It’s winter where I am right now and that means snow and slush.  I still keep walking most days. I like to use my walking time to do solo sessions to add to the work that John and I do daily to end the power of the dark timeline and assist in bringing forth the Shift into the light.  Sometimes I get information to bring to our joint sessions. Sometimes I might talk to Source about questions I have about my own life.  Even in the midst of these walks and solo sessions, I’m still mindful of all that is around me.  I look at my environment as an interactive joint venture.  I’m part of the neighborhood or path I’m walking, even though I’m only in the town temporarily.  The trees, snow, sidewalks, streets, squirrels, plants, houses, bushes, sky, and clouds…all of it, are part of me and I’m part of them.  For that moment we are sharing.  I’m guided to the route to take, when to turn, and when to stop in the moment and smell or touch or look at something with more attention.

I was walking down the sidewalk, minding where there was clear concrete and where there was ice, as I wanted to stay upright 🙂 …. when suddenly,… I was told to stop and look…….I saw a Moose and a bunny….

What do you see? 

In art class we created pictures of the positive and negative of a form.  So you could notice most the snow and what form that took for you. Or you could notice the dry areas instead of the wet ones. And even looking at the wet areas, you might see something different than I did.  Perception is made up of our experiences, our emotions, our concerns, our past, our dreams, our beliefs… many variables.

After my brother died suddenly at age 21, I almost died a month later.  So, while in the hospital, I was afraid, as my brother had died suddenly in a hospital ostensibly from a doctor’s mistake.  I felt angry as my family didn’t discuss anything.  I was left alone with my fear, grief and questions. My parents sent a psychiatrist to analyze me and his intro was the famous Rorschach test of looking at ink blobs and saying what you see.  I refused to participate as my parents were unwilling to take part or accept any responsibility for the lack of communication,  face the grief openly or acknowledge my fear.  They stated it was all MY problem. But I remember those pictures. I don’t know if I believe in their value or not, but after 40 years in my healing practice, and as a long time activist, I see how important and telling perception is in our experience relating to the world, each other and ourselves.

Right now in the US we have a President who makes up his reality and gets thousands around the country to see and believe the same thing, in spite of the lies being exposed on a daily basis.  In the work John and I do, as we unravel the dark’s power structure, we’ve seen how it has infiltrated and invaded the entire existence here in all systems, most organizations and all areas of life, like a rampant cancer.  The propaganda that is put out is so insidious, including some truth among the lies, that even well meaning, intelligent people believe it all even when it flies in the face of what IS real…just as those at Trump’s rallies agree to and espouse his lies even if those “truths” of his change completely from day to day, even when there is stark evidence showing otherwise. 

We as humans want to believe.  We put our faith in many things.  It is a vast world and we need the structure to create a foundation for ourselves, to create a sense of safety.  As I’ve moved from most of the beliefs I grew up with and even many I adopted as an adult, I can feel a little un-tethered.  But then in surrender, you can’t get downstream unless you let go of the bank and let the river carry you.  So I turn to the guidance within and check things out with my Source within to make sure I’m following truth with a big T.

Soon, when the Shift comes, much of what we’ve been told was real, true, for our own good, etc will be exposed for the darkness that formed it all.  But what we’ll gain is TRUTH, ONENESS, PEACE, ABUNDANCE and a new World that works for the greater good of the planet and for ALL.  So I encourage you to follow your heart, stay centered within.  You will know what is truth. You will know what is good.  And you will see your path unfold and blossom like never before.

In this partly frozen slough, I see a carousel horse. What do you see?

I wish you all happy holidays, no matter how or if you celebrate them.  I wish you a peaceful Winter Solstice/Summer Solstice in the southern hemisphere.  I’m focused on there being a Shift into the Light before the new year so that we truly get to experience a NEW year, a NEW life, a NEW world.

That’s what I choose to see 🙂

Much love, katelon

Thanks to all who take the time to read my posts, like them, comment, follow and share!

About katelon

I had been a wellness trainer, therapist, consultant and coach for 40 years, trained in 16 therapies from massage and reflexology to hypnotherapy and NLP, to past life regression and various spiritual therapies. I did my work in person and long distance. I also offered workshops to companies in wellness, stress release, diversity, team building, communication and more. My deepest dream is to create wellness centers all over the world, for not only individual wellness but environmental, family, business, community, and international wellness, along with connecting us with other light citizens of the Universe. I envision a world of peace, harmony and cooperation. I am available as a consultant to work with the creation of wellness centers and eco-villages and often refer others to various wellness centers and resorts in the area of their preference. My present focus is on daily sessions, with a work partner, to shut down the dark control structure and timeline and help usher in a new timeline of Oneness, abundance, peace, and a world that supports the greater good for all, including the planet. It is time to be free of the enslavement and war against this planet and humanity.

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  1. I think why i asked you if you had monetized you’re wp… is the first thing I see is “this post is Ad supported.”
    Dr. Robin Dilley, PhD Psychologist, Author and Speaker Advanced Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator “may you awaken those parts of you that have fallen asleep, open the parts of you that are thirsty, and discover anew the magic of growing.” Stay in touch and get the latest news and psychotherapy tips by clicking here Client Portal:

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    • I don’t like the ads at all Robin.
      But thanks for sharing your perception of my post. And thanks for sharing all your marketing info so people know how to find YOUR blog and info.

      I have 2 free sites. At some point, when I have the funds for it, I’d like to see if I can pay for sites that DON’T have ads.


  2. We as humans want to believe. We put our faith in many things. It is a vast world and we need the structure to create a foundation for ourselves, to create a sense of safety. As I’ve moved from most of the beliefs I grew up with and even many I adopted as an adult, I can feel a little un-tethered. But then in surrender, you can’t get downstream unless you let go of the bank and let the river carry you. So I turn to the guidance within and check things out with my Source within to make sure I’m following truth with a big T. Katelon I love this paragraph best. So powerful. ..also loved your photos.

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    • Thanks for the feedback Robin! I’m glad you liked that paragraph and the photos.

      This 7 year plus journey and the estrangement of my son AND this work I’ve been doing has stripped away almost all I believed and had faith in. The work also validated many of my past life memories and childhood experiences.

      So I’ve had to hold on to faith in Source and my own inner strength even more to keep going day to day.

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  3. Dear Katelon, thank you for this enticing blog. – My perception of the photos are “riders in the storm”; – perhaps because I’m one myself; – like so many others. – Mote we all enjoy a peaceful Christmas though. – Much love to Everyone.

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  4. I don’t remember hearing of your brother’s death before Katelon and even though it happened when you were younger I’m so sorry for your loss. You are one wise lady and I’m so grateful for our connection.

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    • Thanks Stephanae! My brother had given me a letter a few months before, stating he had seen his death coming. When I spoke of all my visions as a psychic child, he’d never said anything. Unfortunately our family didn’t talk so I never got to ask him if he’d always seen things like me or find out more about his recent visions.

      He had a rare asthma attack ( I was the one who still had serious attacks), went into the hospital, the doctor gave him too much medication and burst my brother’s lungs. He was dead by the next morning. The doctor took his family and left town. My parents didn’t talk about any of it and no one held me. I don’t think our family ever recovered.

      I appreciate our connection, too.

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      • This is so tragic and I’m sorry you had to go through such a traumatic event basically in solitude since your family was either unwilling or unable to help you process your grief. It’s interesting how we can seem like aliens in our own families and yet can form closer bonds with people who aren’t related by blood.

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        • Yes, it is Stephanae! That whole event and lack of support, understanding or compassion from my family is what led me to almost die a month later with an extremely serious asthma attack. Luckily I have spent the rest of my adult life since getting therapy from great alternative therapists and through my own training and work on myself. My spiritual path has helped greatly, too. But I still feel myself longing to develop and gather more outer support in my life. This present journey I have been on, while doing my daily intense spiritual work for the planet, has been lonely and isolating. Once we achieve results, the new timeline will bring me much more outer support. Meanwhile, I am so immensely grateful for you and other support I have received online ❤

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          • Yes, this is indeed a harsh world; (did we really say “Yes please, bring it on!” ahead of incarnating into this?) – I wonder if anyone at all can survive here unscathed. – However, not so long to go now; until the epic once-in-a-500-years event of Saturn conjuct Pluto (in Capricorn) on the 12th of January. There may be some very interesting twists and turning of tables. – Much love to everyone.

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            • Thanks Finn. The dark has manipulated many of our pre incarnation choices and of course much of what happens once we’re born. John and I are making great progress in our work and now focused on bringing it into the physical. May we quickly experience the Shift into the light and the new timeline.


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