Moose Energy for the New Year!


Katelon T Jeffereys

While out walking a few days ago, I ran across this Moose youth calmly chewing on a neighbor’s bush.  Mom Moose was nowhere in sight and so I moved a little closer to take this photo.  When I have animals, birds, snakes, etc suddenly appear on my path, I take note and look up the meaning and gifts of this appearance.  Since in truth, we are all one, we all have gifts to share with each other, including YOUR gifts.  The trees, the sky, the water, the creatures, all have gifts to share. And that is just those we presently see, as there is so much more residing on other dimensions.

Since Moose appeared in my path so close to the New Year, I thought I would share Moose’s gifts with you to take into the New Year.  I truly believe that soon we will finally see the Shift into the light and the move onto a new timeline, the original timeline for this planet, before the dark took us on a very long depraved detour.  The gifts Moose offers will assist us greatly in this powerful transition.  They will help us transverse these changes with more comfort, ease and grace.

I looked at 4 websites that I like to use for this purpose and will share the links at the end.

You notice right away that Moose are strong and courageous, graceful and yet clumsy in a way.  They are fearless and resolute.  You can call upon these qualities to stand your ground.  YOU have a direct connection to Source and with that connection, you have a power that comes from following that guidance from within, trusting your inner authority, and seeking the truth, staying true to yourself, staying in integrity and following YOUR path.  Stand strong with your knowingness!  You will feel and know what is truth for you,and what actions to take.

Moose offers the gifts of confidence, self-esteem, and endurance.  So once you’ve tuned into your inner guidance and authority, guided by Source, you can move forward with grace and trust you will know what to say and do.  Moose have the ability to stand in their magnificent presence and yet they can also camouflage themselves.  This will aid you in knowing when to step out and be seen and heard, and when to retreat in silence…in strength, not fear or submission.

Moose have eyes that see separately, so they have great perception and awareness of all that is around them.  They can see things from different angles.  As the truth is disclosed and much of what we’ve been taught to believe is shown to be dark deception, it will be important for us to open our perception to the truths that have been hidden from us….about ourselves, our existence, Source, our planet, and every aspect of our lives.  We can tap into the ability of Moose to adapt, which will support us in moving forward on this new timeline with as much comfort and ease as possible.

On this new day of a new year and new decade, I send you much love, appreciation and gratitude, not only for taking your time to read, like, comment, follow and share my blog, but your willingness to share this journey with me as we go through such monumental shifts on this home planet we live on.  May it truly be a Happy New Year for ALL and for the planet itself. It is time for every aspect of life to be focused on the greater good for ALL and not just a few.

Before I close, I want to give a shout out to the wonderful people at the Passport Overused blog. I have followed this blog for several years now.  They travel on a shoe string and share their many adventures on their blog and have e-book guides for sale to help others explore this amazing planet as well.  They recently nominated my blog for the Sunshine award.  Although I don’t follow through with the process for these awards, I am grateful for the award and their belief that my blog helps spread sunshine and upliftment to others. Their blog certainly offers this and so much more as they explore the varied cultures around the globe and share their photos and stories on their blog.  So please check out their blog, too.

Much Love, katelon

Here are four websites I like to use to check out the meaning of creatures that I come across on my walks, or in my dreams.





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  1. Dear Katelon, congratulations on your Sunshine Award nomination; absolutely well deserved! – By the way; I live in Norway where moose are quite common too. In fact; a famous band here were called “Moose Loose”. – Wishing us all a Very Happy New Decade!

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    • Thanks for reading and commenting Finn! How wonderful to have a famous band of Moose, coming round regularly so as to gain a reputation! Time for a happy decade, and new happy timeline with freedom and sovereignty for all!


  2. thank you so much for the shoutout, katelon! i completely agree with what you have to say about gifts and sharing. the more we share, the better this world will get. we shouldnt let our gifts left to waste for not sharing it. never even thought of moose that way. one, since i never been close to one. thank you for your wonderful insight!

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    • You are very welcome for the shout out. I appreciate the relationship we have built over the years. Not everyone does that with their blog and followers. I am used to going to those sites and checking out the spiritual meaning of creatures that suddenly cross my path or star in a dream. I believe that guidance comes to us, as well as support, through many avenues! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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      • Yes, I connect better with people online more than in person. So everyone is a friend to me! Easier to meet other creative types. Thank you so much again Katelon! Sorry for replying so late, was expecting to see a new post from you. Didn’t see you replied. Can’t wait to read to see your point of view again. Hope all is good!

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        • Thanks so much! Glad you enjoy my point of view. I’m a people person online and in person. I talk to people in the grocery line, on the street…wherever 🙂 The work I’m doing is all consuming so I don’t get blog posts out as often as your site does! I’m sure looking forward to a new timeline! This crazy dark agenda has just gone on for too long! I’m looking forward to your new posts, too


  3. Very eye-opening post! I’ve never known much about the moose but this is definitely informative. I like the idea that each part of narture has gifts to give. I never thought of it that way but it definitely makes sense. They all provide something in the balance. I really enjoyed this positive message for the new year. Best wishes to you, Katelon!

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    • Thanks so much for reading and commenting Parker! I have studied Native American Spirituality most of my adult life and so was led to this concept of messages and assistance from all life, all dimensions. I’m so glad you enjoyed my post. And thanks for following my blog, too! Best wishes to you, Parker! In my daily work, my spiritual work partner and I are working intensely to assist in bringing forth a new light based timeline for the planet and all life, working for a truly life changing 2020 and beyond for all!

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    • Interesting….via my phone, earlier this morning, I saw your comment and starting typing out my response, on my phone. My comment disappeared and then I couldn’t even pull up your comment to attempt a reply again. Mmmm.

      I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. It drew me back to read this post and you are right…Moose offers just the strength, perception, etc. for us to make it through yet again another dark detour.

      Throughout its timeline, the dark have used lies, propaganda and separation – one from another and one from Source, true Source- to carry out their dark agenda. They used it via newspapers to sway public opinion against Native Americans so their slaughter and massacre of them would be accepted. They used it to roll out their lies and propaganda to get the public behind all wars. It was used in Germany to gather support for genocide. This is true of all their dark deeds…keep people in fear and panic, lack and limitation and then carry out the dark agenda easily. The same is true of this so called pandemic….they managed to shut down much of the world, when pandemics have come and gone before without this shutdown. Thankfully, there is a plan in place to shut THEM down.

      We are meant to be connected fully to Source, with all the power, light, love and capabilities to maintain life in a healthy and prosperous way. We are meant to live as one, serving the greater good of the planet and ALL life upon it. Soon that will be our reality.

      Blessings to you!


    • Thank you, I’m glad you liked it. I appreciate the Moose youngster staying still and Mom staying away so I could take the photo. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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