Is Peace Possible?



Dramatic sky 3Photo by Katelon T. Jeffereys, taken at Lincoln Park, West Seattle, WA.

I recently had an exchange with a woman angry about the racism she had received or perceived.  I was attempting to support her and also point out that racism goes across the color lines and we’ve all experienced it.  And in my opinion and in the work I do, the focus is to end ALL racism, all that keeps us separate. I explained my lifetime of working to bring about peace. Her response was there would never be peace ever.  Then she criticized the off base American belief in peace. (She lives in the US).

It was a startling experience for me as I truly do believe there will be peace on this planet, I do believe in love and the end to separation and as you know if you’ve read my blog, it is not only my life’s work, it is my entire soul’s journey from the beginning….to assist in the end of darkness and separation on this planet and usher in the light.

I’ve mentioned before that I had an entire class have a club against me in 5th grade, …secret language, all of that, with no one in my class talking to me the entire year….all because I was smart (not something I was trying to do to set me apart as I wanted nothing more than to belong).  No one stopped this circumstance, although I sought help…not the teacher, the principal or my parents.  I went home in tears everyday that year and vowed not to stand out, be me, own my gifts from that day forward. I ended up even more ill and it took years of counseling and healing to get past it.  And that was only one year, so I understand the pain of those who grow up with racism and other prejudices every day, every year, and it IS awful.

My son and I often lived in areas where we were the minority. I watched him get beaten up or bullied by Native Americans, Blacks, Latinos, all because he is white. I had girls want to beat me up in high school, because I was white.  Racism is racism and I work to end ALL of it, all the ways it happens….all this separation over what country you live in, how much money you have or don’t have, what color your skin is, what your sexuality is, on and on. I work to end it all and I do believe that it not only is possible but that it soon will be our reality.

I wrote this post years ago about how I was seeing war everywhere….us declaring war on Iraq (first time), within the people’s bodies I was working on in my massage practice, in my neighborhood and the town I lived in …over environmentalism and logging.  All this separation.

I listened with sadness over the recent reports about the attacks and deaths in Paris, and then after that, the horrible rhetoric of most of the Republican presidential candidates as they stumbled over each other to rant about shutting down our borders, starting a racist and inhumane attack on all Muslim citizens in our country, and other rhetoric from others shouting for more guns, more wars, more violence…as if that is the answer.

It was clear to me from the beginning that this attack was another false flag, set up by the dark to keep people afraid, angry, and reacting with more violence.  In some ways it has worked. But in others, it hasn’t, as I’ve read from many social justice groups, political groups, spiritual lightworkers and other individuals that are calling out even more now for peace, love, and understanding.

Awhile  back when John and I were working together, we helped assist in the head of the Chimera group shifting to the light and then bringing forth the surrender of his troops.  I have worked, on the energetic level, with members of the Illuminati and Cabal who have shifted to the light and are now working to assist in bringing forth the surrender and end of the dark’s rule and the shift into the light.  These are beings/humans, who have been steeped in malevolence, darkness, power over others, now working for the light.  And they all remark on the power of the human spirit that continues to hold love, compassion and peace in their hearts in the face of all the separation, challenges and horrors that these beings  threw at humanity.  It is the power of that ability to respond in love, peace and compassion no matter what, that truly wins and is much stronger than the dark. That is why Ankara surrendered in 1996, as he had to finally own that he could not stop this power of light and love.  And it is what is flooding into this planet now, flowing into all humanity and rising up in victory.

My recent exchange with the angry woman reminded me, sadly, that even when the light is victorious and peace DOES come to this planet, that some won’t see it, won’t experience it and their reality will continue to be one of strife and separation, whether they stay on this planet or go to another dark planet to live happily ever after not experiencing happiness.

I can get obsessive about working for the victory of the light, but I’m also learning that I can’t bring everyone to the light…it is their choice.  I feel sad about that, but I’m not willing to let those who choose the dark to harm this beautiful planet or humanity anymore.

So….my belief and experience is that peace IS possible just as I am learning to be peaceful about some people who won’t choose peace.

What do you think?  Is peace possible in your realm of experience?

About katelon

I have been a wellness trainer, therapist, consultant and coach for 36 years, trained in 16 therapies from massage and reflexology to hypnotherapy and NLP, to past life regression and various spiritual therapies. I do my work in person and long distance. I also offer workshops to companies in wellness, stress release, diversity, team building, communication and more. My deepest dream is to create wellness centers all over the world, for not only individual wellness but environmental, family, business, community, and international wellness. I envision of world of peace, harmony and cooperation. I am available as a consultant to work with the creation of wellness centers and eco-villages and often refer others to various wellness centers and resorts in the area of their preference. Check out my website

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  1. Great post, Katelon! I’m so very glad to see that you’re “staying the course” for Peace. I’ve experienced the same disbelief and arguments from a few people here and there. Unfortunately, it seems that some still steadfastly cling to belief that Humanity is incapable of rising above its own perceived (and quite illusory) differences.

    Like you, I know better. In my mind, Peace is not only possible, it’s a “done deal”!

    If one ascribes to the theory that so-called “alternate realities” or “alternate universes” indeed exist (and even mainstream science seems to be starting to agree with that conclusion), then I have to believe that a reality or universe of Peace exists somewhere. As I see it then, it’s simply a matter of navigating ourselves (through the Mastery of our own consciousness) to get “there”.

    Since “like” energy attracts “like” energy (and all things ARE energy in their simplest form), it seems to me that the way we accomplish this is by shifting ourselves (through conscious and positive thought, intention, and action), slowly but surely toward those desired “places”. I continue to work hard to find and create Peace in my own life–and I’m grateful to see small glimpses of these positive shifts in our collective reality each and every day.

    At some level, I do find it sad that many may not achieve or perceive Peace in this lifetime–but I also understand that each soul is on his or her own spiritual journey. Their life lessons and chosen paths are perfect for their soul’s experience and growth. While they may not be ready to accept that Peace is possible just yet, my intention is to continue to work toward that reality anyway.

    I truly believe that EVERYONE will make it there one day. If not in this lifetime, then perhaps in the next…or the next.

    Me? I’ve grown more than weary of the fear, drama, and daily “struggle” to achieve Peace, Abundance, and so many of other things that, for so many, seem woefully out of reach. I’m ready to see Peace for Humanity–in THIS lifetime. I’m ready to believe it, know it, recognize it and accept it right now and in every new “now” moment!

    With Love,


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    • Thank you Stargazer for such a beautiful and thoughtful comment. I share a similar view although I think of it as “timelines”. Many of us are now choosing to navigate to and populate a timeline of Oneness, abundance, peace, sovereignty and yes, there are others who might choose that, too, once the shift happens, the dark technologies are shut down, the truth comes out and separation is no more….and others might still choose to stay on a dark timeline of lack, struggle, separation, violence, greed, victimhood, etc.e so THAT is what they will experience. And I understand it isn’t my job to make anyone choose the timeline of Oneness. I can educate through my blogs and other interactions but it is their choice. I guess I’m now learning when to bother reaching out to someone or not…when I’ll be heard and when I won’t 🙂 I just feel kind of shocked when those views come from someone who followed my blog?! But I’m also learning that many people follow a blog to hopefully increase THEIR viewership, with no interest or understanding of what my blog is actually about.

      love, katelon

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      • Well, they may not be entirely “on board”, but perhaps something they’ve read on your blog has helped them expand their minds a bit and may resonate even more as time goes by.

        Just keep doing what you’re doing and shining that brilliant light of yours far and wide! Those who will most benefit from it will be drawn to you. In the end, all we can do is our best.

        With Love,


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  2. Excellent! I, like you, have lived in areas where I was the minority and have been the “stillness in the storm”. Love is the only thing that works to create a peaceful life and I’ve seen this in action, many times. Now in the twilight of my life, I am in a peaceful and loving place with caring relatives and have a lightworker/wayshower’s website and social media presence, that I find is truly awe inspiring and captivating to me. I strive daily to inspiring people to look beyond their own beliefs and embrace change and peace and love as the only way forward. And I do believe it’s working. Keep up the good work, it’s making a difference!


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