Discernment….Staying Calm Amidst the Lies!


For those of you who have been following my blog and work for awhile, you know that for over five years,  I and my spiritual work partner have been focused on shutting down this present dark timeline and those who created it and control it. (I’ve been focused on this task for actually millions and millions of years including all my lifetimes).  My spiritual work partner and I are focused on clearing the way so Disclosure can happen, TRUTH can be revealed and we can move onto a way of life that was the original divine design, of Oneness and Abundance, a timeline that focuses on the greater good of all.  It is a timeline that brings our bodies back to their original divine design as well.

On this present timeline, not all is what it appears to be.  In our work, we create a sacred circle, we call in those we are working with, on an energetic level, and we align fully with Source and Source within. We make sure that the dark isn’t interfering in anyway, nor are we being guided by ego or conscious/subconscious mind.  But still, at times we have been mislead.  What is really dark? What is really light? What is truth?  What is a lie or a dark distortion?

We follow the clues and information to figure out what actions to take, what work to do, asking Source each step of the way, if it is ours to do, if it serves the greater good, if it is available to us and if NOW is the time to do this work.

Sometimes the way is obvious, just as these tracks are obviously a Rabbit’s tracks:

Other times it might be more confusing, require more questions, more listening.  Sometimes I get one answer and John gets another, so we have to work through that until we both understand, both are clear and absolutely sure it is Source given information.  Just as these tracks appear to be a dog’s tracks….or a coyote’s….or……???.

Or sometimes it is really vague and we struggle to find a clear answer or direction. Then we have to listen more to find out what questions to even ask of Source.  Like these tracks…..3 footed Rabbit?!  3 footed Deer?!….What in the world is it?!

As we have managed to shut down more and more of what those in power have used to control this planet and humanity, they are scrambling.  They know the end is near, they know the light is winning.  They are doing all they can to keep humanity in panic and fear, to have  control.  

But you are stronger than that.  You have a direct connection with Source and Source within you.  You are formed by, filled with and surrounded by love and light.  You have an amazingly designed mind, emotional being, physical and spiritual being, designed for truth, discernment, Oneness, health, abundance. This present timeline would have you believe otherwise.  This present timeline would have you feel small and powerless.  That is NOT truth.

So tune in, tap into Source and the light and love.  You are safe in that love and light, you are empowered in Truth and discernment.  We are getting there…the new timeline is so close….ground and anchor in THAT timeline!

Blessings and love to all!

Thanks for reading and following my blog. I’m up to over 600 followers now….amazing.  I feel honored to share with all of you!


PS…if you want more info re: our work, John writes a detailed blog about it. 



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    • Thanks John. I’m glad you like it. I appreciate your continued dedication and support in so many ways. It’s amazing we’ve been able to keep this work up…1 1/2 to 3 hours sessions, 1 to 4 times a day, on top of all our out of body work, too. May we soon see tangible results!

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  1. Full respect, Katelon and John !! – The current corona-times are definitely “the end of the world as we know it”. – Thank heavens for the first signs of Springtime amidst all of these emergencies. – Looking very much forward to the Spring Equinox right around the corner. – What an exciting & frightening time to live in. Much love to Everyone. Stay safe now.

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    • Thank you so much for your comment and support Dan! I have one of those bodies that the present news would label “compromised”. With the dark attacking me all my life, attempting to kill me all my life, it is amazing that I am still alive. I do have a strong physical body albeit with a compromised respiratory system presently, thanks to the dark. With all the attacks we’ve undergone for over a year now, I had two one month in bed situations recently, thanks to the very dark and determined “landlady/housemate” I had and her dark support. My light team is powerful though, as is my determination, will and soul. Both John and I are committed to doing this work 24/7 until it succeeds. May that be soon!!!!!

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    • I know you have been hit hard by this Covid false flag. It is similar to 9/11 in that yes people have gotten ill and some have died but the reasons aren’t what it is reported to be nor are the solutions offered light based. Truth WILL be revealed. Hang in there.


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