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When I was a child, I grew up in a new subdivision.  One of my favorite things to do was to roam through newly framed out houses.  I loved the sense of possibility that I could see in the bare bones structure of 2 x 4’s.  When I played house as a child, I would draw out the floor plan on the desert floor and we’d play in that “house”. At night I would often crawl out my window and wander the desert behind our house, unafraid, finding my way in the dark. I started remembering other lifetimes early on, walked in and out of other dimensions and saw spirits that were as solid as humans.  When I was nine, an angel came to me, and took me out to my back yard where Jesus and the disciples were there to tell me what I was to do this lifetime. I figured all of this was just normal, as it was my reality. My parents quickly tried to dissuade me from my visions and convince me that 3D was the only reality there was, so I tried to shut down all I saw and felt, wondering all along why anyone would choose 3D over what I was experiencing.

By the time I was a teenager and driving, I used to drive out into the desert, deliberately taking random turns and eventually weaving my way back home. I never worried about getting lost, in fact, in a way, that was the point…to get lost, and then allow my intuition and Spirit, to lead me home. By this time I had learned to keep my spiritual/metaphysical side to myself and felt quite schizophrenic because of it. In fact, upon high school graduation, I spent part of my summer in the family room, drinking screw-drivers and painting.  I painted a picture of 1/2 of my face as what I look like…brown eyes, brown hair, olive skin and the other side, blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin. That’s how I felt, divided between this inner me, that seemed to be judged wrong or crazy and the face I showed to the world, in my attempt to fit in.

In 1978, I lived in Prescott, AZ and worked at Prescott College for a few months. I was the communication director and was fortunate enough to attend a workshop taught by residents of the spiritual community Findhorn.  The workshop woke me back up to my long ago destiny given to me by Jesus.  But I didn’t know the form it was to take. I knew it involved community but I wasn’t sure what that looked like.  So I ended up buying 5 acres outside of Prescott, hired a neighbor to be, a friend and the seller of the land, also a neighbor, and began to build a house for my son and I. My vision was to build this house and create a community among the others who lived on this land. I was very naive, and the situation ended badly, so I sold the land and house and moved on.

I kept this spark in my heart though. I lived at Lama Foundation in New Mexico, an ecumenical community; I visited several other communities and began my 34 years of researching wellness centers, learning centers, communities and resorts.  I wasn’t sure what I was to do or what this research was to accomplish but I just kept following the clues. Team members and possible funders came and went but I still wasn’t able to build a center/community yet. It felt like my childhood treks and my teenage drives, getting lost, continuing to look at structures/homes and find my way back.

In 1988, I lived in McKinleyville, another leap move of mine. My moves were always initiated by some mysterious pull that called me forward. Sometimes I would know where I was going, had a job set up and money to move, but often it was more of a leap than that, leaping on faith, not knowing where I’d end up or how I’d fund the move and getting settled. I know it was challenging for my son at times, but I trusted he chose me as his Mom and so he was part of this spiritual journey of mine as well.

Where I lived in McKinleyville there was a forest at the end of the block.  Often during the day, when I had some free time, I would wander through the forest, purposely getting lost and finding my way back. Sometimes I’d even find myself in the midst of blackberry bushes completely surrounding me, wondering how I even got into the center of it, but somehow I’d find my way out. Then I challenged myself to learn to walk one of the paths at night, through the forest, the meadow and all the way to the ocean overlook, with no light to guide my way, only depending upon feeling the path underneath my feet. Little did I know that all this lifetime of drawing homes on the desert floor, scrambling through framed out houses, leap moves, exploring and researching wellness centers and communities, getting lost and finding my way even in the dark, was in truth, all part of my destiny and spiritual path. In 1999, an acquaintance had a dream of me walking in a box canyon, trying to find my way out.  I thought of that for a while and realized that the way out of a box canyon is to look for the light and feel the path underneath your feet.  No matter how tall the canyon walls are, the light can still be seen, and your feet can always feel a path showing you the direction home.

For a long time I didn’t understand the length of time that had gone by since my nine year old date with destiny and Jesus and the fulfillment of that given destiny. I didn’t understand why I was led all these years to research wellness centers, communities and resorts and yet not have funded and manifested one of my own yet. It is only since we’ve gotten closer to 2012 that I realized I’ve already been creating these centers on a higher dimension, and I will step into it as the planet and all of life ascends to that dimension.  I have been realizing that all light workers have been doing work that they perhaps aren’t even conscious of and just like I have spent so much time in my life getting lost and finding my way home, following the guidance with often no apparent outer manifestations, so is that true for most light workers. We have all had to live in the mystery, doing what we are guided to do, often without an obvious outer form demonstrating the fruits of our labor. 

I want to salute all of you for being on the planet at this time, as it hasn’t been easy.  It has taken all of us trusting, having faith, moving forward, and holding the light to shine on the darkness, often all while going through our own challenges.  I believe that we will soon be seeing the manifestation of all we’ve worked on. I believe that we all will find our way home, to our true home.  I believe that we have all learned to walk through the dark and keep our eyes on the light, even when we can’t see it, feeling for our feet on the path.  And just as I believe that my wellness center/community dreams are being made manifest, I believe that your true dreams are becoming manifest as well.

So now let’s celebrate this alignment with the light, and the courage and faith we demonstrated in being willing to lose our way and find our way home!

Let us now celebrate a new world of peace, harmony, joy and cooperation!

I love you!  I honor you!  I celebrate you!


Katelon T. Jeffereys