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Would you like to be part of creating a new Wholeness and Wellness paradigm …and add value for yourself while supporting the environment and humanity?



If so…read on and perhaps choose to help create a new International Wellness Center resort and village…

     I am committed to creating a new type of Wellness Center and resort, one that strives to be a worldwide model for bridging class, race, gender, business, spiritual and environmental concerns.  This will be a Wellness Center that models wellness in every aspect of it’s operation and design, from how we treat our employees; what materials we use to build, design with and even use for cleaning; how we truly support and collaborate with the local community and other businesses and institutions; to filling our center 12 months out of the year vs. the normal seasonal status of most resorts.  The foundation of this destination wellness resort is a commitment to change the face of how we do business and how we honor humanity, community, the environment and ourselves.  This center is based on Wholeness,oneness…within ourselves, our families, our community, our environment, the world and especially with the Divine. 

     Through my 31 years as an educator, therapist, trainer and coach, I have heard businesses lament the lack of results from training.  I have seen the lack of wellness in how many resorts are built and managed.  I have seen the narrow focus of many centers.  My Wellness Center resort will be a new model for providing a center that speaks to the educational needs of businesses, families, youth and individuals; that offers onsite/offsite/online trainings to support the follow through necessary to obtain lasting change and results. This will be a Wellness Center that focuses on family, community, business, and environmental wellness as well as individual wellness.  This will be a Wellness Center that helps lead individuals through the quickening pace of change with compassion, integrity, and professionalism, helping to foster a sense of unity, intimacy and belonging that will nurture the foundation for peace and international understanding so needed in our world.  The Internet has expanded our ability to connect with each other but has it really expanded intimacy in our lives?  I hear the cry for us to truly connect with one another.  It is time for us to deeply align with the truth that we are co-creators with God, and we have this Divine power that flows through us.  It is time for us to accept this responsibility, become aware of how we do create what happens on this planet. And lastly, it is time to harness and focus this power to create health and harmony in our bodies, our families and the world. I desire to create a sacred space that nourishes this understanding, and provides a safe place for people to come and grow into this power and divinity so they can take it back into their lives and together, we can transform this planet.

Vision:       To be THE premier center for wellness, wholeness, education,  
                 sustainability, recreation and renewal. 

                  To inspire individuals to rediscover wonder, joy and deep connection with  
                  their divinity.

Objective:    Model a new business paradigm.

                   Heal/nurture businesses and individuals undergoing change.

                  Strengthen connection to the local community.

                  Steward the earth.

                  Offer a complete package of progressive trainings and classes to
                  business,individual,family and youth clients, onsite, off-site, online and
                  through personal coaching.

                  Align non-profit as well as for profit components.

                   Design and build using appropriate technology and use all environmentally
                  supportive products.

                  Empower individuals to re-discover their oneness with all.

      This Wellness Center will succeed because of it’s visionary design; integration of offerings for individuals and businesses; unique commitment to the use of appropriate technology and green building in a resort; broad appeal to a wider audience; opportunity for business and educational research and community involvement; integration of alternative and main stream health models; full year occupancy rates; modeling a new business paradigm; organic gardens and perhaps even winery; opportunities for home ownership in a pioneering sustainable community; opportunities for extending Wellness Center branches worldwide.

Care to join me?…                                  Katelon T. Jeffereys / 206-763-9880

Katelon T. Jeffereys

Seattle Life Coach


Energize your goals for the New Year with this exercise!



FIGURE EIGHT:  This exercise enables a person to cross the midline between the two brain hemispheres, preventing a short circuit of right brain energy.  It integrates activities that were done one sided, or homo laterally, before.  Also, it is helpful to use with affirmations for instilling new belief systems, as it accesses all parts of the brain. It represents using both sides of your brain in unison, thus bringing the power of both left and right hemisphere skills together.


INSTRUCTIONSEither on a chalkboard, paper or in the air, draw a figure eight sideways.  Make the symbol as wide as space permits.  Start with your dominant hand for the first part of this exercise.  Start with an upward motion to make the first circle, then down and around and up to make the second circle.  Repeat until it becomes comfortable for your dominant hand.  Do this a second time using your alternate hand, then do it a third time using both of your hands together.  Keep your eyes focused on your hand(s). You can use this in conjunction with affirmations or visualizations.

I like using the power breath first, which you can find in the free chapter available from Kala Kos on her website.  The information for this is in my previous blog post!

Katelon T. Jeffereys

Seattle Life Coach