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Wonderful Article by a friend!



     I wanted to share a post by a friend, Jamie Lewis. I found it very powerful and exactly what I needed to hear right now. Hope you enjoy it!

“The Transmutation of The Warrior

 Saturday, June 5, 2010 at 8:12pm

Enlightening Possibilities – A Celestial Offering for Your Divine Discernment

I AM Jamie K Lewis. I AM the embodiment of Pure Consciousness here and now in this physical body. This Consciousness has a voice through me. If You are reading this, I have something to say that You are wanting to hear. I am honored! Open Your heart, connect with the energy of Pure Consciousness – beyond thought and emotion – and receive this energetic transmission of creative thought. Set Your intention on “Allowing enlightenment to occur for all Beings.” Thank You, and bless You.

Today’s possibility, “The Transmutation of The Warrior,” is in co-creation with Indigo Consciousness

All things are undergoing a multi-dimensional restructuring at this time. Those definitions that served to bring us to this point must be softened and allowed to shift into their next stage of development for growth, and for our collective enlightenment, our planetary ascension, our awakening. Let us free one today.

The Indigo Warrior. This is a term that many Light Seeds have been using to understand something about themselves that could not otherwise be explained to have its rightful place in the reality that was created FOR You. In fact, many Beings who share Your reality have defined this aspect of consciousness as a disorder or two. You know this to not be Your truth, and You have integrated it into Your understanding in a way that has allowed it to serve an important purpose and play a very pivotal role in Your enlightenment. Good for You! At this moment in time we offer the following possibility for Your Divine Discernment: What if it is time to allow this Indigo Consciousness to redefine itself? What if it wants to experience itself, in Your body, differently at this time? We believe it is so.

This is not a denial of its nature but a redefining of its role. Remember, You are the one who chooses this path of “bringer of Light” to Your reality. At this time the energy structures and consciousness connections are in place in all Human Beings to allow the Indigo Consciousness, as defined in YOU personally, to be re-defined. Are you feeling this to be true for You? This consciousness as it exists in Your body is perhaps finished with pointing out what’s wrong in Your reality, and is being restructured to align with the belief system that you have decided to adopt that only Love is real. The new understanding of this consciousness is wanting You to remember what it is like to allow it to fulfill its most magnificent function to date: Possibility Pioneer. You are not allowing others to define Your reality for You at this time. You were born into a reality that was offered to You based on definitions and belief systems different than those You have chosen to adopt at this moment in time. You are at a stage in Your Divine development that allows this Indigo consciousness to restructure itself into one of seeing into the infinite dimensions of possibility in FORWARD MOVEMENT, or Creation. For You, there is no longer at this time a need to ferret out that which You do not wish to experience as a part of Your physical experience on this Earth Plane any longer. You are supported in the experience of thinking up, dreaming up, intuiting entirely new ways of Being and wholly new solutions for any seeming problem as the structures of your current belief system click into physical place. This Indigo Consciousness is wanting to restructure itself in Your body to a higher frequency and align itself to the will of the God that You are. Your intuition is wanting to show You what is possible now that was not possible 5 years ago, 5 months ago, or even 5 minutes ago.

What is possible with the allowance of this Warrior in You retiring into a life of Pioneering? ANYTHING.

This consciousness wants to be set free, and to any degree that You can allow it to be done You will create magnificent possibilities for Your reality. What does it take to witness this in Your own body? A decision to allow Your heart center energy to restructure this consciousness for the highest good. It is also important to note that You are the only one who can make this decision for Yourself, and that You cannot make it for others. Allow this change to take place in Yourself and You allow all others to do so as well.

This powerful decision also sets many, many children free. These children are not wishing to be defined in this manner any more. They are desiring the same freedom to love that You seek. You can allow them to have this freedom by offering them a love of their Being, however they choose to define it in any moment. It is not necessary to talk about a child’s “symptoms” in any terms or by anyone’s definition, including the definition of the “Indigo Child.” It is no longer necessary to redefine these personality traits within the limits of Your physical experiences with these children. You can afford that same love energy to them from Your heartspace and see what happens. The warrior becomes the Pioneer, and the children shall lead You. They will show You more possibilities than You can even imagine, and this in turn will free Your own Pioneer even further. Try it and see what happens. See what is possible when You allow the consciousness itself redefine its own role in each individual, including Yourself.

What if You simply say, I now allow the Indigo Consciousness I carry to restructure itself in my body and Earthplane experience in such a manner that is enlightening for all Beings? What if You decide, right here and now, to allow this to happen for You in a way that shows You how graceful and powerful You truly are, and in a manner that is fun and easy for You to experience? What if You decide to allow all others to do the same? What if, each time You witness the finger-pointing Warrior spirit (in Your own self or in other Beings in Your reality), You give this understanding to Yourself? Perhaps You say, “Thank You, Warrior. I now allow You to be a Possibility Pioneer.” Or “Thank You Warrior. I love You and allow You to experience Yourself in Enlightenment for all Beings?” What if You give that persistent pressure in Your head to Your heartspace and allow the Love of God that flows forth from Your restructured heart to restructure the Indigo Consciousness in whatever way it wants to be defined in You at this moment? What if You remembered in that moment that You are God, and that this warrior is praying for Your love. What a powerful and loving Creator You are to simply give it to him, allow him to bask in the glow of the magnificence that You are, and to allow him to redefine himself to fit into Your New World where there is no need for the warrior any longer!! What an awesome and benevolent Being You are!

This is the next evolution of the Indigo Consciousness as You understand it at this time. You Pioneers on the Idea Frontier, You bringers of Light, You must be the ones to allow this change to take place in Your own body. As You do so, allow all others to do the same in the manner and pace at which they are wanting to experience it. No one needs to be left out.
The Warrior has set you free. Thank him for his service, and allow him to have his wings in the Heaven that is You.

Love, Jamie”



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