Revisiting the poem I wrote : Roots in the Sky


Light and dark

Photo by Katelon T. Jeffereys

I was awake for quite awhile in the middle of the night, wondering what it is going to take for the Financial reset team and the surrender team to get things done and for the dark surrender to be complete. It has been so close for soooooo long, with so many things put in place to help bring this about and protect all those involved in bringing it about.

My thoughts were led to this poem of mine and especially the last verse/stanza….

Light flowing into darkness

Darkness flowing into light

We can usher in the change

If we rejoice in all our might.

In feeling these words, to me it means that light flows into the darkness, transforming it, and the darkness flows into the light, being transformed.  That was my objective when I took on this task of ousting the dark when it first arose, millions and millions of years ago….bringing it back to the light.

So rather than working, planning, worrying etc.perhaps it is time to rejoice….rejoice in the light, acting as if, knowing that in truth, it already IS done.

So I’m going to focus now on celebrating. How about you? Care to join me?

Much love, katelon

The link below is to the background of the poem and the full poem itself. This poem made its way into a song several years after being written first as a poem.


     I started listening to the music group Oregon in the late 70’s and was lucky enough to see them in concert a few times. The first time was at Arcosanti, an experimental community in AZ, built to embody Paolo Soleri’s concept of arcology – the fusion of architecture with ecology. I was at a music festival and the crowd was waiting to hear Stephen Stills so they weren’t very gracious to this amazing group of jazz musicians.  Later I was able to hear both the band and later Ralph Towner, the guitar/pianist, solo, at the beautiful Great American Music Hall in San Francisco.

     I used to lay on my floor with headphones on, listening to this band for hours. The unusual way they played their instruments, Collin Walcott’s amazing tabla and sitar playing, Paul McCandless playing a ceramic vessel, stirred something deep within me.  I loved how powerful, wandering and emotional their music was and I became quite a fan.

     The cover art for their album Roots In The Sky particularly drew me as I’d felt since early childhood that I came from another world, was a visitor on this planet, here to help it in some way, but definitely with “roots” elsewhere.  So in contemplating this cover, while informed by the music, I wrote this poem in 1986.  I included it in a Christmas card that year and sent it also to President Reagan and congressmen from AZ, pleading with them to end their funding of the covert war in Nicaragua.  Later in 1988, I was sitting in a yoga studio, warming up my guitar, waiting for my very young creative movement and music students to arrive and all of a sudden the music came to turn this poem into a song.

      Hope you enjoy the poem.  Wherever you are from, whatever you are doing here, know that each of you has a contribution to make for this amazing planetary transformation we are in the midst of.

Roots In The Sky

This land, these trees, these flowers
Of which we’re all a part
Let us all heed the call
It is time for us to start

My roots are in the sky
But my heart, is here on earth
I feel the call to heal
And sing for her rebirth

         To begin to heal this darkness,
We’ve created on our mother
It’s important to feel the truth,
That we truly are sisters and brothers         

So now, let’s sing for love,
Embracing all we see and feel
Blessing the joy, pain and bliss,
Accepting it all, allowing it to heal          

Light flowing into darkness,
Darkness flowing into light
We can usher in the change,
If we rejoice with all our might                  

My roots are in the sky

Katelon T. Jeffereys
Seattle Wellness Coach


Song by Me!


The name of this song is “Roots in the Sky” and I wrote it. This was a simple recording of me singing and playing my guitar, recorded in Nov. 1990. I first wrote this as a poem and sent it to then President Reagan and various congressmen, for Christmas 1986, asking them to quit funding the contras and the illegal war against Nicaragua. I later “got” the music in 1988 as I sat in the yoga studio in Arcata, CA, waiting for the children to arrive for the creative music and movement class I was teaching. I was just warming up and the music came through.

Katelon T. Jeffereys

Seattle Life Coach


Ducks (DOVES) in a Row!!!


Several times during the almost nine months (2 days shy of that) John Ross –   and I worked together on our energy level spiritual project to assist in bringing forth the surrender of the dark, the shift into the light and the Global currency  reset, I would ask for signs.  Even during my solo work during that time and now after, I still ask for signs from the light….to verify or validate what I’ve been “told” during my channeling sessions with those in charge of these events.  Often those signs would be white feathers placed directly in the middle of the sidewalk, so I’d see them as I did my daily walks and after I had requested a sign.

I’d often seen this flock of white doves circling overhead and one day the sign was the flock circling over my head 3 times.  I’ve never seen them roosting anywhere though.

Also, during the time that John and I worked together we’d occasionally talk to the teams in charge, reminding them they didn’t need to “get their ducks all in a row”, explaining that it is easy to get caught in minutiae, and that even though, yes, it is important to make sure all is set before doing something important, it is detrimental to get caught in worrying about every little detail. It can really drag down a process and stall it forever.

So last week, I had requested a sign, announcing that request on my walk.  Just as I had turned the corner to head home, I again stated a reminder that I had asked for a sign. Suddenly, I heard a loud cooing sound, turned around and there was this flock of doves, all lined up in a row, on the telephone and electricity pole.  I cracked up laughing.  I got chills, too, though, as it obviously was a sign stating “we’ve got all our ducks (doves) in a row. Plus, these are white doves, a sign of peace and the light victorious.


Photo by Katelon T. Jeffereys

Of course, I was hoping that meant the surrender, shift into the light and reset would happen that day!  But I’m still waiting!!!  Darn.  WE are still waiting.

For so long, the process John and I were going through with the teams felt like this :


Photo by Katelon T. Jeffereys

…..a big mess with many twists and turns, details to be hammered out, negotiations to be addressed, complications and interference arising.

So imagine my delight and the hope and faith it instilled in me to see this instead:


I’m still sad that the work ended with John, but I will forever be grateful for him bringing me to the “table” to do this work with him and to also do the work alone, too.  I might never know for sure whether our work made a difference but it felt and still feels great to be given a front row seat of sorts, to these processes, and to be able to assist at this level.

I am holding the intention that soon, with all the doves in a row, that we publicly see the surrender of the dark, the end to all their technologies, the shift into the light and all that will bring and the Iraq RV and the Global Currency Reset for all the world.  I’m looking forward to living in THAT world, where we are all living abundantly, in peace, sovereignty and cooperation, reconnected fully to our divinity and our Oneness with ALL.

Please hold this in your hearts and minds and together we can help usher in this change….like the  song I wrote (Roots in the Sky) says, “We can usher in the change, if we rejoice with all our might”.

Much love to all, katelon

And a big dose of gratitude and appreciation to John for bringing me to this particular piece of my work.