Clearing The Way For The New Timeline!


This entire project my spiritual work partner, John, and I have been working on has taken way longer than I had hoped it would. But then, the dark in charge of this present dark timeline has been in control for thousands of years.  We have had to clear away weapon after failsafe after loop after one interference after another and withstood many many energetic attacks as they set up quite the web to protect their power, greed and extremely malevolent agendas. We have had to weed out the propaganda and lies.  (Spoiler alert:  Donald Trump is NOT going to be the one to save this world).

We’ve had to question, listen, weave our way through the dense forest of their dark machinery.

But we are making progress and are COMPLETELY dedicated to getting this done to free the planet, free all life upon it, and show the way for all creation to be freed as well.

Soon, all the weaponry, mind control, propaganda, lies, lack, wars, violence, racism and inequality, greed, dark governments and other dark aspects of living and doing business on this planet will be just a pile of debris, ready to be easily swept away for all time.

It is time for Source love and light to flow into and around us with ease; for abundance to flow to all; for healing and rejuvenation to be available for all who choose it; for the greater good, love, light and truth to be the foundation and conduit for all relationships and aspects of life on this planet.

And as the darkness is parted away, the sun will rise upon a new day, a new timeline, Oneness with all, united to heal the planet and all life as we are ushered into who we were originally designed to be, living on this divinely designed path filled with wonder and joy!

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

With much love and appreciation,


All photos taken by my Samsung Galaxy phone.

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  1. Your words are finding a home in my mind but ‘soon’ is a relative concept. In my understanding ‘soon’ can only happen after a devastating cleansing time of some 500 years at the end of which all that exists of Homo Sapiens’ civilizations is utterly destroyed and anyone who has not freely detached from every aspect of their past is destroyed along with the power systems of religion, state and money. Well it’s how I’ve been shown. We shall see! 🤔

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    • Thanks for reading. I’m don’t agree. You have been shown the apocalyptic timeline and believe it. That is your right and choice.

      I’m doing my work and following what Source has shown us. And soon in our understanding is hours, days, perhaps weeks. We are extremely careful in our work now to make sure we are receiving our information from Source, with no interference at all. It doesn’t sound like to me that my words have found a home in your mind at all.

      Thankfully this is a free will universe and people are able to believe what they want. I’ve been fighting the dark for millions and millions of years, way past your 500 year time frame and Source has given us permission to finally get it done.

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  2. Thank you so much Katelon (and John) for this most brilliant update; together with the wonderful illustrations. – Yes; the weeding out demands quite the patience; however; the final sweeping away will be the easiest part. – Like so many others; I too am with you ALL the way. – Thanks again Katelon, much love to Everyone, stay safe now.

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    • Thanks so much for reading and for your wonderful support. You always leave such sweet messages. Take care of yourself and may the Event happen soon so we can all thrive on the new timeline.


    • Thanks for reading and for your support Dan! I, myself, am declaring it happen in days, hours….:)

      John and I have been doing this work daily, and sometimes several times a day, on top of the work we do out of body 24/7, for almost 6 years now. And that is on top of my millions and millions of years of doing this work. So…it is time for it to happen now. Plus, it is time to end this Covid false flag, the impending mandatory vaccination scheme, and no way do I want to face another election in the US between dark and dark candidates. It is time for this planet and all life to be free!

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    • Thank you. We both work only as agents of Source, authorized by Source to do this work. All our work takes place within a sacred circle we create to make sure we are ONLY communicating with Source, aligned with Source and Source within, grounded in Gaia on the new timeline, governed only by Source law, truth and greater good. We make sure there is no distortion or interference by the dark of any kind, our ego, conscious/subconscious mind, attachment, judgment or expectations. I have dedicated all my lifetimes to this work, no matter how many times the dark has tortured and killed me for this work. I am completely committed to getting this done, for this planet and all life upon it as well as all creation 🙂

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