Recently I decided to finally leap out of Seattle, something I had been trying to do for almost the entire 14 years that I lived there.  I made this decision three and a half weeks ago, and in that time I managed to complete 2 weeks at my spa job, work with private clients up to the second to the last day I was in town and pack up my entire apt. and move it and my other storage items into a new storage unit.  Along with that I took care of all the details involved in setting up a leap move, setting up a new address for myself, handling  the shifting of my business to a mobile one, on and on…all these details  and more, as well as saying goodbye to people.  As you can imagine it was quite a hectic time.  For months I have felt this push, this hurry, hurry, hurry up energy inside, but with no accompanying details or direction. But as I spoke with others, I found out that they were going through this extreme push as well, and again, with no apparent details or directions. Perhaps their circumstances were different, but it was the same push into the unknown.  I then realized that this is all a part of the buildup to the shifts taking place, culminating Dec. 21, 2012. I can sense that we all are feeling this sense of hurry up, let go of what doesn’t fit anymore, get ready for what is to come…but we don’t know for sure what is coming. We know life will be different, we know we will be different but we don’t know in what ways, or what it will look like.

Several years ago my father had Alzheimer’s.  At one point while I was visiting him, he called out from his bedroom. I walked in and he was sitting there without his clothes on. He didn’t know why he was nude, but he immediately felt shame and told me to leave the room.  It was sad to me that even with his altered mental faculties; he still had this shame that has been so drilled into us in this society.  Anyway, I went to find his wife so she could attend to him.  What she found out is that he had felt this urgency in his bladder, this physical signal that he needed to urinate, but his brain could not compute what the signal meant, so he interpreted it as a need to take off his clothes.  In a way, we are all going through this as we receive all the energy downloads coming into us now. We have these signals, these experiences of urgency, but our brain can’t compute what it means or what we are to do about it, or what action to take as that is beyond our present comprehension.

So it seems that all we can do is stay in trust, follow the signals as best we can, and stay in our hearts. I feel that it is very important for us to take care of ourselves right now, take time to rest, relax, play and stay in peace.

Know that I am with you on the journey!!!  If I can help you in any way, please call me or email me and I’d be happy to assist you.

Surrounding you with love, Katelon


About katelon

I have been a wellness trainer, therapist, consultant and coach for 36 years, trained in 16 therapies from massage and reflexology to hypnotherapy and NLP, to past life regression and various spiritual therapies. I do my work in person and long distance. I also offer workshops to companies in wellness, stress release, diversity, team building, communication and more. My deepest dream is to create wellness centers all over the world, for not only individual wellness but environmental, family, business, community, and international wellness. I envision of world of peace, harmony and cooperation. I am available as a consultant to work with the creation of wellness centers and eco-villages and often refer others to various wellness centers and resorts in the area of their preference. Check out my website

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  1. This is beautiful and so resonates with me and many people I know.Love to you on your incredible leap of faith. I so admire that and look forward to hreading more of the miracles and magic that appears from that leap of faith. Life will provide.Love you,Suz


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