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Connecting With Past Life, Future Life, Past Present Life and Other Dimensional ‘You’s” For Healing


I was reading the article I linked below and found it quite interesting as it describes the positive effects of NLP Timeline work I offer, as well as Past Life Regression Work I created and even the Frontal Occipital Hold stress release exercise that is on the first “stress release tools” page on my website

All of these various therapies allow you to take a higher consciousness and understanding into a past event, for understanding, healing and even transformation. It then releases an emotional holding pattern created in that event and frees you up in the present. In visiting a future event, you can either take your newly healed and restored energy and understanding into a future event, to support your desired outcome or you can access knowledge and understanding from that future you to bring into the present to assist in healing and transformation.

Scientists have been proving, through quantum physics, that you can change the past. And results shown as a result from these therapies, shows they affect not only you but anyone else involved in the situation.

These are challenging yet exciting times now and if I can assist you in any way, please let me know. My work can be done long distance even using phone or skype.

Here’s that article I mentioned…wonderful article:


The movie “The Way”, pilgrimages and journeys!


I recently watched the movie “The Way” and loved it. I had read an article quite awhile ago interviewing Emilio Estevez, the writer, director and co-star in the movie, about the process and working with his Dad, Martin Sheen, the star of the movie. So I was already intrigued. I had also read a book by Shirley Maclaine about her journey on the El Camino de Santiago, and was inspired and fascinated by this journey. The movie focuses on Tom, played by Martin Sheen, as the stoic and traditional father, who finds out his lost son has been found dead, dying just as he had started this pilgrimage. Tom decides to journey the El Camino and spread his son’s ashes along the way. It is a rare emotional decision for him, and his impulsive decision brings him much more than he had envisioned when he started on the way. It is a movie of grief and loss, as well as discovery, friendship and transformation. It is beautiful in it’s unfolding as well as in the luscious scenery.

As I do with most movies, I looked at each character and inquired what I held in common with them and where we were different. Unlike the main character, I would not have been tight lipped like he was, as I am known for my open sharing, but I could relate to his anger, grief and unknowing as he wondered about his son’s whereabouts, felt the pain of their estrangement, and then his anger, grief and loss when his son was found dead. In truth, I am much more like his impetuous, leaping, restless son, Daniel; but you see, I, too, have lost a son, not to death, but to estrangement.Although, like Daniel, I am the one that has leaped into adventure throughout my life and recently on a now 11 month journey of faith.

I looked at the kind and talkative character, Joost, and saw my golden retriever self who assumes that everyone wants to talk to me, know me, be engaged. I looked at the angry, defensive, wounded character, Sara, and saw the me that I have been healing along this journey, as I attempt to make sense of the loss of past relationships and dreams. I looked at the character of Jack, the verbose writer, living out a life much smaller than he had dreamed of, and see how much I have limited myself for way too long.

In watching this movie I realized that I, too, have been on a pilgrimage, not spreading physical ashes of a cremated son, but certainly spreading metaphoric ashes of my past and the relationships in it, as I have revisited many of the towns and places where I have lived, traveled to, or hiked. It was that giving up hope and attachment to my past relationships that was the last step for me, letting go of those last ashes in the bottom of the bag, knowing that this is it, the end…and letting them go in the wind.

It is fitting that I am ending this journey in San Diego, CA. as this is where I spent so much time as a child and adult, vacationing with my family, and then later with my Mom and/or my son. And this is where I spread my Mother’s ashes in Nov. 1999, on my way back to Seattle, where I was living with my son, moving there in Oct. 1998 after leaving Colorado. And here I am finishing this journey in San Diego now, before heading home to Colorado, going full circle. Now, like Tom in the movie, I need to stand next to the ocean, reach down in my bag, and gather the last vestiges of my past relationships and life; gather my long held dreams of the future; and finally and firmly throw these ashes to the wind and the water, letting go and saying goodbye to what was, honoring it and making room for what will take it’s place.

I am grateful for the sweet memories I have of my life up until now. I am grateful for the experience of being a single Mom and managing to stay loving and attentive no matter what challenges I faced. I am grateful for the friends and support I’ve had along this pilgrimage. And now it is time for me to leave this funeral pyre and begin my new adventure, alone, yes, but now with room to let others into my heart, my restored and healed heart. Now it is time for me to go home and settle into my new launching pad for future adventures.

So I encourage you to watch “The Way” and enjoy your journey, wherever it takes you. Remember life is to be lived, not something you got stuck in, so live it with faith and enjoy it along the way.

Love, Katelon

Letting Go, Releasing…isn’t always easy!


Angel wings, green river

This is a picture taken of the Green River, in Flaming Geyser park, near Black Diamond, WA. I love the angel wings made by the rocks. It is a good image to remember when you are in the process of letting go of a relationship, habit, belief, situation that you need to let go of and are struggling to let go.

Whether it is because I am a Leo astrologically, and loyal because of that; or part of my occasionally dysfunctional people pleasing ways; or just because I’m human, and we humans seem to cling to the past and to people and things we need to let go of, instead of trusting and moving forward to something better, I often will hold on to old relationships when they are toxic, and have long passed their expiration dates. It is especially hard for me when it is someone I am very close to, had some wonderful times with and still love. But as I progress further on my spiritual path, I’m learning that the more I honor myself, the more I learn to love and respect myself, there is no room in my world anymore for people that don’t treat me well, or don’t want me in their lives.

Often I had friends who consistently treated me badly, and I’d make excuses for them, attempt to stick up for myself…sometimes poorly and unskillfully, sometimes with grace, and still keep them in my life, accepting their excuses and the few good things they threw my way at times. I see now how this set me up to attract other similar relationships.

I’ve also seen how my tendency to assume full responsibility for everything in my life, led me to accept responsibility for what wasn’t even mine. As a child, I often got punished for things I was accused of in the neighborhood, things I hadn’t done and my Father would believe others over me. So I grew up believing that no matter what I did, it wasn’t good enough, nor was there any way to protect myself, as my parents surely weren’t standing up for me. This led to quite low self esteem. So others could treat me badly and I’d just go back for more, blaming myself for their behavior.

I’ve worked for years to heal this and regain my self esteem. This almost 10 month journey of mine has been providing the finishing touches on this. Staying with so many different people over the months, setting up agreements before moving in and occasionally having the hosts drop those agreements then blame me, and ask me to leave, when I was already doing more than agreed upon, giving more than agreed upon, has been a great training ground to finally end this unhealthy habit of mine and finally and fully claim self love.

I have a particularly close relationship I have grieved over for years, spent a bunch of money on contacting various healers and counselors to help me heal, doing rituals and my own healing and clearing work, going back and forth between acceptance and letting go and then, feeling like if I only did this or that, it would be a good relationship again and I finally got it! And got it BIG, that relationships take two people, that I’ve done all I can do, and to continue to play my dysfunctional game only keeps me from peace and from fulfilling my spiritual purpose. It also keeps me unavailable for other possible loving relationships that will be mutually supportive and loving.

I am learning that you tell yourself or someone else to let go, but until a certain point is reached, it isn’t possible to fully release. I do believe that meditations, rituals, various techniques are helpful, and I have several on my website  But I believe it is just a point that you finally reach with grace, that allows you to trust enough, love yourself enough, to just let go. And when that moment arrives, the feeling is so clean, clear and sweet as there is now room for true love and peace to flood in and fill you up.

Know that there is much support all around and within you for assisting you in this release process. And after you let go, you will have room to bring into your life and heart what you truly desire, relationships and situations that truly honor and uplift you.

Love, katelon

Shape shifting the Future you by Maureen Moss


I love her writing and this article includes a great assignment/technique to free you up!

“Dearest Hearts,
As always, I pray you are well.
We have been in a void for many months now, with the promise of many things to materialize when cycles or solstices came to pass. The Light entering onto the earth plane promises to assist, support and make more clear the path out of the void.
The path will be illuminated ever more once we have cleared and understand the energy imprints and story lines held in our thoughts, emotions, beliefs physical bodies and cellular bodies.
Energy imprints and personal story lines of conflict, abandonment, anger, unworthiness, sadness, apathy, poverty consciousness, victim consciousness and more have completed their missions in the human experience, your human experience, unless you refuse to release them. You do have a choice to be free or remain hostage.
Each energy imprints and each of your particular story lines were on missions that accompanied you on your journey to Planet Earth.
Each were meant to aid and assist you into becoming the New Human, Divine in your nature.
Additionally, each imprint (as stated above,) were missions for the collective to heal over time, and through reincarnations, with you being one of the collective.
Each were missions of energy that enhanced contrast, duality and polarity that the Divine wished to experience through you, with the ultimate intent being to use them to bring you out of the multiple cycles of human experience you have had and into the singular experience of being a Divine Human. In other words, it was not meant to be personal, though through the 3D mind they were not only made personal, but inflamed and densified inside the temple of our being.
Remember that everything is energy. Everything has a life of its own and its purpose is to have experience. Every one of the imprints was on a mission of its own, to have its experience.
So, every bit of conflict, abandonment, anger, unworthiness, sadness, apathy, poverty consciousness, victim consciousness, etc. came to fulfill a mission through you. And you Beloveds, were to fulfill your mission to take each one, both energetic imprints and personal story lines that became personal identification’s, to the light with love, when the time was right.
The time is right.
The challenge that is being had on the Earth plane is that many are still hanging on to those imprints as if they were attached like an arm or a leg, rather than setting them free, giving them love, and sending them back to the Light. This occurs because few are aware of their higher purpose.
Most have adopted each like a child, rather than understood them as an energy brought forth to lead them into higher consciousness, a higher dimension of one’s Divine expression and authentic and original nature.
Every challenge you may be having right now, stems from an imprint or inflamed long held story-line that has turned into a conflict having you believe you have to fight it or destroy it in order to be whole and healthy.
That couldn’t be further from the truth. Under the layers of imprints on a mission, to lead you to your magnificence you are whole and healthy, and you have a destiny awaiting you that you do not have to go in search of.
Taking it a step further. Every imprint Beloveds is a holographic projection of the entire human condition that you agreed to participate in the healing of. The all of humanity was necessary to heal the main missions of what is often called the shadows through individuated experiences. You might remember in Don Miguel Ruiz’s book, The Four Agreements his second agreement was “Don’t Take Anything Personally.” Because it’s not.
Underneath all of the despair and anguish, shame, blame, guilt and more, humanity has forgotten that they are and always have been on a spiritual adventure, a dynamic spiritual adventure, that had self produced story lines, only for the sake of each individual adventure, and each could and can be changed at any time, because they are not real. (Take a breath)
During these times when the transference from one cycle to another, or one world to another is still in motion, and will be for quite some time to come, whenever you find yourself in personal conflict primarily with yourself, Self Love is the buffer and the eraser.
You Beloveds have to be willing to love yourself so much that from your heart of love and understanding, you are willing to say I love you and thank you for being a part of my mission to every bit of despair, anguish, shame, blame, guilt, sadness, feeling of betrayal, victim consciousness, poverty consciousness and feeling of unworthiness, and then send them Home to the Light, with deep respect that their mission is complete in your House, in the temple of your being. And to go along with them, you are to send the story line or lines that they have been attached to. THIS IS KEY.
Perhaps the assignment below will help.
1. Write down every story that you keep repeating out loud or to yourself. Give it both a title, and then put one of the mission labels on it, such as self-sabotage, grief, sadness, poverty-consciousness, apathy, unworthiness etc.
2. In stillness and with loving intention, and only one at a time, release each story line and its mission back into the Light.
3. Let it know how much you love and appreciate its journey with you. Love it sincerely, and then say, feel and mean “I end this mission and this program. It is complete.”
4. Follow that by saying I Am Love 12 times in a row, with eyes closed, taking deep breaths between each I Am Love. See a clearing being made inside of you where you will actively create a new positive, joyful, passionate program with a mission for good on your behalf.
I remind you, not that anything was bad before, it was simply part of your mission on behalf of yourself and the All. No good, no bad.
5. Then, when you are ready, simply switch your programs, your mission, your storyline, as you are able to choose any that you prefer.
Knowing that, make your story, unique, joyful, happy, creative, and richly blessed. Know that if you believe in you, trust you can have a new and rich experience in this lifetime, the Universe in all of it’s Love for you will lift you, and steer you into the direction of your destiny.
That will be the Divine’s, Mission Accomplished!
May you be blessed every single moment of every single day.
I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!

Copyright 2013
All Rights Reserved

Please feel comfortable to copy or post this article,
keeping author and website intact.”

Storms Of Our Lives


April 2012 Lincoln park storm

I grew up with severe asthma, died a couple times, spent alot of my life in hospitals and emergency rooms up until I was 40. I also had several injuries, including falling through a hole in a floor in a store (sounds like a sitcom doesn’t it?) in 1971. For some years I cursed these inflictions but as the years went on, I learned to see them as gifts.

Doctors told my parents I wouldn’t leave to be 30 years old. My brother had already died at age 21 when he went into a hospital with asthma and the doctor gave him too much medication, thus killing him. So at age 22 I started studying TM meditation, the next year studied Silva Mind control and the next year started studying homeopathy, herbs, and other alternative health topics. In 1978 I was led to a reflexologist who finally took the pain away from my fall in 71, and it also helped my lungs, so I decided to learn it. Thus began my 34+ year career in holistic therapies.

Throughout my life as I searched for ways to heal myself or at least help relieve some of my symptoms, mental, emotional and physical, when I’d find therapies that were useful, I would learn them and add them to my tool box in my career. So I feel that my health challenges have led me to my career and also my destiny.

Most people with lungs like mine are in bed, or they stay home and do very little. I go for 5 mile hikes, sometimes every day. I know that all these techniques I have learned and my spiritual focus have been responsible for this. These health challenges have taught me patience, empathy, compassion, understanding, peace in the midst of struggle, and strength I never knew I had.

It is easy when storms arrive in our lives, whatever their form, to attempt to flee, struggle, or feel defeated. But I have found in my own life and the lives of many of my clients that these storms are often the impetus for change, opportunities for growth, wake up calls or the signpost to another path.

I have learned to love these parts of me, not to stay attached to the ailments but to be able to love the parts of me that chose this path of learning, seeing how it has served me, so when the time comes for my body to release them completely, the process will be a gentle exhale instead of a wrestling match.

Photo by Katelon Jeffereys. Storm from Lincoln Park, Seattle, WA

Giving Thanks For A Body!


592 skyward web

A long time friend contacted my yesterday to see if she could offer me some work from the healing work she is learning this weekend. So we did a session via skype. I could feel the work happening in my body and also had a profound shift in my understanding.

I grew up very severely ill and when I wasn’t ill I was very active, climbing everything I could find and taking part in other physical activities. I also sang and studied piano. So I was used to using my body but I don’t feel that I spent much time truly being “in” my body. Perhaps it was from being ill that I felt my body had betrayed me, I don’t know. And although I loved the beauty of this earth, I just never felt a sense of belonging here. My spiritual and psychic experiences weren’t received well by my parents and doctors tried to convince them I was crazy. It was confusing to me because what I saw with my spiritual sight made much more sense to me than the struggles and negativity that much of the world lived within.

I have used “grounding” and other spiritual visualizations and techniques to help myself inhabit my body more, and have certainly made great gains through this, but still don’t feel like I ever truly felt at home in my body. I grew up restless, too, which I partly feel is my true nature, but in other ways, I feel like this has been behind much of my moving.

Several years ago I took a Hooponopono workshop and Len, the leader, suggested that we thank everything…the chair we are sitting on, the shower stall we are standing in, the air, the water, our food, etc. I started the habit of doing this everyday to all the parts of my lodging, my walks, my car…all of it. But I never thought to thank my body, until today.

In the midst of an “activation” that my friend was administering, I had this strong tingling feeling in my legs and feet, and then this understanding that I needed to start honoring my body and thanking it for housing my soul. Later, my friend and I discussed how this honoring would perhaps lead to me not only feeling at home in my body, but me feeling a deeper sense of being home, belonging here. So we are both curious to see how this will shift other areas of my body and life.

Thank you beautiful body for your strength, amazing cooperation and team work that keeps me healthy, my food digested, my body oxygenated, and allows me to see/smell/touch/taste/hear this beautiful planet and all the creatures on it. Thank you wonderful body for allowing me to have a vehicle to use to share my gifts with the world and providing me a profession. Thank you my delightful body for allowing me to experience the joy of this planet and the bounty of Spirit.

Transformation Assistance On The Road!


Yellow brick road

23 weeks on the road now, 23 weeks of bringing my love and light to many people in several states, 23 weeks of bringing healing work to many people along the way, 23 weeks of writing blog posts and FB posts to uplift and inspire others…not to mention all the cleaning and yard work I have gifted people with as well:)

I’ve really appreciated the sharing, the growth, the healing that has taken place for me and others. I’ve seen self-love grow, power grow, more alignment with Spirit.

If you are ready for some assistance during this transformation, check out my website and give me a call. Sessions are usually 1 1/2 to 2 hours, $90 an hour, choosing from 16 therapies alone or in combination. Much of this work can be done over the phone, skype or long distance without you being on the phone at the time.

Are you feeling stuck? Frustrated? Are you feeling fearful about the economy, jobs, relationships….? Would you like to change that and move forward? Are you in the midst of clearing limiting beliefs and old “stuff” from past and present lives?

For over 34 years, my passion has been working with people to assist them in quickly and easily clearing limiting beliefs and programs and installing new supportive ones so they achieve their goals and success! Some of the tools I use are hypnotherapy, NLP, energy medicine, Reiki, Spiritual response therapy, Spiritual restructuring, past life regression, EFT, One Commands and more.

Together we can create a new world!

My photo of Lincoln Park, Seattle WA.

Rivers Of Sustenance




I receive these short cryptic messages everyday in my email inbox. They are referencing the shifts taking place on the planet and within humanity.  Today’s message talked of tuning into “rivers of sustenance” or perhaps it was worded the other way around. It talked of the disruption and chaos that we can feel with all the energy that is coming into us right now along with all the changes taking place in governments and institutions around the planet.  The message suggested that if we tune into or plug into these rivers of sustenance we will be better supported.

Years ago I took this picture ( all my recent posts have included photos of mine) and loved that the rocks in the river appeared to me to be wings of an angel. I loved that sense of flowing water, infused by wings of an angel.  

So in thinking of that term “rivers of sustenance” it brings to mind tuning into this powerful river of love, light, support…all that nurtures and sustains me, flowing from God or Spirit or whatever name you give to that essence that is within us all, that contains us all.  After reading that post today I loved feeling that support flowing into my entire being, imagining it as this powerful full river of wonder.

When we can tune into that river, we are solid within ourselves, centered, grounded  and better able to withstand anything that comes, and make good balanced decisions and choices.

So I invite you, too, to tune into this river of sustenance, letting it flow in softly, gently, powerfully, carrying you forward into a new world!


Is Fear Holding You Back?




The other day I revisited a hike that I like, the Cam Boh trail into the Panther Wash Trail into the Roadrunner Trail. The trails are in the Saguaro National Forest West, outside of Tucson, AZ.  

I had been asking snake spirit to come to me.  Soon after starting the Cam Boh trail, my hiking buddy pointed out a rattlesnake slightly up ahead, with it’s nose and top 1/2 of it’s body under a bush to the side of us, and the bottom 1/2 of it’s body sticking out on the ground.

Many people are afraid of snakes and yet my experience with snakes, (after my fear of them turned into fascination) is that they don’t want to harm you, they’d rather stay out of your way.

I feel that is true of many of the things we are afraid of, as we project into our future or our past, making up these things that might never happen, or making things that did happen bigger than they were at the time.  

When hiking in snake country and season, it is important to stay present and aware, which is a great way to be in all our life.  Then, we are able to stay safe, and make supportive decisions based on the information we are guided to in the moment, and see when something we are afraid of, isn’t really true at all, and if it is, we can make healthy choices to either avoid it, or move past it in a supportive way.

In hypnotherapy and NLP there are techniques to use to help people release a true phobia and move past their fears. If you are in need of such help, please contact me and see if I  can be of service. Otherwise,…stay alert, stay in the moment, breathe and keep moving forward! You will reach your dreams.




 Recently I decided to finally leap out of Seattle, something I had been trying to do for almost the entire 14 years that I lived there.  I made this decision three and a half weeks ago, and in that time I managed to complete 2 weeks at my spa job, work with private clients up to the second to the last day I was in town and pack up my entire apt. and move it and my other storage items into a new storage unit.  Along with that I took care of all the details involved in setting up a leap move, setting up a new address for myself, handling  the shifting of my business to a mobile one, on and on…all these details  and more, as well as saying goodbye to people.  As you can imagine it was quite a hectic time.  For months I have felt this push, this hurry, hurry, hurry up energy inside, but with no accompanying details or direction. But as I spoke with others, I found out that they were going through this extreme push as well, and again, with no apparent details or directions. Perhaps their circumstances were different, but it was the same push into the unknown.  I then realized that this is all a part of the buildup to the shifts taking place, culminating Dec. 21, 2012. I can sense that we all are feeling this sense of hurry up, let go of what doesn’t fit anymore, get ready for what is to come…but we don’t know for sure what is coming. We know life will be different, we know we will be different but we don’t know in what ways, or what it will look like.

Several years ago my father had Alzheimer’s.  At one point while I was visiting him, he called out from his bedroom. I walked in and he was sitting there without his clothes on. He didn’t know why he was nude, but he immediately felt shame and told me to leave the room.  It was sad to me that even with his altered mental faculties; he still had this shame that has been so drilled into us in this society.  Anyway, I went to find his wife so she could attend to him.  What she found out is that he had felt this urgency in his bladder, this physical signal that he needed to urinate, but his brain could not compute what the signal meant, so he interpreted it as a need to take off his clothes.  In a way, we are all going through this as we receive all the energy downloads coming into us now. We have these signals, these experiences of urgency, but our brain can’t compute what it means or what we are to do about it, or what action to take as that is beyond our present comprehension.

So it seems that all we can do is stay in trust, follow the signals as best we can, and stay in our hearts. I feel that it is very important for us to take care of ourselves right now, take time to rest, relax, play and stay in peace.

Know that I am with you on the journey!!!  If I can help you in any way, please call me or email me and I’d be happy to assist you.

Surrounding you with love, Katelon