We Were Designed For More!



Our bodies were originally designed to be immortal, self healing, and self rejuvenating.  Our design was set up for us to live as long as we choose to and then leave that body behind and make our next choice….time out of body or another body.  Even the highly manipulated bible speaks of people who were 500+ years old.  Dark civilizations manipulated our DNA to limit all that so disease could thrive and humankind could be controlled.
Just as these flowers appear in perfection, our design was a thing of beauty before the change.



We were also designed to be fully connected to Source, receiving guidance for how to live, know who we truly are to be and interact, how to provide for ourselves and how to live our mission and serve the greater good.  This foxglove in the correct amount can jump start and balance a heart in need. Our divine guidance was meant to alert us as to how much is just right, how much is deathly.  Many spiritual teachers have demonstrated this inborn connection and guidance.  But the dark have created many ways to interfere with that guidance system, leading humanity off its evolutionary path.



We were designed with divine capabilities to manifest what we need to nourish our bodies, procreate when we choose and not when we don’t, protect ourselves from the elements in a way that also cares for the planet.  Just as these vines shoot out flowers, one after another, all stunning, all instinctively reaching to the sun and earth to provide nutrients needed to bloom; we were designed to have that intrinsic knowing. These vines know when to bloom, how to bloom, and are capable of accessing what they need to do so. The dark has shut down many of these capabilities and spread lies and propaganda to make us question our own nature and guidance.



We were designed to live as One, supporting each other, nurturing each other, sharing this planet’s resources and living in abundance.  Just as these roses bloom together sharing the bush, leaves, and stems, trusting the soil and sunshine to feed them and support and sustain their growth, we were meant to support and trust each other. The dark uses fear and the story of lack to keep humanity turning against each other, accepting economic slavery as a way of life.



This planet was designed to be healthy, whole, peaceful, and bountiful, with seasons that are balanced to maintain abundance and all that life requires.  Just as trees burst forth with flowers that later produce fruit or seeds of some kind to grow into more trees, an endless supply of beauty, shade, oxygen, the planet was designed to regenerate and sustain its ecosystem.  The dark has subverted this balance with their drilling, mining, chemicals, wars, weather manipulation, and more.



Once the dark are shut down, along with all their weapons, systems, organizations, and interference, we can reclaim the original designs for the planet and humanity.  I am ready to live on THAT timeline, in Oneness, abundance, serving the greater good, in balance and harmony, empowered, connected in all ways, free at last to BE!  Thanks for reading, liking, commenting, and sharing.  I am grateful to share this journey with you.

Love, katelon

2016-06-17 08.06.26 flower in bud case

All photos by Katelon T. Jeffereys

If you want more details about my work with John, to shift this timeline, you can check out his blog:


About katelon

I had been a wellness trainer, therapist, consultant and coach for 40 years, trained in 16 therapies from massage and reflexology to hypnotherapy and NLP, to past life regression and various spiritual therapies. I did my work in person and long distance. I also offered workshops to companies in wellness, stress release, diversity, team building, communication and more. My deepest dream is to create wellness centers all over the world, for not only individual wellness but environmental, family, business, community, and international wellness, along with connecting us with other light citizens of the Universe. I envision a world of peace, harmony and cooperation. I am available as a consultant to work with the creation of wellness centers and eco-villages and often refer others to various wellness centers and resorts in the area of their preference. My present focus is on daily sessions, with a work partner, to shut down the dark control structure and timeline and help usher in a new timeline of Oneness, abundance, peace, and a world that supports the greater good for all, including the planet. It is time to be free of the enslavement and war against this planet and humanity.

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  1. Beautiful post Katelon. Sadly, life will continue this way as long as most folks are happy to be dictated to, to believe the lies that are told to us and march to the beat of our governments drums. We all have choice and I know what my choice is. Thanks, Lyn

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    • Thanks for reading and commenting Lyn! I’m glad you liked it. When…I will say WHEN, not if, our work succeeds, there will be a new light timeline for all and the dark will be shut down forever. I’m glad that until that happens, you and some others have decided not to believe the lies and to make another choice!

      I haven’t seen any posts from you in awhile. Is that because you aren’t posting or is WP screwing up? I follow many blogs and set up for them to arrive in my email inbox but only a few do. I have asked WP about it and they weren’t any help. But it is disconcerting.
      Thanks again, katelon

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  2. Thanks Katelon for asking. My last post was in December when I decided to take a break from WP for several reasons. Yes, I was having trouble with the WP formatting but I did plan to return. Then in February I had 2 major spinal surgeries which I am still recovering from and not 1 of my 3000 followers asked why I was not posting. You are the first. This kind a made me less interested in blogging. I may return, I may not, the door is still open but I am losing interest. In fact, this is the first time I have commented on a blog post in 6 months. Mainly because I am so worried about the way life and the world is headed. I just pray that there are enough folks out there who believe it can be better and we all work towards it. I guess my thinking and my mind are so consumed by what the govt is doing to every day aussies, the lies and the manipulations, and sadly many aussies have given up their freedom to make their own choices. They believe everything the media is telling them. The media that is controlled by govt who is controlled by the pharmaceutical companies who seem to have more power than the president of the US. It concerns me so much. All the best Katelon, Lyn

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    • I hear you about formatting. My simple post took hours and I couldn’t figure out how to make the font bigger.

      I’m so sorry that you’ve been through so much physically. And this whole covid dark agenda threw us for a loop, watching so many people, including supposed free thinkers just line up and comply, in fear, without questioning. We work 24/7 to shut all this down and bring forth disclosure. We are making progress. Please don’t give up hope. That’s what the dark wants…to keep people in fear and dismay.

      I have over 800.followers yet few read my blog. I think some or many follow to get me to follow theirs. I love it when I can build true reciprocal and interested connections. Thanks for being one of those.

      Best wishes and healing uplifting energies for you, katelon

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  3. Wow those amazing flowers! Yet another examples from the Cornucopia this earth of ours really is. — All of the dark’s turmoil will end suddenly with The Event; coming to us very shortly now. And we can finally set ourselves on the golden line of our best possible future! – Thanks again Katelon (and John), much continued support and love to you and to Everyone, stay safe now.

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    • Thank you Finn! There are so many beautiful trees, flowers, bushes etc where I am staying. It is the one thing that keeps me sane during this intense work. I’m looking forward to living “our best possible future”. The dark have dogged me my entire life. Thanks for reading, commenting and supporting my blog and our work. Love to you and yours! And yes, stay safe!

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  4. Hi Katelon, I can’t say that I agree with everything you write here, but like millions of others, I see the need for balance in the world. Balance, honesty, and peace between all living things 🙋‍♂️

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    • Hi Ashley! Thanks for reading and commenting even though you don’t agree with everything. No need to agree. I appreciate your honesty. I’ve surrendered my life to do this work 24/7 to help bring balance, honesty and peace back to this planet and all life upon it! Thanks for your support!

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  5. How fascinating! How beautiful in its simplicity! and ain’t that the truth? Talk of economic slavery! and yes, our bodies like plants should naturally know when to take, how much, and when to give and die. Katelon, if this learnt from meditation, then I am completely in, but if not, then I need to know where your inspiration comes from so I can drink from that same well. This is absolutely beautiful!

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    • Thank you so much. I need to learn your first name so I can respond more personally 🙂

      I’ve instinctively known since childhood that we were meant to be more. I remembered other lietimes, walked into other dimensions and interacted with beings on other dimensions.

      Thanks for reading, commenting and your always supporting me.

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      • Angela is my name, thank you. What you say is 100% correct. We don’t need to look far than to children. Trusting, loving, carefree, and do not discriminate at all, but the moment they grow to become young adults, their minds start to learn how society dictates our lives. I love the word design. Society designs us to become and react a certain way, which is truly sad.

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        • Hi Angela, Thanks for your name. I am a rare case in that I remembered past lives since early childhood and still do. I was a very serious child especially after Jesus and the gang (as I called them), appeared to me when I was nine and told me about this work I was here to do/am doing. I had already remembered many lifetimes of being tortured and killed for doing this work. Plus, my announcement to my parents of this meeting led to them announcing it was all a mirage, not real and doctors discussing drugging me, calling it hallucinations and then right after this, starting 5th grade and having the entire class start a club against me, creating their own secret language, carrying it on the whole year with the teacher, principal, and my parents not stopping it, despite my daily tears and pleas to them all….I know I was on my own in all this.

          I still had fun as a kid but also, in addition to my severe asthma and lots of time in ER’s and hospitals, I was depressed often and felt I had to hide my true self.

          Unfortunately, the dark secret governments, behind most organizations, systems, education, “science”, health care, religions, etc. is who runs society and life on this planet. As I stated, dark creator Gods and ET’s manipulated our DNA in the first place, intending to limit our capabilities, health, abilities, connection to Source and our divine beings. That is why I do my daily work….to shut all this down and return us to our divine path, heritage, body and beings….and free the planet.

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          • What a profile you have got, wow! I have always believed that everyone carries a unique story with them. How you did not break down as a human being is beyond me. You are a very strong individual who from an early age knew their purpose in life. It’s incredible! I remember saying on one of your posts that you were onto something exposing the truth, but in for a huge fight. I meant the forces you name on here. They are in every aspect of our social lives and have enslaved us completely, all for profit. Fight on, I say. preach your message and help your readers see the truth and change even if in the smallest way. Thank you, Katelon.

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            • Thank you so much Angela! I was suicidal off and on from around age 16 (if you don’t count me jumping into a pool and almost drowning at age 2 and eating a bottle of aspirin at that age, too), and into my 40’s. I started searching out help in 1973 when I started TM and then Silva Mind Control training, and started counseling in the 70’s as well. My long time friend/counselor, Corrine Brickell (now deceased) told me I had done more work on myself than any other client she had ever had before. I stayed in touch with her up until a week or so before her death. I went to many counselors, took many trainings for both my professional career but also applied them all to my own healing, working daily on healing myself and keeping myself alive. Doctors said I’d be dead by 30 as the asthma was so severe but in August, I’ll turn 70, outliving my parents and brother (he died at 21). Through the work John and I do, we’ve worked long and hard to free me from the hundreds of thousands of lifetimes the dark have installed various interference within my soul and body. (they aren’t fond of me ), which is what led us to ultimately work together to shut down the entire dark project and all its parts/members/weapons, etc. And you are correct…their agenda is for profit and also genocide, cruelty, power and control. Thanks so much for understanding, believing and supporting our work and me Angela. ❤

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  6. I remember you mentioning losing your brother’s death at the age of 21. A brother you looked up to and loved. Obviously you are doing something right, right? Stay forever blessed, Katelon.

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    • Actually, Angela,my brother had been pretty mean to me most of my life and I wanted so much for him to be closer to me. The last year or so before he died, he started getting a little closer to me. In fact, he gave me a letter a few months before his death, telling me he had seen he’d be dying within a year, and other things he’d seen had happened so he knew this would be true. He told me not to tell my folks. He never talked to me much so I never questioned him about the letter, and then he died suddenly. All my growing up when I would talk to my parents about my visions, interactions with spiritual beings, etc. he never said a word. So I don’t know if he, too, had the mystical childhood that I’d had or not. I never really got to know him. I had no support after his death from my parents or my boyfriend, so I was pretty lost after that. The light has kept me alive and protected. That’s the only reason for me still being here!

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      • The revelations you have are almost of a supernatural nature. Maybe you should write a book, Katelon, because I find every sentence you write just fascinating. Go on, tell your story, you know I would be the first one to buy a copy of your book. May that light keep shining in you.

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        • Yes, I’ve had many supernatural encounters. I do talk about much of this in this blog. I’m glad you enjoy my story Angela.

          Many have urged me to write a book. I’ve been taking notes daily about the work John and I started Oct. 14, 2014, working together and alone and now have 189 five + page documents, narrow margins/3.62 MB. Plus, the 11 + years of writing this blog. I don’t know that I’ll ever write a book as I’ve had so many dark players in my life, betrayals, abandonment’s, etc. and don’t feel like exposing all the players. It’s been enough to be treated so unfairly, and I don’t really want to deal with these people anymore or their defenses/criticisms/lies.

          After our work succeeds, I have plenty to do. I haven’t played music since my son left my life for the third time Feb. 14, 2007, so music will be back in my life. I will be one of those bringing forth rejuvenation for humanity so that will keep me busy. And finally, after 40 years of researching wellness centers, resorts, eco-villages, etc., attending meetings and connecting with others looking for funding, interviewing many, doing market research, it will finally be time to set up the transformational welcome centers that will bring together humanity with ET’s, for learning about each other and helping humanity travel well on the new timeline. And time to finally have a life after the dark have made sure my life, relationships, funds, family etc up until now have been limited and interfered with. 🙂 Time for some fun!

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    • Thank you Diane! This is a very unusual and amazing planet! I’m glad you liked the flower photos. Yes, Foxglove is so special. I read a lot and read a book with 3 sisters who were herbalists. A child who hung out with them often accidentally ended up ingesting too much foxglove and died and the sisters had to prove they weren’t responsible. I’d never thought much about how poisonous that plant can be. So now that I see it in different yards, I’m surprised it is so common.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  8. This is amazing Katelon. I absolutely agree. there is a set of 5 books from an author who went into some unknown jungles in India. Here, he found seers whom even Lions would not touch. Nature lived in harmony. The opening phrase “We were designed to live as One..” sums it all.

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  9. Most wonderful post.
    I believe in all the points you have elaborated separately that we were designed to live long as long as we wish. In reality we are immortal. Excellent post.
    If understood, then it will be life changing for the reader. Through this post life will get it’s right direction.
    My best regards

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    • Thanks so much Arun! I’m glad you liked my post and understood it. I”m aware that many who read my blog don’t really get what I’m talking about as the propaganda, lies and misinformation that fills media everyday and so much of the educational system is so loud. The daily work I do with my teams is to change the world, end this dark experiment and restore all life to how it was designed to be in the beginning.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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      • I understant that you have written “I”m aware that many who read my blog don’t really get what I’m talking about as the propaganda, lies and misinformation that fills media everyday and so much of the educational system is so loud. ”
        Because I face same for my articles. Only a few readers can understand the philosophy and science that I shared according to my understanding. Therefore I know that people think as propaganda. Yes it is propaganda for not personal benefit. This is written and shared with the thinking that I have got enormous Joy, Bliss, peace whatever you say, may be beneficial for others too.

        Let people study quantum phenomenon like ” Quantum entanglement” , ” Quantum tunneling” etc. then they will definitely realize what you say.
        Thank you so much for sharing excellent posts.

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    • Thank you! I appreciate you reading and commenting. The daily work my partner and I are doing is so all consuming that I rarely post about it anymore other than my short posts with photos and encouragement to keep people inspired until the new timeline is in place. Love to you!


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