Victory To The Light This New Year!!!


sunset 9
Photo taken by Katelon Jeffereys Dec. 28, 2014 Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA

As the sun sets on another year, I want to take the time to not only wish you a Happy New Year but also confirm that this coming year WILL be a VERY Happy New Year, a VERY Happy New World! It looks like it isn’t quite here yet, and the plugged ear signal that still remains, lets me know that the complete physical surrender of the dark hasn’t happened yet, but during our daily sessions we are assured that great progress is being made and that it could happen at any time.

What is wonderful about it, too, is that the dark is realizing their power is no more and they are surrendering not to give the power over to someone else, for them to have power over them, but to a new system, a system of sovereignty where everyone is in service to each other, humanity, the planet, and yet also committed to standing in their truth, authenticity, empowered in their divinity; each human stepping forward as the light and love, in freedom, to live their divine mission, sharing their deepest gifts with all the world. The dark are rejoining the whole. Love is winning. Light is winning.

I wanted to share with you a few things that happened to me several days ago. I’m not sharing these for you to then blame everything that has happened to you on dark interference but to demonstrate the lengths the dark has gone to and the extent of the effect that they were able to have on us in the past, especially light workers working to bring forth the truth.

I had gone to a couple local grocery stores and approached my car, using my car clicker to open the car doors. Nothing happened. I tried again. Still nothing. This clicker is only a few months old, so I knew the battery and the mechanism were fine. I tried again. Still nothing. Then I decided to put the key in the lock and open it that way, ready to deal with the car alarm going off. The key didn’t work?!!!! I stepped back, looked at my car and the Yakima box on top to make sure it was the right car. Yep. I asked Ashtar and all his light team to help me. I tried again. Still nothing. Then, I asked for help one more time, tried the clicker again and finally it worked. Yay!!!

Later that night, I sat at my lap top and clicked on a video and there was no sound?! I tried a CD. Still no sound. Went to you tube, tried a video there. No sound. I looked at my sound settings on my computer, and they were all set correctly. I made sure that nothing was muted. I tried several times. Nothing. I wrote John and let him know the sound was off and I had no clue what to do. John doesn’t like doing our sessions on a cell phone but obviously without sound, skype wasn’t looking like it was going to be working the next day for our session, as it would require sound. I knew the dark was messing with me again that day, attempting to keep John and I from working together. So I asked for help again. I listened for guidance. I was told to turn off the computer and did so. When I turned it back on, the sound was back. This had never happened before and I knew that both the car lock/clicker issue and the sound issue had been dark interference. John and i confirmed it the next day in our session.

The dark knows it is running out of options and is lashing out in every way it can think of to mess with humanity and especially light workers.

A few days before that, as I readied for my daily session with John, to continue our work to oust the dark and bring forth the light, I looked at the small piece of paper I had written the agenda on. Yep, it looked good. Then, I used skype to call John. As we discussed the agenda, I looked down….the paper was blank!? I had torn off another small sheet, too, knowing I’d be using 4 small sides of paper. I turned the two pieces over, looking at both sides…blank, completely blank???? John and I talked a while longer and I mentioned the disappearing agenda. We talked some more and I asked for help. Both sheets of paper were still blank. We talked some more. I turned over the paper again and there was the writing, re-appeared!!!

John had an issue with skype one day. He tried everything he could to fix it. Knowing how much he relies on skype for our work, he kept attempting to fix it. He asked for help. Nothing. He then went over to his son in law’s home. They had to fool with it for awhile, and he asked for help again and finally, the issue was fixed. He knew it was the dark attempting to interfere with our work, so he was glad for the solution. So sometimes the solution comes via Ashtar and his team, other times, it comes through guiding us humans to solutions. Of course there is help that comes from many ascended masters and archangels.

Another time I had Ashtar intervene and fix my present host’s vacuum when I had completely taken it a part, fixed and cleaned everything possible and still it wasn’t working and looked like it would need an expert to fix it. I asked for help, went for a walk, came back, turned it on and it worked fine. I had left it alone for awhile before that, and it hadn’t worked.

This last 12 days I have had jaw tension and up until yesterday, pain so intense I was ready to scream. I might have mentioned it before. After a few days of barely sleeping, in intense pain, we asked about it in a session and we were told it was a dark attack. So I asked for more protection, and for the team we work with to heal it all. Suddenly the pain was gone. Then, that night I was on a phone call, and was attacked energetically by a very dark woman who has chosen to declare herself my enemy. It felt like someone had shot a nail gun in my jaw and the pain just increased throughout the evening and all though the night. I tried everything i could think of to relieve it and nothing would work. I was at wits end by the next morning. So we asked about it in a session, and were told about the woman, the daughter of the woman I had been on the phone with, and so I placed her in mirrors to reflect back to her what she does, and protect me and everyone else from her dark attacks. We were told that she holds a fair amount of power with the dark and was threatened by the work John and I are doing. We were also told that she came into this lifetime to transition to the light finally, but so far, she hasn’t taken that route. So John and i both talked to her energetically to set boundaries regarding her and I, and to inform her of the upcoming shifts and give her an option to step into our clearing/healing circle and transition to the light. So far she hasn’t stepped forward and that is her choice. At least the pain went away immediately.

But then, a day later, the pain was back somewhat. I had received guidance about a past life where I had taken on great guilt, misplaced guilt, and moved into strong self punishment/martyr stuff that I have carried ever since. John and I worked with the team to see that much of the contracts I took on to process humanity’s suffering were based on that lifetime and the decisions I had made upon transitioning from that lifetime. I created my own past life therapy that I use with others in my business and had worked on this lifetime several times before, but somehow hadn’t released it fully. But working with the team and John, I was finally able to release all that I had taken on from that lifetime. Although some symptoms still remain, and we are told that they are part of dark technologies placed in me because I have been their arch enemy for so long, and these won’t be shut down until the full surrender takes place and the following shift into the light. But through our work that day, I was able to mute the remaining symptoms. Jaw tension remains slightly but the intense pain is gone. Whew!!!

We have helped a few of our friends, too, by bringing them into our clearing/healing circle, with their health challenges either lessening or going away completely. So I know we are on the right track.

I’m hoping these stories have been helpful for you, explaining perhaps some odd situations and symptoms you might have experienced or are experiencing now. Help is available. And soon, with the complete surrender of the dark, all technologies will be shut down and humankind will be free to move forward, finally without restriction.

So now lets say goodbye to the past, to enslavement, to the dark’s power agenda that has so hindered and harmed us for so long, to our own beliefs and patterns that have held us down, letting the sun set on those days, that world.

Now is the time to prepare ourselves for the New Day, New Year, New World where love has won, where light is victorious, where we all are living on the timeline of Oneness, Abundance, Joy, Peace, rejuvenation, health and wholeness in all ways!

Much love to you my dear readers!

For more details about the work John and I are doing, you can read his blog:

About katelon

I had been a wellness trainer, therapist, consultant and coach for 40 years, trained in 16 therapies from massage and reflexology to hypnotherapy and NLP, to past life regression and various spiritual therapies. I did my work in person and long distance. I also offered workshops to companies in wellness, stress release, diversity, team building, communication and more. My deepest dream is to create wellness centers all over the world, for not only individual wellness but environmental, family, business, community, and international wellness, along with connecting us with other light citizens of the Universe. I envision a world of peace, harmony and cooperation. I am available as a consultant to work with the creation of wellness centers and eco-villages and often refer others to various wellness centers and resorts in the area of their preference. My present focus is on daily sessions, with a work partner, to shut down the dark control structure and timeline and help usher in a new timeline of Oneness, abundance, peace, and a world that supports the greater good for all, including the planet. It is time to be free of the enslavement and war against this planet and humanity.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this interesting article Empower and Balance. I’m curious, do you think its possible that when I work to stomp out the darkness, I throw off the balance that exists between the light and the dark, the yin and yang of life? I know that for me when I fear the dark aspects of myself and the world, I ultimately disempower myself, becoming a victim. Have you every experienced that?


    • Your question is a complicated one. I personally don’t believe we need dark. I believe that is a technology and belief perpetrated by the dark to keep people stuck. Yes, we have sides of us that need healing, accepting, etc. and making peace with those aspects is important, just as I feel that forgiveness, compassion, love and light are what is being used, and what I am using personally in these sessions I do daily, to oust the dark’s power and bring ALL into a timeline of Oneness, love, light, peace, abundance and joy. i don’t work to “stomp” out the dark. within me or the world, What i do is work to stop the dark beings from their dark agenda and to shut down their technologies SO we can all move forward to connect fully with our divinity, our gifts and talents and move into fulfilling our missions and serving the light. Fear is a tool that the dark has used well…in their technologies, the media, their produced diseases, etc. I do the same for my so called dark parts of myself. In NLP training, we were taught that ALL parts have positive intent. So I love these parts of myself, educate them and align them with the other parts of me so they can all work in harmony for my greater good. I do the same with the dark beings who have ruled this world.

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        • I think there are different definitions for “dark”, which is what makes your question a complicated one. Some people might label ‘anger” as dark. And yet…anger can be a very positive signal that something has happened to us, or within us that isn’t supportive, it can be a call to action. Yet staying in anger, being over-reactive, keeps you stuck and unable to take conscious action. This discussion is far more complicated I feel than can take place via comments on a blog. Of course I believe in night…as it is just the world turning and the sun shining on another part of the world.When I talk about ousting the dark, I am talking about the illuminati and the cabal, humans who have run a dark agenda to keep humanity enslaved. And I and others are working to oust the agenda, the technologies, the power over others, to bring forth Oneness. I believe they have a soul like everyone else and deserve the opportunity to transition to the light and live a light based lifetime, they just don’t get to abuse another or limit another anymore.


          • I see. I think I understand your perspective better now. You are using the term dark to describe the illuminati and cabal, not necessarily the feminine (yin), nature, or night (which are also aspects of darkness).

            I agree the term and subject of darkness is a complicated one, and could be delved into much deeper, but maybe this isn’t the forum.

            If you’re interested in learning more about my perspective on the subject check out the following blogs:



            Thanks for taking the time to share your perspective!



            • My term darkness is “the dark”, as in a group of people. Most of my readers understand that, as they read more than just this one post. However, your questions remind me that some people just drop in, so I’m going to write another more clarifying post for those people. Darkness as in nighttime, going within, the yin parts of ourselves, I would refer to as dark or darkness, divine feminine, etc. I thought that my post was clear in pointing out a dark agenda, thus not speaking of nighttime, etc. but I understand it was confusing to you as you don’t regularly read my blog.


            • I am new to your blog, so I appreciate your clarification. For me there are so many important and beautiful aspects of darkness that I struggle when “the dark” is defined in negative terms and is appropriated to identify small group of “evil” being.


    • I just re-read your comment/question. I understand what you are saying about being a victim/disempowering yourself, and that by being accountable, taking responsibility, you are then able to take action. However, I have learned more and more in the process of working on myself and doing this work to oust the ruling elite from their power. What I have learned is that their technologies have enslaved us mentally, emotionally, physically, financially and in many other ways. They have even infiltrated our planning process in the bardo as we set up our next lifetime, so slanting our plans toward more challenges, etc. This is real. So although I do encourage people to work on themselves, and my professional work is aimed toward that, with great progress being made, I am learning there are things we haven’t been able to move past due to these technologies and how invasive they have been. Most people who read my blog understand about the illuminati and cabal, so understand when I say “the dark”, I am referring to a group of people, hence the word “the” before “dark”. But your questions are leading me to write another blog post. Thanks.

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      • Thanks for taking the time to think about my comment. For me I have found the best way to take action against the illuminati and cabal is to embody them and change myself. That is what Language Yoga is all about. Take the following sentence for example: “What I have learned is that their technologies have enslaved us mentally, emotionally, physically, financially and in many other ways.” I would translate that to: “What I have learned is that my technologies have enslaved me mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, and in may other ways.” I certainly see how this is true for my use of computers, cell phones, and other technologies. Doing this translation allows me to bring consciousness to my own actions, and examine how I can change. I believe that I have free will in this realm, so I have a choice if I want to use these technologies or not. Does that make sense to you?


        • I understand how this might be helpful for you personally, but it doesn’t change or stop the cabal and illuminati or their technologies. That is why I take direct action, as my work isn’t to just shift or help myself, it is to help humanity and the planet, and the universe beyond.


  2. What I took from what I read above is that maybe the Universe is telling you that all this technology is too distracting, making us too lazy, and is being used against its owners, thus it is going to be a thing of the past, so prepare yourselves for it to be no more. What we all needed the Internet to do, it has done, so it is time to move away from the destruction to people, animal habitats, Mother Earth, the women and children that are tortured, murdered and raped to mine the minerals for wireless techno, radiation, cell towers, mining, plastic, oil that creates the plastic, wars for the minerals. I don’t own a cell phone or HOME computer, but my boss provides this one at the office. I am of a mind that this technology is how the dark is messing with us. The dark could do some real damage to the masses through cell phones and computer, including pain to the body.

    One Love,



    • Pamela, thanks for taking the time to comment. You are correct in that the present technology consists of some toxic technology and the EMF’s from wireless is toxic as well. However, I still see us using technology and I don’t have an issue with it and know that the toxic parts will be replaced with healthy parts and a healthy way of transmitting signals to us.

      The technologies I am referring to in my post are different. They are technologies like the veil that has kept humanity from being in touch with their divinity and their true magnificent abilities; the quarantine that has kept off planet benevolent beings from taking an active part in our society and assisting us; toxins in our water, air, soil, food, animals, vaccinations, etc; the technologies used to keep humanity enslaved, ill, dumbed down both put inside us as well as transmitted through many falsities in religions, governments, societal structures, as well as in our bodies and brains; chemtrails. The list goes on and on…creating earthquakes, manipulating weather, etc.

      These will all be shut down within humanity and on the planet. Free energy will come forth to replace oil use, and we will be able to create what we need without harming the planet or people anymore.


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