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I suffer from F.O.B.S {& more confessions…}


Love this honest and beautiful post.

It is true… are all unique….divine…..lovable!

Dolly Mahtani

I’ve procrastinated for over 2 weeks deliberating whether or not to write this article. Alas, here I am.

This is going to be a tad different from other posts. I’m going to get more personal and intimate with you. More open, more honest.

Am I a positive person? Hell yes.

Am I spiritual? I am constantly practicing spirituality.

Am I kind? The older I get, the kinder I get.

Am I good? As good as I want to be on a good day.

Am I perfect? No freaking way.

I am human after all.

Could I be better? Yes.

Could I be happier? Indeed.

Could I be more stable in my emotions? Absolutely!

Could I achieve great things? Yes. Yes. Yes.

What’s stopping me?

That is what we’re going to talk about today…

You see, I think that ever since childhood I’ve suffered from this particular syndrome.

I call it the…

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As We Shift – Notice | Sophia Love


Love this post!!!!!

Rainbow Wave of Light



Super bowl half-time shows, to a certain extent, reflect our current state of awareness. They become a focal point for millions (human and otherwise), who are all watching and experiencing it at a single moment. They send a message. This year’s was “Believe in Love”.

It’s been applauded and ripped apart and analyzed since then. This is not an attempt at any of that, it is merely a watching. This year, the message is in sharp contrast to prior years, and this reflects where we are right now. We are moving out of domination and control by power elite and into unity. “Wherever you are, we’re in this together.” (Coldplay)

Without agenda or opinion about favorite artist, we got chills while watching it live, and that has never happened.

“We’re gonna get it, get it together right now.” (Coldplay, Beyoncé, Bruno Mars)

The shift is evident all over the…

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Interesting Green Stream


I was at Tecolote Canyon the other day and took this picture. I didn’t see the green light stream until looking at my photos later.  This photo was taken with my Samsung phone, I took several photos that day and no others showed up with this light stream, so I don’t feel it is a fluke of my camera, nor can it be a reflection of something, as it goes the entire length of the hill.

I’m sharing the full untouched photo and a cropped close up of the stream of light.

If you have any thoughts on what this light is, please share it in the comments below. 



Whatever it is, I am drinking it up and sharing its prosperity and healing light with you!

Love, katelon

The Divine You!


Whether attempting to bloom in arid circumstances


Bursting forth boldly


Rising out of prickly situations


Or surrounded by community


We are all seeking the light


All seeking to express our divine truth!

Powerful Article by Zen Gardner


Hello All,

I wanted to share this powerful article I just read.  I could relate to what this person discussed as many times it feels like I’m in a river with a strong current, many boulders and I’m just trying to keep my head above water, miss the rocks, and still keep doing my spiritual work to assist humanity and the planet.

Hope you enjoy this article: