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Powerful Article by Zen Gardner


Hello All,

I wanted to share this powerful article I just read.  I could relate to what this person discussed as many times it feels like I’m in a river with a strong current, many boulders and I’m just trying to keep my head above water, miss the rocks, and still keep doing my spiritual work to assist humanity and the planet.

Hope you enjoy this article:



My Passion!



Photo by Katelon Jeffereys

I chose this photo as it is a Passion Flower.  I wanted to share about what I am passionate about.

I’m passionate about helping bring about a new world of light, love, cooperation, clean air/water/earth and airwaves. I’m passionate about having a light based financial system, debt forgiveness around the world, light based governments in TRUE service to this planet and humanity.  I’m passionate about us finally joining forces with light based ET’s and becoming great galactic citizens.  I’m passionate about every man, woman, child and creature on this planet being valued, cared for, nurtured, healthy, whole, safe and able to express all of their divine nature, gifts and talents.

As I’ve mentioned, things weren’t great for me growing up…maybe financially, but emotionally, health wise, mentally, etc. it was quite challenging.  And yet, that is what led me to my true work as a professional holistic and spiritual healer, knowing that I’m just the midwife, as healing happens THROUGH me and through the person whom I am working with, with Spirit guiding the way. It’s what led me to lead Spiritual ceremony, teach creative music and movement to children, lead public workshops as well as taking workshops to youth, government agencies, non-profits, businesses,  and corporations.

I was able to move myself from years of deep depression and suicidal thoughts to strength, inner calmness, and the courage to take on my now 149 week journey of living on faith and trust. And all the 16+ therapies I learned were ones that worked for me, so I learned them to share with others.

I know this is a challenging time as we transition from the darkness that has held this planet for so long, into a light based world.  There is much we are releasing as at the same time, we are being blasted with so much light and love to move us forward.

I am passionate about helping all of you in any way I can.  Doing my work is so much fun and brings me so much joy. I love digging into my vast tool bag and being guided in what would work best with each of you, to help you make this transition with more ease and grace.

Please check out my website http://www.empowerandbalance.com and check out what is offered there.

For those who are ready to play, I am offering a 20% off special for Sept. for those who follow my blog. Just let me know when you contact me.  There is so much I can offer via skype and by phone.

For those who choose the free stuff, there are pages of stress release/energy medicine techniques with instructions.

Let me know if I can help in any way.

Enjoy these times! We are so graced to live at this time on the planet and to be a part of this amazing transformation.  This morning, while standing in the shower, I could feel my entire body pulsing with energy, each cell vibrating with light as if the physical parameters of my body don’t exist anymore.  It is happening now friends, please allow and embrace it.

Much love to you all, katelon

Accepting Responsibility In These Transforming Times!


The key

I’ve spent many, many lifetimes working for the transformation that I believe we are experiencing now. The dark elite has kept humanity controlled a very long time; enslaving us, lying to us, doing all they could, very creatively, to keep us ill, poison the earth and keep humans in fear, dis-empowered and controlled.

We all might complain about the destruction to the earth, the corruption in governments, unemployment, and all the other situations and conditions we don’t like. At the same time though, as long as we’ve been able to complain, we’ve put the culprit outside ourselves. When we do that, we can, out of victim-hood, put the responsibility on “them”. We might not like these situations but at the same time, how many of us have stepped forward to do something to change these situations, change ourselves?

Many people get stuck in that place of blaming their parents for their behavior and life situations. Yet, when we become adults, we must, yes, look at those beginnings but then take charge and do the work to change ourselves and create the person we choose to be, as well as create the life we desire. To continue to blame our parents keeps us stuck in adolescence. It is the same for us as global citizens in this powerful time as we move into becoming galactic citizens. We need to accept responsibility and become accountable.

The world is now being flooded with love and light energy, the dark elite are being overcome and their strongholds are crumbling. But just as we celebrate the upcoming shift, we also will need to accept the responsibility for our lives and the earth. This requires us to grow up into the adult co-creators we are, and leave our teen rebellion behind.

I’ve spent much of my life, working to heal myself, help others and change those conditions that have affected the world. And yet, when I realize how much responsibility we will be stepping into, it is a little unnerving! What happens when all the blocks are removed, limitations gone? Am I ready to fully step into my power? Are you ready to step into yours?

I realized that it can feel scary and yet, I believe we WILL be guided, and remembering the wisdom, knowledge, talents and skills we’ve gained in other lifetime experiences and different dimensions. Yes, this will require and create change within our bodies and minds, relationships, life situations, and this can be overwhelming.

But I feel we will have great support. I know that part of my bigger mission has been and will be even more in the future to assist others through these changes. As long as we can stay grounded, remain in our hearts, finding places of peace, I feel we can move gracefully into this responsibility.

As my blog and website name states, empowerment and balance will be the tools of the day!!!!

Responsibility….the ability to respond with wisdom, grace and ease. It also includes accountability. We get to decide who we want to be and what kind of world we live in. This is exciting stuff!!!!

So please, breathe deep, anchor into this beautiful planet, drink up all the support from Gaia, Spirit and all the beings here to support us. And let me know if I can help you in any way! I’m holding out my hand…come join me. You have the keys to your new life!



 With so many conflicting messages coming to us these days from the news, governments, and people channeling various entities, etc. it can be challenging to know what is true or not.  I do believe we are in the midst of tremendous transformation on the planet, an event I’ve been working toward for many, many lifetimes.  During these times though it is important to stay balanced, grounded and centered.  I believe that many lies are going to be exposed as the truth is revealed about the history of our planet and how we have been held down, lied to, and harmed throughout the ages.  I have no ill feelings toward this oppression as I now choose to only remain in love and light.  I prefer to focus on my connection with God, Spirit, whatever you choose to call it and my own divinity and power as a co-creator.  Therefore, I feel it is my job to stand firm in love and be able to offer that to others as their foundation may be shaken to its core.  So today, I’d like to offer a guided visualization for you to use to do the same.


I invite you to begin by breathing deeply, while remembering a fond memory, someone or something that you love, a positive experience, or a favorite smell.  As you breathe in, breathe in those positive feelings and breathe out anything that feels negative or limiting.  Continue to breathe this way for a few minutes.


 Now I’d like you to imagine or feel a powerful blue column of light beaming down from beyond our sun, from the center of our galaxy…and even beyond. This blue light places you in a protection of truth, cutting you free from any lies or mis-perceptions.  Continue to breathe in positive feelings and breathe out any limitations, pain, worry, stress or tension. 


Now I invite you to imagine or feel roots coming out of your feet and tailbone, big massive roots that spread out in all directions and then travel down, just as a tree’s roots do, through the soil and its nutrients.  Imagine/feel these roots continuing to travel down past the crystals and gemstones, healing stones, and all layers of earth until they plug in at the center of the earth.  You can release through these roots any limiting beliefs, thoughts, stress or pain.  Continue to breathe in positive feelings and release on the out breath, through the roots, anything you need to let go of.  Feel this support you have with these strong roots and from the earth.


Now, imagine drinking up through these roots the wisdom within the crystals, the healing attributes from the healing stones, the nutrients from the soil, the wealth of veins of gold and silver and the gemstones, filling you with strength, and the knowledge that you are truly supported.  Bring this up into every organ, every gland, every system, every cell, from the bottom of your feet, to the tips of your fingers and the top of your head; from the deepest core of your DNA; throughout your brain and all levels and layers of consciousness.  Feel that strength, feel your power, as you receive and are surrounded by this brilliant blue light from above and the nourishment and richness of the earth below.  Standing in this center of your being, you are as strong as the mightiest redwood tree, and as bright as the sun.  In this place you are able to stand in your truth of love, divinity and peace.

 While in this space you might decide to project out love and light to others, visualize the kind of life and body you’d like for yourself, and/or  the kind of world you’d like for humanity. Or you may choose to just continue to breathe in and out and enjoy this sense of peace and empowerment.  This is available to you at anytime.


You are welcome to access other audio meditations of mine on my website www.empowerandbalance.com on the front page and on the page “more resources”.  Even though these meditations were created for certain past dates, you can still access that energy for healing, relaxation and manifesting your dreams.  You simply click on the links, and you are able to receive these meditations for free.  If I can help you in any other way, please let me know.


Blessings, Katelon

Riding the Roller Coaster of Change and Transformation!


 Whew!!! I don’t know about you but these huge energy influxes coming into the planet feel to me like an intense roller coaster ride…sometimes thrilling and blissful and sometimes bringing up some of the scariest, darkest fears I’ve had in a long time!  I did talk to one person I know, asking him how he is making it through all of this and he looked at me like he had no idea what I was talking about. But he is the only one. Most of my friends have been experiencing the same ride that I have been on and are feeling somewhat confused and exhausted by it. How about you?


            For me I can have days of feeling so trusting, so positive, knowing all is well, all will be sunny in the end and other days are spent sobbing and feeling like things are never going to change and this darkness is the best I can expect.  Sometimes it is the body pain that hobbles me and other times it is the emotional or spiritual pain that brings me down for the count.


            So how can you and I make our way through this with as much grace and ease as possible, with the fewest scars?


            I am finding grace in summertime, as I stroll along the paths of my favorite local park, or drive to other favorite nature spots.  Seeing the bursts of color after the cold, wet, gray winter of Seattle, lifts my spirit and reminds me that seasons come and go, things do blossom and sweetness can reach my soul once again.  Inspired by flowers like the one accompanying this article, I am strengthened by seeing the strong yet flexible stalk that holds this flower upright through the rain and wind, bringing it nutrients from the soil, reminding me that we are supported by Mother Earth. My joy returns as I notice the bright face of the flower as it reaches and opens to let in the sunshine, just as the light that is constantly being shone on us from Spirit can uplift us.


             I breathe deeply, spreading my arms, like leaves, to drink in this renewal, storing up nurturing to see me through any possible future storms of doubt or confusion. I set my toes free from shoes so I can wiggle them in the sand and soil, planting my own roots, feeling my connection to this beautiful planet and my commitment to assist in it’s transformation. As I learn to care for myself, I learn to better care for the earth. As I learn to love myself more, I learn to love the earth more. As I drink in the sun, the soil, the summer, I fill myself up so that I have more to give to others, and lend them a hand to guide them through this maze of change.


So please join me in remembering who we are,  remembering Spirit and Mother earth who feed us, and the creative energy that we, too, hold inside that has the potential to burst forth in blossoms of beauty, just as nature does.


Let go and  let’s enjoy the ride!