Within Your Heart!


Photos by Katelon T. Jeffereys

You can look at this sculpture and photo in many ways.  One way is just to see the sculpture as it is….empty in the middle, a frame of a heart.  Sometimes it feels like that in our hearts doesn’t it?  Loneliness, the end of a relationship, the death or estrangement of a loved one, the end of a job or leaving a home behind, life contains lots of these experiences.  And yet, if you look through this sculpture, you see it contains lots of life….plants, trees, grass, a lake, pathways.  Even during those hard times, if we change our perception, we can still see and feel LIFE, BEAUTY, vibrant options that nourish us even now and vibrant options that offer new growth opportunities.

Even when skies are gray and rain is coming down….their are love and beauty to be found.

Even among the weeds and detritus on our path…..there is love!

If we open our eyes and expand our view, not just looking straight ahead, but all around…..love is there, stacked up, ready to receive, ready to revive us and return us to balance and the knowingness that love exists and is available to us when we open to it.

On my walk this last weekend, I stopped to see a tiny spider, hanging by an invisible strand of web…just hanging there in the middle of the path at eye level. I stopped to interact and made sure that when I moved forward, I didn’t break that strand.  Later on, I was mesmerized by 3 small black butterflies swirling around each other as they flew, seemingly dancing together.  I watched for awhile. Meanwhile, a Mother and daughter walked by, so intent on their aerobic agenda, looking straight ahead, that they didn’t notice this dance going on right next to them.   Their version of love might have been enjoying their exercise and their conversation…..and they didn’t notice the butterflies or me.  But there we all were, finding love, experiencing love.

I appreciate you for taking the time to read my blog.  I’m sending love out to you through these words and through the energy I send out!

Love, katelon


About katelon

I had been a wellness trainer, therapist, consultant and coach for 40 years, trained in 16 therapies from massage and reflexology to hypnotherapy and NLP, to past life regression and various spiritual therapies. I did my work in person and long distance. I also offered workshops to companies in wellness, stress release, diversity, team building, communication and more. My deepest dream is to create wellness centers all over the world, for not only individual wellness but environmental, family, business, community, and international wellness, along with connecting us with other light citizens of the Universe. I envision a world of peace, harmony and cooperation. I am available as a consultant to work with the creation of wellness centers and eco-villages and often refer others to various wellness centers and resorts in the area of their preference. My present focus is on daily sessions, with a work partner, to shut down the dark control structure and timeline and help usher in a new timeline of Oneness, abundance, peace, and a world that supports the greater good for all, including the planet. It is time to be free of the enslavement and war against this planet and humanity.

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    • Thanks so much Robin! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I decided for now I’m retreating from writing about the intense work I’m doing daily and opting instead for inspiring posts. I enjoyed your one on labyrinths, finding out about how you got so involved with them. I tried to follow the heart labyrinth at the bottom of the page, even enlarging it but kept getting lost 🙂


  1. Happy birthday, Katelon! Although a little late, nonetheless, sent in fullness and total Love. I adore this post… really do… so simple and yet powerful; resonates clear as Truths always do.

    I hope you have had a beautiful peaceful day whatever you ended up doing. Of course, you know just as much as I, that you were not alone on your birthday, on any birthday or given day. I know you see and feel that Love everywhere… isn’t it such a comfort and blessing and the greatest ‘companion’ … it is also precious to connect with people in the world, and I am glad to have connected with you. You will be in my prayers; sending you light for your beautiful healing journey on earth…

    Your friend,
    James ❤

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    • Thanks James! I appreciate you following my Walk With Me blog, too. I think you already follow my Empower and Balance blog.

      I appreciate the reminder about love and not being alone. Doing the intense work I do and have done for several years this lifetime and hundreds of thousands of my other lifetimes, battling the dark forces and secret governments that control this planet and have controlled many others throughout time, getting energetically attacked on a daily basis with attacks meant to kill me, I can end up weary of the physical pain and the emotional loneliness of this work, and forget that Source chose me to do this work….from the beginning of the dark’s existence. I can forget that I am working in partnership with Source to do this work….so ultimately success is assured…even though it has taken millions and millions of years 🙂

      I appreciate your support and love!

      Always, your friend, Katelon ❤


      • My pleasure! Yes, I’ve followed Empower and Balance for a while now.

        I can relate very much to your battles, although not quite at the same level, but still… the exhaustion and the ‘attacks’, and the resultant affect on my health and wellbeing… as you know. The part especially about the Source choosing us for this work… I feel that. Always have. My mission has yet to be fully revealed to me… But I have faith in my journey and I’m patient enough 🙂

        I am glad we can link arms to spread the Love together. God bless you in your work, sister!

        Never too far.
        Soon… ❤

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        • Thanks James! And Source bless you and your work. Actually, in our work, we discovered that “God”, a creator God in charge of this planet, was a very dark being. I’ve never been comfortable with that name since childhood. The dark has controlled and spread many lies through various religious systems. All that we’ve learned in our daily work has stripped away many of the beliefs and understandings I’ve grown up with or carried from other lifetimes. Now, I only connect to Source in my work 🙂

          I am sure ready for the shift though! Daily death threats are getting very old 😦

          much love, katelon

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          • There is certainly a lot to ‘wade’ through on this journey… so many lies, you’re right, I have always felt that too… and deception!

            I think more will be revealed to me in time. I know that there is some beautiful shining Light on my side… and I know I will be delivered.

            This ‘earth’ is a hard and tiring place to ‘be’ sometimes…

            In love,

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            • Yes, you are VERY connected to Source and living in abundance! My journey has been more challenging since I’ve been fighting the dark since the beginning of its existence. Source authorized me to do this. So the dark certainly sees me as a threat when really, their detour hasn’t really served them. Light and love is truly the only way. This battle or transformation/shift has taken millions and millions of years but I believe victory is very close. My true being is love, only love and it is time for ALL to be reunited in love, in truth , in full abundance.

              In love,


            • Golly! I can see we certainly would have a lot of tales to exchange when we finally meet… I still have some big journey ahead before that day… Sending you healing for your onward journey… You remind me how blessed I am and how abundant indeed my life has been. The few spiritual attacks I have suffered really are worth it for the sheer beautiful story my life here has been thus far… and will be hereon. Whatever my ‘mission’ is I know it began a long time ago, with people, with love, and with discovery… I have been allowed time to explore and discover for myself I know that.

              I wait for this ‘shift’ earnestly.
              We are a lost humanity in the greater part, but there is still so much hope and love… everything can ‘shift’ as you say.

              J ❤

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            • Blessings on your journey friend! The attacks I’ve undergone on a daily basis have been attempts on my life, so ..pretty painful indeed. But the light and Source protect me. I have many light ET’s protecting me.

              I know my future will be much more public. I’ve been pretty invisible and alone much of my life but I know that is going to change and I will be stepping onto the world stage. I’ve spent 40 + years researching wellness centers, resorts, eco-villages, hardcore market research. I know I will be a part of that in some way and that it will be an interface for light ET’s and humans to interact and share. I know full healing and rejuvenation will happen, too and I will somehow be part of sharing that. I know that music will be restored to me and I’m not sure how that will play out. For now…my mission is to help complete this soon to be shift 🙂

              If you want more info about the work we’ve been doing…my older posts talk about it some and my spiritual work partner has written about it exclusively on his blog http://www.freedom4humanity.wordpress.com

              Be well friend and enjoy your journey,

              Until we meet again,
              love, katelon


            • These attacks you speak of concern me, Katelon! Precious soul… ❤

              Protect yourself, and, I'm sure you already have, but make sure the beings protecting you are not beguiling you in any way! Sometimes the 'Light ones' are disguised, so brilliantly. You are a warrior so I know you have the strength and vigilance to challenge. I have SEEN demonic attack and possession with my own eyes, as these spirits lose hold of what they once had firm in our flesh, and always there are 'death threats' etc. They can come in all forms. I know you know of the Great Deception in the spiritual realm, after your life of work within it, and I don't mean to be patronising, I come only from a place of concern. Just wishing you to up your protection, as we cannot lose pure souls like you. Just these 'attacks' being so frequent worries me.

              Sending you Light and Truth for your battle, my sister! You are not alone and I SEE you. Always here… never too far.

              Love, always, James. x


            • Thanks for your concern James. When I was much younger, growing up extremely ill (thank you Dark), doctors told my parents I’d be dead by 30. My entire family is now dead…my brother dying at age 21. I just had my 68th BD. I’m extremely aware of who is dark and who isn’t. Like I said in a previous comment, I’ve had to throw out much of the beliefs I was taught growing up and even most of the metaphysics and New Age belief systems, too, as I grew aware of how dark and interfered with it all is, how the dark uses propaganda to keep people misled and worse.

              I’ve made it through tremendous odds, and tremendous attacks, but each time Source and other light beings, TRUE light beings, protect me and the light dispels the dark…within seconds the previous pain or discomfort is gone.

              We are having to dismantle the dark machinery piece by piece. They have protection, failsafes, assassins trained at each juncture, attempting to hold on to their agenda of power and greed. But they are losing, their timeline crumbling as it is built on lies. Their souls are on detours. So we are also helping them shift and move back onto a higher evolutionary path. Once the shift happens, all will have that opportunity, to choose the light. Dark power will no longer be an option. Source law, greater good and truth are the guardians of the new timeline. The natural timeline that was originally intended. Love and light, Oneness and Abundance, Sovereignty, compassion, cooperation with the ALL, honoring each other/the planet/Source/soul, truth and transparency, Greater Good…these are the tenets of the natural timeline. We were all meant to be true partners with Source. We were all meant to materialize all that is needed to thrive while honoring others and the earth at the same time. Jesus isn’t the only offspring of Source. We all have the same powers and abilities and connection to Source. Miracles are the way of the light!

              Much love, katelon

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            • Wow… so sorry to hear of your family passing.
              You have mentioned it before… In time I will have perhaps more energy to read more of your story… and share. Your journey is surely long and deep and there is much to be learned from… I can see that much from afar… as is my own journey. Wow! Everyday my eyes are made anew to profound wisdom and knowledge as my ego dissipates. Through myself and my meditations I am learning… But I am just beginning this… and Revelation is coming for me, and all. Thank you for your time, sister. I appreciate always a chance to connect across the globe… making the most of this new way of communication. A shift in the very nature of humanity is a day I live for!

              Love to you, from me, for your journey.
              You will never tire in Love.

              Until next time… love, always, James.

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    • Ahh….you always leave such lovely comments on my blog! Thank you so much. I’m glad you appreciate my perspective. Many people have not. I’ve always felt so deeply, and wanted to engage people at that place but most people walked away, considered me too much, or they just wanted to live on the surface. I’m still looking for my spiritual family.

      Blessings to you and thanks for taking the time to read and comment 🙂

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      • I didn’t want to intrude in your time. But from what you write I can totally understand how you feel. I too have been doing spiritual work for almost 30 years. Some people can’t appreciate because they are tuned to a different frequency. Only those who have felt the awakening will know.
        However, somewhere your presence, your words do alter something in people unknown to you.
        Our deepest respect and regard for the self transcending work you and John are doing. Many many blessings

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        • Thank you! This issue I speak of has gone on since childhood. Since I remembered my past lives at a very, very early age, remembered the tortures and deaths for doing my work to attempt to shut down the dark and bring for a light based timeline for this planet and ALL creation, I couldn’t tell others about this. The same was true for all the super-natural experiences I had with Spirits in my room, moving in and out of other dimensions, knowing my mission to free the world, since age 9, and having no one believe me and doctors attempt to label me schizophrenic. I learned to shut down all this, hide this. But my desire to find people I could relate to deeply, with an open heart and true connection still burned brightly within my heart.

          Our work isn’t about our own self transcending, it is about freeing this planet and all life upon it, and ultimately freeing all creation of dark, returning it all to its original divine design of light and love.


          • May all blessings be upon you. I too have seen many of my own past lives. Although not as early in childhood as you did. With many such experiences, I too can absolutely relate to what you’re saying. Doctors wouldn’t know, so they had to find a label. I’m glad they didn’t put you on medication.

            Please do carry on your work freely.
            Many blessings

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            • Thank you. I’m glad you can relate. Doctors did manage to drug me from age two for asthma. The dark has had a hand in limiting me and injuring me from birth, having the doctor take me a month early so he could go on vacation. So….I’ve had my share of drugs. I’m glad I avoided the drugs they give for schizophrenia (which is known to start in adulthood, not childhood). I had a close friend who was molested by her Father. She reacted and was put in a mental institution in childhood and severely drugged. As an adult, her immune system was very poor and she suffered greatly from all the drugs she’d been given, and the trauma. I’m looking forward to the new timeline, rejuvenation and a new light, sound and energy based form of healing for all.

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