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Journey Orchestrated By Spirit!


Lavendar colored flower trees ventura CA

When I left my home in Seattle in Nov 2012, I had no idea what I was going to encounter or how long I’d be on the road before finding home. I envisioned it only being a few weeks or a couple months at the most. I knew I’d always envisioned spending some time on the road being a sort of traveling healer, doing God’s work, but didn’t see it happening as randomly as it has this last 7 + months.

I knew I would be following guidance, as my life is completely spiritually focused now, but I didn’t know that guidance would entail using craigslist often. When I first sat on the computer for hours pouring over listings on craigslist for St. George, Utah, I was chiding myself, feeling like I was cheating and somehow, I was supposed to run into someone and they’d suggest a place for me to go to or stay. But I knew I wanted to see my Navajo daughter and her children in St. George, and so found a B and B to stay in, and trade therapy for part of the cost. I ended up giving the owners 4 long therapy sessions after only agreeing to do one, and it led to other healing work as well. Plus, I was led to tour two resorts I had researched online years before, and make a connection with a man also interested in creating wellness centers/communities like me.

My second place to stay on my journey involved a request on facebook that led me to a cat sitting engagement in Sedona, AZ. My 4th place to stay (St. George being the 3rd), was with a facebook friend in Sedona, AZ. Healing had been involved everyplace I stayed whether it was with my host or people I met along the way and it seemed line the internet was the connector!

At one point I started posting ads on craigslist, looking for places I could stay in exchange for bartering therapy. Again, that led me to a place in Tucson, with me doing regularly healing work on my host as well as others I met there. And then, my ad led me to a couple in Dewey, AZ who owned an earthship. Again, my healing work was needed, as well as house sitting, for them and others I met in Prescott. The connection with them, led me to the man’s mother, who when I then needed another place to stay, led me to my present place and dog sitting in Ventura, CA. And again, more healing is needed, thus delivered.

There have been times I have worried about where I’m going to stay next, when my deeper work that I feel is soon to come will actually come, when I will finally arrive at my home base so I can settle once again into my own home. And yet, looking back at this journey, how one post, one question, one conversation, has led me every step of the way. I can see a higher hand in this journey, feeling my placement where healing is needed for a person, a home, an area; and seeing how all the “dots” are connected, as they lead me to my destiny and home.

And then I wonder how I can doubt or worry at all!!!!!

Shape shifting the Future you by Maureen Moss


I love her writing and this article includes a great assignment/technique to free you up!

“Dearest Hearts,
As always, I pray you are well.
We have been in a void for many months now, with the promise of many things to materialize when cycles or solstices came to pass. The Light entering onto the earth plane promises to assist, support and make more clear the path out of the void.
The path will be illuminated ever more once we have cleared and understand the energy imprints and story lines held in our thoughts, emotions, beliefs physical bodies and cellular bodies.
Energy imprints and personal story lines of conflict, abandonment, anger, unworthiness, sadness, apathy, poverty consciousness, victim consciousness and more have completed their missions in the human experience, your human experience, unless you refuse to release them. You do have a choice to be free or remain hostage.
Each energy imprints and each of your particular story lines were on missions that accompanied you on your journey to Planet Earth.
Each were meant to aid and assist you into becoming the New Human, Divine in your nature.
Additionally, each imprint (as stated above,) were missions for the collective to heal over time, and through reincarnations, with you being one of the collective.
Each were missions of energy that enhanced contrast, duality and polarity that the Divine wished to experience through you, with the ultimate intent being to use them to bring you out of the multiple cycles of human experience you have had and into the singular experience of being a Divine Human. In other words, it was not meant to be personal, though through the 3D mind they were not only made personal, but inflamed and densified inside the temple of our being.
Remember that everything is energy. Everything has a life of its own and its purpose is to have experience. Every one of the imprints was on a mission of its own, to have its experience.
So, every bit of conflict, abandonment, anger, unworthiness, sadness, apathy, poverty consciousness, victim consciousness, etc. came to fulfill a mission through you. And you Beloveds, were to fulfill your mission to take each one, both energetic imprints and personal story lines that became personal identification’s, to the light with love, when the time was right.
The time is right.
The challenge that is being had on the Earth plane is that many are still hanging on to those imprints as if they were attached like an arm or a leg, rather than setting them free, giving them love, and sending them back to the Light. This occurs because few are aware of their higher purpose.
Most have adopted each like a child, rather than understood them as an energy brought forth to lead them into higher consciousness, a higher dimension of one’s Divine expression and authentic and original nature.
Every challenge you may be having right now, stems from an imprint or inflamed long held story-line that has turned into a conflict having you believe you have to fight it or destroy it in order to be whole and healthy.
That couldn’t be further from the truth. Under the layers of imprints on a mission, to lead you to your magnificence you are whole and healthy, and you have a destiny awaiting you that you do not have to go in search of.
Taking it a step further. Every imprint Beloveds is a holographic projection of the entire human condition that you agreed to participate in the healing of. The all of humanity was necessary to heal the main missions of what is often called the shadows through individuated experiences. You might remember in Don Miguel Ruiz’s book, The Four Agreements his second agreement was “Don’t Take Anything Personally.” Because it’s not.
Underneath all of the despair and anguish, shame, blame, guilt and more, humanity has forgotten that they are and always have been on a spiritual adventure, a dynamic spiritual adventure, that had self produced story lines, only for the sake of each individual adventure, and each could and can be changed at any time, because they are not real. (Take a breath)
During these times when the transference from one cycle to another, or one world to another is still in motion, and will be for quite some time to come, whenever you find yourself in personal conflict primarily with yourself, Self Love is the buffer and the eraser.
You Beloveds have to be willing to love yourself so much that from your heart of love and understanding, you are willing to say I love you and thank you for being a part of my mission to every bit of despair, anguish, shame, blame, guilt, sadness, feeling of betrayal, victim consciousness, poverty consciousness and feeling of unworthiness, and then send them Home to the Light, with deep respect that their mission is complete in your House, in the temple of your being. And to go along with them, you are to send the story line or lines that they have been attached to. THIS IS KEY.
Perhaps the assignment below will help.
1. Write down every story that you keep repeating out loud or to yourself. Give it both a title, and then put one of the mission labels on it, such as self-sabotage, grief, sadness, poverty-consciousness, apathy, unworthiness etc.
2. In stillness and with loving intention, and only one at a time, release each story line and its mission back into the Light.
3. Let it know how much you love and appreciate its journey with you. Love it sincerely, and then say, feel and mean “I end this mission and this program. It is complete.”
4. Follow that by saying I Am Love 12 times in a row, with eyes closed, taking deep breaths between each I Am Love. See a clearing being made inside of you where you will actively create a new positive, joyful, passionate program with a mission for good on your behalf.
I remind you, not that anything was bad before, it was simply part of your mission on behalf of yourself and the All. No good, no bad.
5. Then, when you are ready, simply switch your programs, your mission, your storyline, as you are able to choose any that you prefer.
Knowing that, make your story, unique, joyful, happy, creative, and richly blessed. Know that if you believe in you, trust you can have a new and rich experience in this lifetime, the Universe in all of it’s Love for you will lift you, and steer you into the direction of your destiny.
That will be the Divine’s, Mission Accomplished!
May you be blessed every single moment of every single day.
I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!

Copyright 2013
All Rights Reserved

Please feel comfortable to copy or post this article,
keeping author and website intact.”

Dissonant Energetics Are Arising…


Dissonant Energetics Are Arising….

I have followed and enjoyed these posts for a year or so, even though they are at times cryptic.

Mmmmmm staying in peace during the cleansing of these dissonant energies, that is the challenge isn’t it? I can certainly attest to how difficult that can feel, as I’ve faced plenty of them during my over seven month journey on the road, sometimes not knowing where I’d be staying in a few days or a week, all while surrendering to where I’m led to bring healing to places, homes and people.

At times it is so easy to feel afraid, uncertain, frustrated or even angry, falling into “woe is me”. But then, I once again have to take a deep breath, acknowledge the light and love I have brought to everyone and every place I’ve been around, see that I have been taken care of, with even the clashes being learning and healing experiences and trust that I will continue to be taken care of in the future as well.

I’m soon to depart my latest brief landing space, and although I will be glad to leave it as I’ve not felt comfortable here, I am still willing to be honest about my present feelings of concern and distress over how things ended up here.

So my work in this moment, the work for all of us, is to continue to tap into the support we have on this beautiful planet, and from friends seen and unseen and Spirit, and once again leap into the unknown, trusting our wings will carry us even higher. I know that the world we are creating now is so wondrous, and so much more comforting than the one we are leaving behind.

Loving The Dark and The Light!


Sunrise to the East

Years ago I was interviewed on the Humboldt State University radio station, speaking about how individual healing leads to global healing. The show was scheduled way in advance, and as fate had it, I was interviewed on the night the US declared war on Iraq the first time. I wrote a blog post about it, years ago, entitled “Peace, what are you giving and receiving?”. Throughout the years I have explored more deeply into this topic.

Scientists are now proving that we truly are one, that what goes on inside of us affects everyone. It has been documented that large focused group meditations can affect sun spots, and a decline in emergency room visits and crime has been noticed as well. The fact that you can walk into a room after someone has been in an argument and feel it has been scientifically explained.

In 2004, when Dennis Kucinich, one of my heroes, spoke at the University of Washington, he spoke about violence. He talked of being in congress as they were deciding whether to enter or assist in a war going on elsewhere. He said he looked around the room at all these intelligent people and was wondering about this discussion taking place. He decided to look at violence and why it is a part of our reality. As he spoke of this, he was standing at the front of the stage. His first observation was to look at what causes war and violence between countries. Then he stepped back a little bit on the stage and spoke of then looking at what causes violence in a community. Then he stepped back further, as he mentioned looking even more deeply into what causes violence in a family. Then he stepped back even further, as he talked of looking even more deeply into what causes violence within him. It was a very powerful teaching moment.

Today I read an article, a transcript of an “interview” between Steve Beckow interviewing Linda Dillon channeling “Maitreya”.

In the interview, Lord Maitreya, spoke of how we as humans feel so guilty, thinking we have done something wrong, are separate from Spirit and so we project that guilt outward as blame. He also spoke of the powerlessness that many feel. Maitreya reminded us that the evil or dark we assign to a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindu, someone of another culture or ethnicity, or the Illuminati, or Cabal, is also represented within each of us. AND, even more importantly, the true nature of all of us is light, love, our connection with Divine source and oneness. To put it in Christian terms, we ALL ate the apple. But even closer to the truth, is that ALL of us never truly left oneness. Our true nature is immense and vast light. This illusion we carry and is taught us, is what keeps us feeling so separate, so easily shaming ourselves and leading to guilt, along with projecting that outward in blaming others or attacking others.

I read a reference the other day to the movie “Cocoon” and it pointed to the scene where the ET’s, took off their human “suits” and underneath they were just light beings. The article reminded us that in truth, we are those light beings, just forgetting that we put on this light suit, and getting so lost in this illusion of separation that we have created this entire history of war and violence, lack and limitation, struggle and challenge on this planet. I used to not understand Buddha’s reference that this world is just illusion. But lately, more and more, I am beginning to see the truth that it really is all an illusion, that we all created this violence and separation out of a lie.

It seems that most of the revered spiritual teachers have spoken of this, all using perhaps different metaphors, such as Jesus reminding us to first seek the kingdom of God, the truth, the light, the love; and others pointing to the truth in other words.

I feel that we are in the midst of waking up to this truth, as this world transforms, and as we do, we will design and create another way of being and living. It feels as if instead of writing the screen play for a disaster movie or a war movie, we will write a new script that is uplifting, beautiful, encouraging; a movie/life/world of peace, cooperation, harmony and joy.

As we learn to forgive ourselves for these perceived mistakes we have committed, forgive others for buying into that same lie, it frees everyone up to take off those warring, angry, violent, fearful human suits and expose our beings of light.

Ah what a blissful time THAT will be!!!!!