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I want to thank Stuart M. Perkins for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blog Award.  I love his blog and you can find it here  Stuart has this amazing way of noticing the little things, with great appreciation, and writes about them with humor and much love. He shares stories of his childhood with his large extended family, stories of past adulthood with a close group of friends, stories of interactions during his day….and all woven to remind us all to pay attention to those we love, our environment, our foibles, and to cherish them all.

I appreciate the nomination as it has been my focus all my life to inspire others and to lift them up. I was a cheerleader in high school, even managing to change how cheerleaders were chosen (an activist even then), moving it from a popularity contest to one of skill and ability to truly fulfill the role. I took it seriously, to blend my passion for dance/music/lyrics/art to incite others to cheer on our teams.  And I still do the same in my healing work, workshop leading, blog writing and conversations.

I’m declining to follow the rules of the nomination as I went through it awhile back with another nomination. But I don’t take these nominations lightly, as to me, I feel honored that Stuart appreciates my blog, as I appreciate his and the others I follow. I admire anyone willing to expose themselves in this public way, sharing their passions and gifts with the world.

So please check out Stuart’s wonderful blog and the others he mentions as well!

Thank you for reading and sharing my musings! Thank you for being here on this planet during this powerful time.

Much love, katelon


What do You Want?


Love this and couldn’t have said it better. I want all of this and much, much more!!!!

Dolly Mahtani


When we want to achieve something, when we have something that needs to be done, what we’re doing is focusing our energy to accomplish said task.

So my question is:

What do you REALLY want out of this Life?

What are you focusing your energy on?

Does it make your heart sing?

Does it make your soul fly?

Does it make you want to cry out of sheer joy?

Are you living or surviving?

What can you do about it?

If there were no limitations, no “ifs” or “buts” or “maybes…”

No fear.

If failure wasn’t an option… what would you seek out of life?

You want to know what I want?

Are you ready to hear this?

Are you ready to give me what I need?

Because I want You.

I want to see you succeed.

I want to hear your dreams.

I want to help…

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YOU have the power, in the light!


Sunset 9 more gold rays                                            Photo by Katelon T Jeffereys, Pacific Beach sunset San Diego, CA


If you’ve been reading my blog before, you know that my MANY lifetimes quest has been to shut down the dark and assist this planet and humanity in transitioning to the light, living once again in Unity with each other, Source and their own divinity.  We are almost there folks, almost there.  Lightworkers around the planet, archangels, ascended masters, elementals of the light, inner earth civilizations, ET’s of the light, and many more, are working to tip the scales to the light.  Once this happens, the announcement of the dark surrender will happen and the power transferred to the light.

WE have the power!  We have it now!  We CAN tip the scales RIGHT NOW!!!  Have you ever thought about how, in the midst of dark technologies placed in humanity and the planet, living in economic slavery, in the matrix, believing in lack and separation, humanity has still managed to maintain the love and compassion that thrives on this planet?  Yes, it seems more apparent when there is a catastrophe or atrocity, but it is also visible every day in so many ways.  Us Humans, keep on loving, keep on having hope, keep moving forward, in spite of all the obstacles thrown in our way. We may be bloodied and bruised, but we keep moving forward, sharing a smile, uttering a hello, putting forth a gesture of support and kindness, creating music/art/dance/inventions/solutions.  That tells me that the light has already won.  The scales have already been tipped to the light.  WE are the ones with the power.

People ask me how I can believe this. Some of them accuse me of leading others on, providing false hope.  And yet, I not only see the big signs that things are indeed changing,  that the dark leaders have surrendered, but more importantly, I see the small signs in all of you who read my blog; the people who line up each night on the seawall at the beach to witness another sunset, stopping everything to lift their eyes to the light; in a customer service person who manages to smile and nicely assist me in spite of whatever is going on in their lives.

So let’s harness that light within us now, that hope and trust in a better world, that optimism for a better life for ourselves.  We don’t need to look up to see the stars at night…we know they are there.  We don’t doubt the sunset or sunrise, as we trust they will be there everyday.  If you look inside at your own patience, kindness, persistence in spite of anything less, you will see your own power and light with that same amount of trust.

So I’m calling on all of you to see and feel that light now…within yourself, within others around you, within the world. Let’s see it, claim it, call it forth, tipping the scales to the light, bringing in the REAL truth, the truth of light and love.

THAT is where the power lies now.  In YOU! In the LIGHT!  Shine on dear ones, shine on!

And quickly….that is all we’ll see! The light!  Love!  In governments, in the media, in our water/air/soil, in our healthy bodies, our healthy relationships, our healthy bank accounts…in every city/town/country around the world.  Only love! Only Light!!!

Those who love, loving pour forth radiance. These are the sons and daughters of God.  In my lifetime, peace in every heart. In my lifetime, peace….peace on earth!!!

Thank you so much dear ones for heeding my call! Shine on dear friends!

Gratitude For Unity!


Sunset 6 panorama                             Photo taken by Katelon T. Jeffereys Jan. 25, 2015 Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA.



A while ago I was walking back on the beach one night and a long ago learned chant started arising out of my mouth. It was one I learned at Rajneesh circle dancing in 1980, in Berkeley, CA.  I walked in the dark, feeling the sand beneath my feet and the breeze against my cheek, hearing the ocean, and smelling the salt water. The song became stronger and more powerful as I walked:

I surrender to the earth

I surrender to the sky

I surrender to the water

I surrender to the fire

I am One with the Universe

The Universe is one with me

I am home I belong here

I can MOVE here I am free

I often put different words in, in place of the word “move”, depending upon what I am feeling or focusing on. Since breathing has been a struggle since age two, sometimes I insert the word “breathe”.  Sometimes the word “prosper” is inserted,’ laugh’, whatever fits the moment.

The more I was singing this chant, the more I was feeling this timeline of Oneness that John and I and others are working toward….this sense of Unity, belonging, not only to the earth but to each other, to Source.

All that I’ve done in all of my incarnations is leading to this moment, this shift into the light.  It is what I have worked for since the beginning…to oust the dark and bring forth the light, millions and millions of years.  And the truth is that many of the dark leaders are choosing the light now as well.  Some of the dark will choose to leave this planet, but many will choose to be restored to the light and use their gifts and talents now for the light.  Many of the disenfranchised will rejoin humanity as well, in the light.  It is possible, or will be possible for us to repair all damage, heal all bodies that choose it and come together as a world in peace.  I believe in this with every fiber of my being.  And I believe it will be happening soon.

So I invite you to look and feel this beautiful photo I took at a Pacific Beach Sunset, feeling its vastness.  Listen to the beautiful you tube song and perhaps download the free album and remember that you are a blessing and gift to the earth and to humanity. You are a blessing and a gift to me.

And soon, we will all come together like that long ago “Hands across America” event that my son and I took part in, along with many others, and yet this time, we will span the globe….finally…in the light…in peace….in love!


Remembering Infinity: The Performance of a Lifetime


I love this post! Hope you enjoy it, too.
We are still moving forward toward a public announcement of the dark surrender and their turning over power to the light, shutting down all the blocking and harmful technologies they’ve placed in humanity and the planet, disclosure, prosperity programs etc. being rolled out. There were some stalls, but all is back on track.
So what kind of life do you choose? What kind of world would you like? Dream big….design it…feel it….see it…hear it…..It won’t be long now!

Much love to you, katelon

Remembering Infinity

We’re all the co-writers, directors, and performers of our own Life productions.We’re all the co-writers, directors, and performers of our own Life productions.

Aren’t movies, plays, and other live performances marvelous?  We can hardly wait for the latest “blockbusters” or tickets for our most anticipated events to be released.  We often find ourselves checking websites for new information or trailers, discussing suspected plot twists with family or friends, or eagerly planning for that special “premiere” night out.

When the time arrives to go, we gather early at the theater, sometimes bravely defying darkness, cold, or inclement weather to purchase our tickets.  But we wouldn’t miss the show for anything. The theater greets us with a sweeping blaze of spotlights, twinkling marquee lights, and brilliant, colorful streaks of neon.  Lavish carpeting, richly papered walls, and palatial adornments welcome everyone inside and the appetizing aroma of buttered popcorn entices us to the snack bar—where a colorful array of confections and fountain drinks awaits.


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