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Happy Diwali!

Happy Diwali!

Dolly Mahtani

Technically, this was 2 days ago. Luckily, I celebrate things forever 🙂

Dear All, Diwali is one of my favorite festivals. It symbolizes the victory of Ram (Light) over Ravan (Darkness). We each wage this war within us constantly between our most luminous parts and our shadow selves. I’m sharing a poem I recited here with you to remind you that no matter how much darkness surrounds you, how much you think you hold you are also always a carrier of light.

Shine on,


xoxo ❤

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A Message to Lightworkers – June 9, 2016 | Caroline Oceana Ryan


I love this blog post and it rings true to me. It validates what information I have received in my energetic level sessions I do daily with a very large team of light beings. Between Trump and Clinton, I believe it will be None of the Above, as instead, we will see a light based soul become the new US president as light based governments are born all over the world. The light is here and it is becoming brighter and brighter every day!

Rainbow Wave of Light

forestlightpathThe latest guidance from our friends, the Galactic and Angelic beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, Light Family! We are pleased to have this time to speak with you today.

We are aware that many around the world are dismayed at the apparent outcome of the presidential election primaries in the United States.

Particularly, there is great disappointment that the more popular candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders, has not been given the Democratic candidacy, though many more millions cast their vote for him than for his opponent.

Understand that elections have been rigged—bought, swindled, stolen, and riddled with voter suppression—for the whole of the United States’ history, as is the case in most countries.

We understand that many are now feeling that “it’s happened again, despite our phone bank and canvassing efforts. Despite our pleas and prayers to the Higher Forces of the Universe. We are again at the mercy of the…

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ÉirePort Group Message and Update, 6-1-16… “Imminent and Important Planetary Changes”


I haven’t posted anything in awhile of my own writing, nor any posts shared by others. I’ve been very committed to focusing my energy to keep on with my daily conscious energetic sessions done with a big light team, as well as my 24/7 out of body work. I can feel the shift into the light coming quickly. This post by Gaia portal confirms that for me. They usually post short cryptic messages so the fact that they posted a clear message in a longer more traditional form, emphasizes its importance to me. Hope you enjoy it! I’m ready for big shifts, how about you?


eireport_logo_green_thumb_1This is an alternative posting for the GaiaPortal Gaia Energy messages site. Although it relates to Gaia energetics and potentials, we felt it desirable to communicate in this way as the “ÉirePort Group”.

This group consists of Light Bearers, more precisely, “Frequency Carriers”, from various levels, each assisting in their own realms (some encompass several vibrational arenas). Our function, as the ÉirePort Group, is to communicate to those with eyes to see and ears to hear and hearts to comprehend the breadth and fullness of our messages. We are also here to alert the planetary Hue-Beings to imminent and important planetary changes, primarily in the “Energetic” sense.

Such a moment is NOW.

The rise in frequencies of this collective planetary body, called “Earth”, “Gaia”, etc., has, until this moment in the evolution of Gaia, been relatively constant. In other words, the increase has been similar to a straight line. This…

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A Message to Lightworkers – May 3, 2016 | Caroline Oceana Ryan


I love this article.

I am on a forum with some people that call themselves lightworkers but they were discussing the Dark ruling elite and how they needed to be punished, scorned, on and on, old 3D judgments and desired abuse in return. I tried to put forth my views that the dark beings deserve an opportunity to choose the light, and if not, then they can choose to leave the planet when it ascends. My statements didn’t go over well and people just skipped right over them. I tried to explain that to take 3D reactions and punishments into a new 5D light world didn’t make sense. But again, they didn’t agree.

In my ongoing daily energetic level sessions to assist in the shut down of the dark and the shift into the light, I have seen numerous dark beings choose to transition to the light and then take all their knowledge and expertise and turn it around to work tirelessly to assist in bringing this planet into the light and to shut down the Dark ruling elite. I trust that many more will make that choice, too.

As this article says, many of the dark are riddled with contracts, inner technologies and other forces that keep them adhering to the dark ways until the shift comes in fully. They have been carrying out their part. And although I don’t condone what they have done, I still believe they should be given a choice, and I don’t believe it serves humanity to turn against them with anger, judgment and revenge.

I’m ready for the shift now! What a wonderful world that will be!

Rainbow Wave of Light

heartislandThis week, the Collective answer a question from a Lightworker who wrote in to ask:

There are many Lightworkers on the Earth at this time. Some know they are Lightworkers, and some need a little reminding now and then. However, we are all able to give and receive love, and we are all capable of manifesting (although I greatly struggle with this area).

And the Collective have said many times in their books that we are all the bravest souls to come to the Earth at this time, to help Earth and Humanity ascend.

Are we not therefore all Lightworkers to some degree? Some of us more aware of it perhaps than others?

Or are there people on the Earth who are not here to help Earth and humanity ascend, who are here just for the experience of an Earth life? If so, which group is the majority?

The Collective:

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Video Dating Profile


I wanted to reblog this to support David. I’ve been introduced to so many wonderful blogs and bloggers via David. . He is so amazing about showing interest and support for all the blog writers he supports, the people he interviews, and all that he shares on his radio show. It shows me how flexible, curious, open minded, supportive, caring and nurturing he is, as what he shares has such a variety.

I send him many best wishes in finding the perfect lady to share with, someone who will truly honor and appreciate him and all he has to give.

David Snape Show - Bourne and Beyond

What happened to the video dating profile? This was when people used to sit in a room and advertise themselves to various women. This is exactly what I am doing right now. So if you know anyone that is single and ready to mingle (uk only), please share the video and have a watch to see if I’m the one for you 😃😃.

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Arcturian Group Message April 3, 2016 |


Love this post. I also love the references to the “he who will not be named” egotistical violent inciting presidential candidate.

I am so touched by Bernie Sanders and his message of inclusiveness, Oneness, support for all, peace focused, all light based agendas!

Let’s get on with the shift and get this country and the world free at last to live in Oneness, abundance, peace and cooperation!

Rainbow Wave of Light


APRIL 3, 2016

Dear ones,  once again we come in love with messages of support for we know you often grow weary within a world that seems to see things so differently from you.
The chaos you observe daily is  reflective of the breaking apart of old manifestations as the energy that supported them dissolves.  As these manifestations  crumble and disappear  many struggle to hold them in place through whatever ways they believe are necessary–often violence. These dear ones can only fail, for nothing can manifest without the energy to form it.  New and higher forms will replace them  if allowed.
This is where nostalgia often enters in.   A  weary soul begins to yearn for some imagined past time, believing it to have been better and much easier.  This can be  a slippery slope for those seeking to spiritually evolve for it has the potential to hold…

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Chaos & The Quiet

Chaos & The Quiet

Had to share this powerful poem. I can relate to the pull between desiring and reveling in passionate interaction with life and also needing the reprieve that comes with aloneness and quiet.

Hope you enjoy this poem as much as I did.


By Eve Hinson, & #TheReal5150

I stand here barefoot on carpet,
the fiber of comfort and home pressed into my soles.
My roommate,
The Quiet, stands with me.

We watch branches and leaves swing through a wet window.

The Quiet doesn’t echo the cacophony in my mind.
Instead it’s a friend and wraps me in a swathe of emptiness
like a blanket.
It provides comfort in fear,
and its silence feels like a threadbare and button-eyed love
hugged fierce in the dark.

It comforts more than honeyed chamomile
and says absolutely nothing when I need it the most.

The Quiet is never jealous when I return home.
It doesn’t chide that I stink of Chaos
and then shame me for where I’ve been.

solitude is always offered
and I’m reminded this is where I belong.
No matter what, I can always be here
and seek peace from the…

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What Am I reflecting by Nancy Ruminski


Happy Easter everyone! It truly is time for ALL humanity and the planet to shift into the light, following in the ascension pathway, with rebirth for all who choose it. Time to be free from the dark.

I loved this post as it described caring for others, facing judgments, moving beyond them. Even if the young man described hadn’t had a challenging past, we’ve all been through hell on this planet and within each of us is the spark of Source, Spirit, God, Allah….whatever name you give to the Divine.

With this present US presidency campaign and all the rhetoric of hate, separation, violence and fear on one side and the extreme voter fraud being reported on the other side…yet with one candidate (disclosure…yes I support Bernie Sanders), standing out for inclusiveness, peace, caring for each other, it is time for us to choose LOVE, LIGHT, ONENESS!

David Snape Show - Bourne and Beyond

The other day, while in the airport, I couldn’t help but notice a Mama with her two kids in tow.  She was a perfect reflection of me 10 years earlier.  She looked so tired – bone tired.  She held her fussy toddler daughter tightly against her hip and grasped her son with her free hand as he continually cried, “Time to go! Time to Go!”   It was taking everything in her to just hold it together when suddenly,  her little girl threw up all over her.  She. was. done.

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she grabbed a blanket from her backpack to wipe herself off.  As soon as she did, her son realized he was free and ran down the concourse away from her safety.  At that moment, myself and two other moms jumped to our feet to help.  I corralled her son after he used a few of his…

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A Message to Lightworkers – March 24, 2016 | Caroline Oceana Ryan


It IS happening friends…the shift into the light. Can you feel it? Take your eyes off the bad reality show starring the king of bad reality shows. Keep your hearts and minds focused on the truth, light and love, ….the finish line… but it is also the starting point…for the new world of Oneness, abundance and love.

Rainbow Wave of Light

canyonriverThe latest guidance from our friends, the Galactic and Angelic beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are glad to have this chance to speak with you today.

You have, in this past week, seen more tumult in the form of violence in the beautiful city of Brussels.

And while some of you have reacted with a weary feeling that this sort of disruption will never end, far more of you have taken a higher road vibrationally, sending Love, Light, and calm, peaceful compassion to those who have suffered injury, shock, or loss.

And we would say, that this in and of itself is a beautiful and powerful sign of how much the Earth and Her people are changing.

The sort of good will, kindness, and support flowing into the country of Belgium now is a sign that far from feeling defeated, the majority of the human race are…

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