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500 plus followers! Yay!!!!


End of the walk

Photo by Katelon T Jeffereys

I just want to thank ALL of you who signed up at one time to follow my blog.  I’m honored that you found some inspiration or reason to let me and my journey and thoughts into your life and time.  I know that according to my stats very few of the 500 + read my blog but numbers like that don’t matter.  I follow many blogs but very few of those end up in my inbox even though I set it up that way.  I don’t know if WordPress just doesn’t follow through in the sharing or people stop writing their blogs…I don’t know.  But what lights up my heart is that at some point, you saw one or more of my posts and felt it worthy of your time to join me on this path.  Followers is such a strange word, as for me….I just picture you all walking next to me and me next to you as we shine our light on our little part of this huge undertaking called life.  Some of you continue to walk with me, some verge off for a time or perhaps forever. But for a moment, we walked side by side.

And I want to thank you for that!  Immensely thank you for that!

Much love, katelon