Timeline.

Empower and Balance

Taken from the website

Hello All,

I haven’t posted much lately as the 24/7 work to shut down the Dark Secret Government and their timeline that has controlled this planet, and assisting the Shift into the light, and all those working toward that end, I have had little energy left to devote to my blogs.  Also, for months I was under such intense attack by the dark, and in so much pain and distress, that doing the out of body work I do and sessions with John, along with my daily work at the house I”m staying in, was taking all of my energy.  I’ve been running on empty for quite awhile. I’m grateful for the spiritual energy that keeps me going, my devotion to this work that wakes me up in the morning, and the light team that keeps me alive, safe and able to do the work.

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Stillness, strength and inner peace.



photo by Katelon T. Jeffereys

Even though our emotions and the outer world might appear ragged right now
Even though our attention is often led to focus on this chaos
This unraveling
There remains a strength that sustains us underneath
There is hidden a strong root system
Extensive and renewing

Amidst the cold and sometimes bitter chill of the dark
Amidst the flashing crises calling to us from many venues
Alarming, instilling fear
There exists an inner stillness
Movement can’t cloak it
Nourishing and soothing

Many years ago I was a disciple of Rajneesh/Osho.  One of my favorite meditations of his had this part where you were to spin like a whirling dervish. (Thank you for the inspiration “”).  It was an amazing feeling to have my body spinning round and round and my attention drawn to the complete stillness in the middle of me, inside -complete quiet and peace.   

John and I continue to do our 24/7 work to shut down the dark timeline and pave the way for the restoration of the light timeline of Oneness, Abundance, disclosure, truth and ALL living to serve the greater good of the ALL and Gaia.  I hold this outcome in my heart and soul and have for millennia.  I call this forth for all now.  I support you in your light, your love, your strength/stillness/peace.

Thanks for my almost 950 followers honoring me with your interest. Thanks for reading, sharing, liking and commenting.

Love to all, katelon

The Divine You!


Good morning and happy Almost Valentine’s Day. FB reminded me of this older post today so I’m sharing it with you.

I’ve rarely been in a “relationship” on Valentine’s Day, but I’ve learned to use this commercialized holiday to remind myself to fully embrace and care for myself and my divinity.

We all come from love and light and this daily 24/7 work I do is to remove all that is in the way of all life on this planet being fully restored to that power Source and all divine capabilities. Love and light power all life at its core.

May we soon all be free, all recognize this love, light and Oneness and bloom. It is time for us to reveal all our beauty!

Much love, katelon

Empower and Balance

Whether attempting to bloom in arid circumstances


Bursting forth boldly


Rising out of prickly situations


Or surrounded by community


We are all seeking the light


All seeking to express our divine truth!

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Amazing Sky….a Sign of Times to Come?


Please don’t let the dark in power, their illusions, propaganda, agendas get you down. Take a moment to perceive, and receive all the beauty around you AND within you!

Love, katelon

Empower and Balance

I was at Balboa Park, in San Diego, CA, the other day.  I was stopped by the beautiful sky.


Looking up I could feel THE LIGHT, the new world we are getting ready to step into.


Deep sigh……!!  I stood there mesmerized by the depth and beauty of the cloud formations.


I turned in a circle, filled with delight and wonder. 


We can get so caught up in the illusion of this 3D world, when the truth is we really are ascending and creating a new world of love, abundance, cooperation, peace and joy.


I’m ready….are you?


Much Love to You!  Ready to be celebrating soon! Come share the love!


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Taking Our Power Back!


FB reminded me of this post and I wanted to re-share it as I still love the M and M ritual I created. (I’m not sugar adverse now, so I’d readily eat them again).

I need to qualify some of the statements in this post however. Since this was written in 2015, the second attempt John and I made to assist shutting down the dark power structures, we are now on our third attempt. In this attempt, which started in Nov. 2018, we are clearly ONLY working with Source for our information, and we’ve found out things not found in our previous two attempts. The dark did NOT surrender, which is obvious, and will not surrender. Rather, they and their agendas will be exposed, and will be shut down by other methods and the help being received by light ETs and other light beings assisting this desired outcome.

Also, I am no longer doing individual work and shut down my website. This present work is all consuming. Once the shift happens and I’m able to move on to other parts of my mission, I will be focused on more world wide objectives and work.

Again, thanks for reading, liking, sharing, and commenting on my blog. May this project and others quickly succeed, restoring us to the original divine design for this planet and all life upon it. May we soon all be free. Love, katelon

Empower and Balance


Photo from Wikipedia.

What do M and M’s have to do with taking our power back?  Be patient….I will get to that in a while 🙂  They refer to a ritual I created.  But first…some information;

I have read some metaphysical authors talk about the belief that if each individual just faced and healed their own darkness, the world would heal and we could just then move forward in a light based world.  I used to believe that, too, but now, although I believe that is part of the equation, I don’t believe it is the only part.  Through the work I’ve been doing with John, I’ve learned more about the dark technologies that have been directed at and placed in humanity to keep us in darkness.  I’ve learned more about the veil that was designed to keep us separate from Source and our divinity,  placed over us at…

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Photo by Katelon T. Jeffereys

To my perception, the reflection of the sun on the water looks like a heart.  I am longing to live on the timeline of love, light, freedom, greater good for all, abundance, rejuvenation and healing, joy and community.  Since I have devoted ALL my lifetimes, since the beginning of my incarnations, toward shutting down the Dark’s experiment and control, it feels like time to finally succeed.

In the summer and all of 1988 and into 1989 and some beyond, I had a partial relief from my lifetime of Dark interference and my intentions and affirmations actually manifested in the physical.  There was still some dark interference but it was as if the Dark had given me a slight reprieve and the light was able to support me more.  I ended up in Humboldt county and much blossomed for me. I wrote more music for my guitar, I started teaching creative music and movement for children in a Native preschool and publicly, I started teaching public and business workshops, I drummed more and I started leading ceremonies.

I thought I’d mentioned one of my songs on the blog before but couldn’t find it.  The title was Freedom.  It had arisen after an inner child workshop I’d attended, from a vision I had during one of the exercises.  I had seen how the dark had locked me up and I freed myself by singing, releasing me from their imposed dungeon.

Freedom, freedom, freedom going to carry me home 2X
Going to rise in the morning and spread my wings
Feel the love enveloping me
Freedom, freedom, freedom going to carry me home.
(The Chorus)

In the work with my spiritual work partner, John, sound has been an important aspect as light weaponry, to shut down the dark’s power structures and lift up humanity.  I’ve written in the past about the Sound keys I’ve channeled, (you can do a search for more info), and Sound ETs are part of our team and they channel sounds for these purposes as well.

It is time for this planet, this universe and all life to be living in freedom, to be living in a way and with the inherent powers Source designed for us in the beginning, before the dark experiment.   Project lockdown, control, and death needs to end.

And to end this post I’d like to leave you with a song.  I ran across an old blog post with it in it, including lyrics, but the video wasn’t available anymore. So I’m posting the lyrics here, appropriate for where I’m at in my life, and the video of the Van Morrison song “Dweller on the Threshold”

I’m a dweller on the threshold
And I’m waiting at the door
And I’m standing in the darkness
I don’t want to wait no more
I have seen without perceiving
I have been another man
Let me pierce the realm of glamor
So I know just what I am
I’m a dweller on the threshold
And I’m waiting at the door
And I’m standing in the darkness
I don’t want to wait no more
Feel the angel of the presence
In the mighty crystal fire
Lift me up consume my darkness
Let me travel even higher
I’m a dweller on the threshold
As I cross the burning ground
Let me go down to the water
Watch the great illusion drown
I’m a dweller on the threshold
And I’m waiting at the door
And I’m standing in the darkness
I don’t want to wait no more
I’m gonna turn and face the music
The music of the spheres
Lift me up consume my darkness
When the midnight disappears
I will walk out of the darkness
And I’ll walk into the light
And I’ll sing the song of ages
And the dawn will end the night
I’m a dweller on the threshold
And I’m waiting at the door
And I’m standing in the darkness
I don’t want to wait no more
I’m a dweller on the threshold
And I cross some burning ground
And I’ll go down to the water
Let the great illusion drown
I’m a dweller on the threshold
And I’m waiting at the door
And I’m standing in the darkness
I don’t want to wait no more
I’m a dweller on the threshold
Dweller on the threshold
I’m a dweller on the threshold
I’m a dweller on the threshold
Van Morrison “Dweller on the Threshold”

Thank you for taking the time to read, comment, like, share and follow. I appreciate all of you. I had hoped for the new timeline before this new year.  So may we soon all be free, all walking on the new light timeline, living the joyous life we were meant for from the beginning of creation.

Love, katelon

Let Your Light Shine…repost from 12/21/09


I ran across this memory on FB and love this old post of mine. Since I wrote it I have learned about the dark experiment and how the dark has interfered so much with humanity’s higher evolutionary path. There have been many many more dark players beyond just Lucifer. It has taken a ton of daily 24/7 work for over 7 years now for my spiritual work partner, John Ross, and I to shut down the dark’s vast array of weaponry and power. I’m so grateful for all the help we’ve had along the way. May success happen now and free all life to return to the original divine design created by Source. I apologize for not writing any new posts in awhile but this work I’m doing and the many dark energetic attacks I’ve withstood has taken all of my energy. Hope you enjoy this older post I am reblogging :

Empower and Balance

Yellow brick road

It’s a little early for this post as it isn’t Winter Solstice yet but I was reminded today of the song “This Little Light of Mine” so was led to re-read this older blog post of mine. It is still applicable today but I also feel we are much closer to full transformation on this planet. May it be so!!! ………….

Today is Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year. This day was long celebrated as it meant that from tomorrow on, the light would be returning, more and more each day until the longest day of the year is reached on Summer Solstice. I can imagine long ago, that the increasing darkness in the months past, could have created concern and fear, as it was unknown if the light would come again. Christians took this pagan holiday and stationed the celebration of Christ’s birth near this day, so…

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