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Tucson, a City of Dark and Light!



       Lately Tucson, AZ has been in the news for the tragedy that occurred there on Jan. 8th at 10:10 am.  At the same time, across town, a memorial service had started at 10:00 am for Joao Cota Robles, the adult son of the world-renowned spiritual teacher, Patricia Diane Cota Robles. Joao had died suddenly in Dec. The church was filled up, and had an overflow crowd of 700 people spilled over outside along with love and support pouring in from tens of thousands of people all over the world, including me.  Darkness and light, flowing forth at the same time in one city!

       Even just looking at the tragic event itself, you see the important discussion that has arisen from it, about our ability as a nation, and as individuals, to be able to discuss disagreements while respecting each other’s views, rather than using the ugliness of labels and angry rhetoric, and inciting violence.  Out of darkness comes the potential for light!

      Even before this tragic event, Arizona was in the news for it’s I believe, backward immigration policy. I know people boycotting the state because of it.  I understand the dilemma of the immigration policy as I grew up in southern Az. My Father hired illegal immigrants for his seasonal cotton picking season.  He treated them very well, and I grew up believing that hiring illegal immigrants was normal and that they should be treated as well as any other employee. I saw the value in what they contributed to my Father’s business and to the economy of the country. There were immigrant children whom I went to school with though and I sadly saw the ridicule they endured.  I have also heard the complaints that many have about the immigrants who come to our country without visas or work permits, and I understand their concern. So I see the dark and the light of this situation.

      In 1986, after hearing an inspiring panel discussion, in Tucson, of people who had worked with the Sandinistas, soon after they took office in Nicaragua, I became involved with groups working with Central American refugees.  I watched in horror as our government started it’s secret war there, undoing all the good that the Sandinistas were doing for the country at that time and forcing them to then focus all their energy, man power and resources to fight an illegal war rather than help the people and the country thrive.  I did this work over a ten-year span, working with individuals with horrible scars from torture and some of them with bullets still in them.  People just trying to find a way to contribute, earn an income, have a life that is safe and productive. These people came from the darkness of war and terror and yet they are some of the happiest, most giggly joyous people I have ever met….light beings fleeing the darkness of their country’s wars.

        I am looking at all of these events and situations that have and are now taking place in my home state, in the town where I went to college and graduated.  This is the city where I at one time hiked seven days a week, even sometimes doing two hikes in a day. I’d get my son out of bed, we’d hike for a sunrise, come home and take a nap and then head out again. I explored the mountains, deserts, lakes and streams in all 4 directions.  The Santa Catalina Mountains are very magical, and Reddington pass is my favorite spot of anywhere I have ever ventured. So I have these memories and experiences of darkness, mixed in with memories of all this beauty and light.

        My most important memory of this town is that this is the town where I finally chose to live!  After many years of off and on depression, from knowing my divine purpose since childhood and yet not having it available yet and the distance between the two leaving me feeling at times very miserable, I reached a deciding moment in Sept. 1986.  I woke up in the middle of the night with a severe asthma attack.  I woke my son up and told him I was driving to the hospital.  All the way to the hospital I was hunched over the wheel, barely breathing, and I knew this was it; that it didn’t matter what the doctors did for me, it was up to me whether I lived or died.  I argued with myself all the way there. Should I choose to focus on my fears, pain, grief, all the darkness, and thus choose death?  I knew that it would be easy to just let this serious asthma attack finally take my life after struggling with asthma for 33 years.  Or should I, could I, choose to trust in a future of light, and living my truth, and let myself make it through yet another battle with asthma and choose life?

       When I arrived, I walked into the hospital, and even though I had called ahead to let them know I was coming, they were shocked when they saw me and saw that I had driven myself.  I was put into an emergency room and the battle began.  As they put drugs into me, I kept leaving my body.  I’d be moving to the light and something would jerk me back into my body and I’d vomit, then I’d leave again, and be traveling out, and then I’d be jerked back into my body and I’d have to defecate.  I grew up in emergency rooms and had never experienced anything like this, even the one time I died at age 11 and my Father revived me.

       After hours of this, they finally had me stable enough to put me in a room.  I piled pillows up on top of one of those tables you put over the bed, and barely leaned forward onto them, like the elephant man.  I was still struggling to breathe, but I had obviously chosen to live.  I had the room to myself and as I looked out the big picture window facing the Santa Catalina Mountains, I saw my spirit outside, as if on a runway, surrounded by other spirits celebrating my decision, finally, to live.  I had made a commitment to my path, my purpose; no matter how long it took to arrive.  There in the darkness of early morning, I faced the light and chose the light…. not death, but to shine the light amidst any darkness on this planet or in my life.

       I believe that the time for me to fulfill my purpose has finally arrived.  I believe it is arriving for all of us.  This is OUR deciding moment.  We have the opportunity, now more than ever, to choose the light.  This isn’t an easy time, nor is it easy to feel love or see the light sometimes in the midst of our daily challenges.  But I believe that we are being called to do so with each breath, each thought, each action.

       I believe that together we do have the strength to call in the light, live the light, and dance the light!  I believe that we are being supported by massive amounts of unseen beings, too, along with God, Spirit or whatever name you give that source.  So we don’t have to do it alone.

       The time is now.  The decision is yours.  What do you choose?  Will you join me in the light?

Katelon T. Jeffereys

Seattle Life Coach



Wellness Hotels And Resorts – Adding A New Dimension To Life Style! By: Ram Gupta


Below is an interesting article about wellness hotels and resorts! As you might know, from reading my blog, my intention has long been to create an international wellness center/resort/learning center.  I have spent many years on research and attempting to find business partners and funders. Perhaps now it will happen:)

Katelon T Jeffereys

Seattle Life Coach

Wellness Hotels And Resorts – Adding A New Dimension To Life Style!

 By: Ram Gupta

     “Hospitality is an ever evolving industry. It caters to needs and desires of its users. As these desires keep changing with the ever evolving life style, the hospitality product offer makes micro adjustments to address these fresh demands. They say wealth gives birth to desire, how true it is. As people get more spendable income, we see new demand generation in almost all areas of our daily life

     We saw the introduction of health concept in city hotels in early seventies when the luxury hotels embraced something called a health club. Those days it consisted of only a gym, steam and sauna rooms. Good health clubs also had a few body massage rooms. The demand for a beauty parlor followed soon. No one wanted to step out of the health club without a proper facial or hair do. This made the beginning of a new era for hospitality industry – the wellness age. Those who recognized it as an opportunity exploited it to remain competitive.

      Today, after four decades, things are different. The concept of health club has undergone a drastic change. It is now one of the key revenue generators for luxury hotels. Things are very specialized. No more just a gym and massages, now they offer a whole range of products, treatments and therapies and services for holistic wellness. There are specialists offering counseling on diet, nutrition, weight loss, slimming, fitness, beauty, body care and general well-being. The underlying philosophy being to help the guests remain healthier.

      The demand for wellness travel has given the hospitality industry a new niche, the wellness hotels or a resort. A well planned wellness resort in an attractive resort location offers all the luxuries of a resort hotel. In addition, it offers a well equipped Wellness product. The facilities in these resorts vary but generally include a range of restaurants or food outlets, bars and clubs, business facilities, meetings and conferencing, entertainment and indoor and outdoor sports. The main emphasis in these resorts is the wellness center.

      A luxury wellness center will include a well equipped and fitted gym with personal counselors and trainers, a range of body baths, steam, sauna, solar therapy and so on. Wellness hotels located in an area with natural springs even offer natural spring water soaks, dips or baths, a number of swimming pools, different types of body and massage therapies, yoga, aroma and color therapy, skin treatment therapies, beauty treatments and the list is ever-increasing. Needless to say that the hotel employs specialists in all areas to counsel and physically render various therapies to the guests and residents

      Some wellness resorts, with enough landscape offer their own gated jogging tracks within the resort. Wellness resorts offer enough outdoor activity to its residents. They have tennis courts and badminton courts on the premises. Alternatively they have arrangements with a local club for use of facilities by its residents.

      The resort management does everything to ensure that the resident spends minimum time in the room by offering a range of wellness, leisure and entertainment activities and facilities in the resort. The food menu in the restaurants offers a wellness food section offering a range of organic and nutritional selections. One can find a choice of diet and health dishes even on the buffet spreads. A special feature in some wellness food menus is that they also mention the nutritional values of the dish, including the calories. There is enough evening activity in a wellness resort to keep the residents occupied before retiring to bed.

      A wellness hotel or resort could be anywhere or in any location. However those located in well-known vacation spots or resort location are more successful than the city center ones. The wellness hotels located in resort locations like a hill resort, ski resort or a beach resort offer the opportunity to combine vacation with wellness. Of late, it is observed that big corporations also patronize wellness resorts as their meetings and conference venues, combining business with wellness.

      Branding of a wellness hotel or resort plays an important role in its success and within the hotel, the branding of the wellness product is absolutely crucial. It must be ensured that the brand has strong market presence and backing of an even stronger brand ambassador. In recent years the industry has witnessed launch of a number of highly successful brands, some belonging to large hotel chains and some to stand-alone hotels.

      The most important aspect of a wellness hotel or resort is its initial conceptualization and planning. This is the most complex exercise. One can not simply have a hotel and add to it a state of the art health club. Wellness hotels need an in-depth study and research on needs and demands of its potential guests, the competition with in the area and how to ensure that the resort remains competitive for at least the next four to five years. While Big hotel chain have their own in-house wellness facility planners, the independent investor will be well advised to retain a professional consultant to create a unique and competitive product. It pays back in the long run.

      A good wellness resort with attractive activities give room for one complaint – why the sun rises so late and the night comes so soon? One is so busy the whole day that the day never seemed to have come in the first instance. Wellness resorts, on one hand define your life style, and, on the other they offer a perfect opportunity to fuse your holidays with your well-being. Live healthy for you only live once!”

      You are free to publish this article without any change in the content electronically, in print, in your e-book, or on your web site, free of charge, as long as the author resource details are included.

      Author Resource: Ram Gupta is a management professional with specialization in hospitality, real estate, product and e-marketing. He has over four decades of experience in Asia, Far East, Middle East and Europe. Currently he is an independent consultant in the Industry. His web site can be viewed at 




PLANET B-BOY official trailer. DVD available now!


      I grew up watching a variety show, dreaming of being a dancer on such a show. In the 80’s I tried to learn break-dancing and was awful! So now I dance in my living room…but I dance!
     This movie was a very powerful ode to dance…it’s passion, the need to express what is inside you, how it translates around the world no matter the politics or language, how it unites people, and empowers them!
     This is about the history of break dancing, it’s evolution, it’s power. It portrays a global dance contest and various teams as they prepare for it, and also includes poignant personal stories of loss, families grappling to understand and support their child’s interests, that universal desire to find your heart’s desire and be able to express that and perhaps earn a living doing it.
      There are beautiful scenes of juxtaposition…a break dance performance in a Buddhist temple; a Canadian older break dancer working as a social worker teaching youth to break dance for healing, empowerment and scenes of them doing so with Native American elders; break dancing in the streets in Japan as women dressed as geishas stroll by with umbrellas.

      This movie was very inspiring as it reminded me once again about my dreams, my passion, my heart’s desires and to keep saying yes to them!

Katelon T Jeffereys

Seattle Life Coach

Captain Abu Raed Final US Trailer


Wonderful and beautiful movie! It was touching, inspiring, sad and uplifting as well! The main character is so loving, kind, curious, accepting and has great humility! HIs sacrifices for others are astounding. It is a movie about how others come into our lives and lead us in a new direction, in ways that are sometimes subtle, sometimes obvious, but important all the same.!

Katelon T Jeffereys

Seattle Life Coach

Penelope Trailer — Extended Version


I just watched this movie and although Entertainment weekly gave it and “F” (really???!!!!), I loved it. The sets were something out of a Timothy Burton movie, the costumes were quirky and creative, I loved the acting, and the story. I feel it is such a sweet and important story about growing up feeling like a freak. I know I did, getting rejected for many things. But at some point, in order to allow yourself to live your truth, manifest your dreams, share your gifts with the world, you have to come to a point of self-acceptance and beyond that self-love! This movie shows a young woman who never let her so called disfigurement stop her from being creative and adventurous so she finally steps out into the world, bravely, to experience life and learn to accept herself and allow love to flourish inside and out!

Katelon T Jeffereys

Seattle Life Coach