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Creating a New Life By Changing Your Perspective!

      I’ve been thinking about perspective lately…what we focus on and how we focus on it.  In the picture above, you might focus on the tree in the foreground. You might notice the various colors, textures and designs in the bark.  You might even see a face in the designs. You might focus on the branches.  Or, you can focus on the bush in the background, framed between the two main branches of the foreground tree.  You could focus on the other bushes in the background, to the sides of the foreground tree.  You might focus on the snow.  You might dislike the snow and thus form opinions or feelings about the picture based on them.  You might love the snow and thus other thoughts and feelings might arise.  We all bring our preferences, past experiences and future dreams to any present experience, whether we are conscious of that happening…or not.

      In the media these days we are blasted with pictures and articles about conflicting political opinions, wars, the economy, celebrity news, violence, hunger, poverty.  And thus our senses, and our feelings can be pushed to feel fear, anger, judgment, envy, powerlessness.  But there is also other news out there that focuses on successes, people waking up to stand up for a better world.  It is our choice what to focus on and how or if to react to any of it.  And just like you can change your perspective as you look at the picture above, you have the power and choice to change your perspective about the experiences the news reports as well as the experiences in your own life.

     As a child, we might imagine there are bogeymen in the closet.  Then usually, a parent turns on the light in the room and perhaps in the closet, to point out that it is just filled with our clothes, maybe our toys and books, with no bogeyman present.  I feel that is what is happening in the world now.  We are shown violence, greed, and a few people holding the reins of power and attempting to rule others with their beliefs and actions.  But I truly believe that the light has been turned on, is flooding our planet, our bodies, our cells, thus anything that is dark or limiting in any way is becoming apparent. So this light exposes what has been hidden in the “closets” of our world and our lives.

     This leaves us with a choice to feel powerless, and in fear, or for us to instead, know the power and light we all carry and are connected to and we can take action to make a change instead.  I have watched myself recoil in disgust or horror at some reaction of mine or something or someone I have attracted into my life, bringing up a judgment about myself and/or the other.  Instead, I am learning to meet this reaction of mine with love, just looking at it as information about some limiting belief I have been holding onto, some thought of separation, and I can now choose to heal that limitation, remember that in truth we are all one, all in need of love and forgiveness.  This moves me back to a place of empowerment, creates a more peaceful environment within and around me.  This is a step forward for me and for humanity!

     I am loving this new place of more softness and compassion.  I feel this is the emotion and feeling that is going to help transform the world as well as myself.  I invite you to join me by changing your judgment to curiosity.  You can ask yourself questions such as “Why am I feeling this way?”, “Where does this thought/feeling come from?”,  “Is there another choice to make here?”,  “What leaves me feeling lighter and more empowered?” , “Can I see this another way?”  Sometimes the answer will come right away and sometimes it comes days later. But it will come.  And then you have a choice to choose peace, love, compassion, understanding, empowerment, or fear and powerlessness.  I prefer the openness and lightness that the choice of love and compassion brings me.  It doesn’t mean that you leave yourself feeling unsafe, or invite some person or situation into your life that isn’t healthy for you, but you can still have compassion and love for that person or situation. Then you are free to take enlightened actions. 

     Try it out and let me know how it goes!

Katelon T. Jeffereys
Seattle Life Coach