Happy Birthday to Me…..thank you Source!



Photo by Katelon T Jeffereys

I grew up severely ill with asthma and other respiratory illnesses.  Doctors told my parents I wouldn’t live past 30.  I spent a lot of time in emergency rooms, doctor’s offices, hospitals and at home, struggling to breathe for hours, days, weeks. I’ve had two near death experiences. I have outlived my entire birth family, and outlived my predicted demise by decades. I am absolutely certain that the only reason I’m still alive is because of my study and practice of using spiritual techniques and alternative therapies and natural medicine; many wonderful counselors and teachers; sheer will, and Source and other light beings keeping me alive so that I could do this work I’m doing for the planet. Just like the invisible spider web holding the rain drops that show up in this photo, Source and the light have been shoring me up through all the challenges to my body and being over the years.  So still being alive, being able to dedicate myself to this work and the work I’ll be doing after the new timeline is in place, deserves acknowledgement and celebration!  Woo hoo!!!!

Thanks for joining me on this journey, reading, liking, sharing and commenting on my blog!

Much love, katelon 


About katelon

I had been a wellness trainer, therapist, consultant and coach for 40 years, trained in 16 therapies from massage and reflexology to hypnotherapy and NLP, to past life regression and various spiritual therapies. I did my work in person and long distance. I also offered workshops to companies in wellness, stress release, diversity, team building, communication and more. My deepest dream is to create wellness centers all over the world, for not only individual wellness but environmental, family, business, community, and international wellness, along with connecting us with other light citizens of the Universe. I envision a world of peace, harmony and cooperation. I am available as a consultant to work with the creation of wellness centers and eco-villages and often refer others to various wellness centers and resorts in the area of their preference. My present focus is on daily sessions, with a work partner, to shut down the dark control structure and timeline and help usher in a new timeline of Oneness, abundance, peace, and a world that supports the greater good for all, including the planet. It is time to be free of the enslavement and war against this planet and humanity.

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    • Thanks so much Ashley! I feel it is quite an accomplishment to go from struggles with my health, major depressions, off and on suicidal feelings and to choose to live and be supported in that by Source. I actually had a choose to live powerful experience after my 2nd near death experience. Thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate the support.

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  1. Dearest Katelon, you’re a walking miracle right here no Earth! Thank you Source for you being an old Soul; fully capable of performing sheer magic! Many happy returns!!! – Much continued support and love to you.and to Everyone, stay safe now.

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    • Thank you so much! I lost touch with you, will have to reconnect. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Hugs and love to you! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Hope all is well in your world!

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      • You’re so welcome! I’ve had WordPress gremlins really mess with some of my friends! Life has thrown a lot of curve balls. I keep my eye on the ball and my faith intact. This journey is not an easy one; but I love those I meet along the way! I hope your world is great too! 💚🤍❤

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        • I understand. I have many blogs I followed that quit showing up in my inbox. Some were just people dropping out of blogging anymore but others were still active bloggers, so it is WP screwing up. I sometimes wonder if that is happening to me with over 800 followers and perhaps 20 or so people look at my blog 🙂

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  2. I hope you get this comment – I tried to post earlier but it wouldn’t accept it due to being considered spam (Akismet seems to really dislike me!) I had this with another blog this morning but that seems to be okay now so I’ll try again. If you already got the first comment in your spam folder then I apologise for sending this twice!

    I just wanted to say how amazing it is reading your post. That’s enough to give a lot of people hope. I can only imagine what it was like for you as a kid, and for your family being worried about you. That you managed to not just keep going, but far exceed any hopes and be here now having achieved so much. That’s an amazing blessing and testament to who you are, too. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! 🥳🥳🥳

    Caz xx

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    • Thanks so much for your kind comment. I had never even noticed that WP had a spam comment folder. There wasn’t a comment in there from you. Sorry that struggle to comment happened. Sometimes WP is a lot of work. Thanks for the Happy Birthday wishes. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. Best wishes and blessings for you. I spent so much of my life sick, in pain, depressed, suicidal, injured….on and on, and it takes a lot of courage to keep going. I commend you for continuing to move forward even with all you face.

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        • I did my daily walk as usual and a few sessions with my spiritual work partner for this mission of mine. I also baked myself an Italian Almond Cake and had already made no churn lemon icecream 🙂 During the day I went to a lake and while standing in the water, I did emotional clearing work around my family, identifying all the ways they showed love even though they weren’t the ways I was longing for, forgiving, releasing any left over emotions regarding my family. I read a book. And I took myself our to dinner. So a full day!

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          • Wow, what an awesome way to spend your day. I notice you are always thinking of others even on your day. But you are right, we are a part of everone else and everything, especially our family. It is a ritual I wouldn’t mind doing, so holistic, except i have no lake near me. The Italian almond cake sounds delicious!

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            • You don’t need a lake to do the ritual.

              I receive an email newsletter each week from the authors, Barry and Joyce Vissell. It includes a link to their weekly video inspiration on you tube. He was trained as a doctor and she a nurse but they went on a spiritual path in the early 70’s, studying with Ram Dass, Pir Vilayit, and others, self publishing their first book in the 70’s, called Shared Heart. All their books and workshops are about relationship and raising kids as a spiritual path. They are very loving and based out of Santa Cruz.

              Anyway, a few Sundays before my BD, Joyce talked of her parents reaction to their first book. Her Mom hid it on the top of a bookcase, in a rear bedroom on the top floor of the house. When Joyce found it and confronted her, she talked of how embarrassed she was by how open and transparent they were in their writing about their relationship. Joyce was devastated so left the house crying. On her walk she heard a voice asking her to look at all the ways her parents showed they did love her, (as Joyce was feeling like they didn’t), even if it wasn’t in the ways that Joyce longed for such as praise and honoring her and Barry for this loving book they’d written to help others have a more loving relationship and connection to Spirit.

              I grew up longing to be praised, acknowledged for my love and light, my accomplishments, told I was loved, but it never came, and instead I got spankings for things I hadn’t done as my Father believed neighbors accusations rather than me. Both my parents weren’t forthright with positive stuff, only criticism and judgment. So I did the ritual to not only move beyond my feelings of not being enough, not being loved, etc. but to catalog the ways they DID show me they loved me, and fill myself up with THAT love and support, and be able to love them back even though they are long dead.

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            • Yes. I’ve been steadily doing personal growth work on myself since 1974. And all the trainings I received for my holistic therapy practice all involved self growth work as well. I’ve always felt that in order to help the planet and all people, I need to make sure I’m in integrity and being as whole as I can be.

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