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A Message to Lightworkers – May 3, 2016 | Caroline Oceana Ryan


I love this article.

I am on a forum with some people that call themselves lightworkers but they were discussing the Dark ruling elite and how they needed to be punished, scorned, on and on, old 3D judgments and desired abuse in return. I tried to put forth my views that the dark beings deserve an opportunity to choose the light, and if not, then they can choose to leave the planet when it ascends. My statements didn’t go over well and people just skipped right over them. I tried to explain that to take 3D reactions and punishments into a new 5D light world didn’t make sense. But again, they didn’t agree.

In my ongoing daily energetic level sessions to assist in the shut down of the dark and the shift into the light, I have seen numerous dark beings choose to transition to the light and then take all their knowledge and expertise and turn it around to work tirelessly to assist in bringing this planet into the light and to shut down the Dark ruling elite. I trust that many more will make that choice, too.

As this article says, many of the dark are riddled with contracts, inner technologies and other forces that keep them adhering to the dark ways until the shift comes in fully. They have been carrying out their part. And although I don’t condone what they have done, I still believe they should be given a choice, and I don’t believe it serves humanity to turn against them with anger, judgment and revenge.

I’m ready for the shift now! What a wonderful world that will be!

Rainbow Wave of Light

heartislandThis week, the Collective answer a question from a Lightworker who wrote in to ask:

There are many Lightworkers on the Earth at this time. Some know they are Lightworkers, and some need a little reminding now and then. However, we are all able to give and receive love, and we are all capable of manifesting (although I greatly struggle with this area).

And the Collective have said many times in their books that we are all the bravest souls to come to the Earth at this time, to help Earth and Humanity ascend.

Are we not therefore all Lightworkers to some degree? Some of us more aware of it perhaps than others?

Or are there people on the Earth who are not here to help Earth and humanity ascend, who are here just for the experience of an Earth life? If so, which group is the majority?

The Collective:

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