Stepping onto, aligning with the timeline of ONENESS


Yellow brick road

I am seeing the light shine down on this planet, putting it and all of us firmly on the timeline of Oneness, Abundance and Sovereignty; sidelining the dark from now on, just as the photo shows. It is now lighting up all our dreams and visions of ways to lift up this planet and our lives. Cosmic Law is now fully and completely anchored within Gaia, aligned fully and completely with Source, bringing every being into it’s protection, healing, and prospering energy.

Stepping onto this timeline requires responsibility, as we have to move from the place of victim, believing things happen to us, and instead align with our divinity, our connection with source that fills us up, flows through us and which we use to manifest our reality and our world. No more excuses folks. This is it! Showtime!!!!

I know this can feel scary, yet how empowering it is to truly take the reins of our lives and for the better world we are desiring! World peace! No more hunger, war, violence, abuse! hosing for everyone! Honoring ourselves, each other, the planet. Restoring this planet to it’s pristine condition..and so much more! Free energy!!! Meeting up with our galactic families and becoming galactic citizens…..

What a gift! What a treat! It will be so fun!!!!

So let’s get started! NOW!

What’s your first step? Let me know below!!!

Blessings and love to you all!

Thanks for reading my blog. Be sure to “like” it, if you do, leave a comment, sign up to receive it via email even if you aren’t on wordpress. I know I’ve been remiss lately but my energy is back and I’m looking forward to sharing much more with you! So please join me!

Photo taken near Lincoln Park, in West Seattle, WA

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  1. I’ve been living the New by stepping off the cliff and flying. I refused to wait one more day for soon to appear and now look how I’ve grown and all the people I am touching and helping. Glad to have you on board as well!!! Love, Amy


    • Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog, leave a comment and now follow me. Yay!!!

      Thanks for taking that step off the cliff! I remember doing a tandem hang glide off a cliff in CO, and that first leap off the cliff, running and leaping, was amazingly scary and yet so exhilarating!

      I leaped out of Seattle, WA, Nov. 2012 and have been on the road ever since….growing, helping other others, too.

      What a journey!


      • Katelon, it has been an incredible Journey. We have stepped into the New. We have to understand it and work with it, and as we do, we reach out to help others. There is no greater JOY for me in hearing back from someone how my posts affect them, or what is said when I leave a comment on their blog. It’s all about LOVE and I shall shout that out up to my last breath. May our Journey together be a Great One indeed!!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


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