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Love Is REALLY All We Need!



This post is an update/progress report about the work I was led to do on Jan. 1st, to help assist in the final dark surrender contract signing and leading to the roll out of the light agenda. But first…a story….

At the place I’m presently staying I’ve been doing various activities from organizing, cleaning, giving massages to my host and her family, some house maintenance stuff and gardening.  I’d been working on yard clean up and weeding for days, putting in an hour to one and a half hours a day.   Now I happen to like clover, have often used red clover for medicinal purposes, but to my host’s thinking, it is a weed, therefore it needs to be pulled and discarded.  On Jan. 1st, I was working to weed a long row of a short hedge.  There was quite a bit of clover sticking through. At first, I was just picking the tops one by one, which was not only time consuming but I realized I wasn’t getting the root, and so it would regrow.  So then I started pulling the prickly hedge apart to get down toward the ground. Even though my hands got scratched up, I found that if I took the time to get near the root and main stem, the plant with several branches and thus tops, came out easily with one pull and more was accomplished.   While noticing this, I was hit with the guidance that if John and I, with the help of the team, could identify the main person stonewalling the complete physical surrender and signing of the surrender agreement contract, and apply some technique or pressure, he would shift and thus shift the entire group stonewalling and the surrender could go through.

Later, while talking to John, I shared my information given to me and the work I was feeling guided to do.  John listened but was going through his own process that day and unable to do a session.  I told him that I was guided to do it alone.  It took me a few hours to feel the time was right to do the session.  I often will do an abbreviated invocation of the team and cast a sacred circle to work alone while I am around the house, at the beach or on a walk, but that day, I was led to call in the complete light team and also team of observers that John and I normally call in and to cast the circle fully in the manner we typically use.

As John has mentioned in his blog http://www.freedom4humanity.wordpress.com these sessions are like meetings but created in sacredness, with great care taken to make sure we are protected, that we are fully under cosmic and universal law, on the timeline of Oneness, receiving and sharing information from only the highest truth and highest sources.  They are conducted like business meetings with spiritual activities included.  John and I are there as advisers and consultants,  in service to the team and the light agenda.  I addressed the whole team, sharing my gardening story and the guidance I had received, then asked if it was true, was there really just one kingpin person that if he could be reached and shifted, it would shift all the rest and allow the surrender to take place. The answer given was yes.  So I then asked what I could do to support or bring about that person shifting. I was told if I would channel love and light to that person, the shift would happen.

I have done this for years to assist in manifesting goals, smoothing relationship challenges and many other uses.  So I got myself physically in place, put my hands up facing outward, and asked the key person to step forward. Then I asked the team to join me in channeling love and light toward this person.  Since I have often used the practice of channeling inaudible notes, melodies and songs into a person in my healing sessions and also into situations and countries in need of help, I added in the piece of doing this for this person. I could feel the energy flowing through my entire body and stayed with the process until I could feel the energy stop.  During that time, the energy expanded to not only fill the person but ultimately surround the planet  and fill humanity as well.  Also, during the experience, I asked the team to help this man open to receive all this love, light and music, for healing and to help bring him into harmony with his divine self and mission.

Afterwards, I asked the spokesperson if it was complete and he said yes.  I asked what was happening then, and he said that the man had shifted, the entire group of stonewallers had then shifted, and any other floaters resisting shifted and the contract was now completely and fully signed, with the surrender now ready for a full public announcement of the surrender of the dark and the roll out of the light agenda for the world.  I felt stunned and asked again to make sure this was true. I was told it was true and that the announcement would happen on Jan. 2nd.  The plugged ear signal I’d had since before Thanksgiving, the signal for the full dark surrender, started to shift, my ear started to open and then closed, so I knew it had almost happened but then run into snags. I proceeded to do all the regular things we normally do in our sessions, the healing/clearing circle, and clearings on a few topics. On Jan. 2nd, I wasn’t surprised to find that there had been some complications and the announcement was now in discussion but not complete, as that was my experience with the ear unplugging then plugging up again.

On Jan. 2nd we received the information that the announcement could have happened but it was stopped to work out some details.   John asked to see the fully signed contract and it was shown to him.  We were told that the team in charge of this needed some work, so we helped to set up alliances and focused our normal healing/clearing circle  and other clearings on our regular topics but put special emphasis on the announcement and the light roll out. We also focused on bringing the team into harmony and connection.

On Jan. 3rd, since we received information of the stalling, I was given guidance that evening to add in an energy medicine technique of using the infinity symbol between two people, taking your hand starting facing the other person, curving up and over toward the other person, coming down toward yourself, then up and toward yourself, then curving down to complete the infinity symbol on it’s side, to bring harmony and balance to a relationship. So I called out different pairings of each of the announcement team members and also the roll out/announcement as an entity itself, until I had done that with all the available pairings. Then I was led to place each of them on the points of the Star of David and connect each of them in that way and empower them with the Star of David, for clarity, intention of purpose, alignment and harmony.  We are now including  in our sessions both the blast of love, light and music and the infinity symbol and Star of David techniques  for the announcement and roll out team and anyone else who cares to receive them.

Yesterday I asked Mr. X, as we call him, the stonewaller that shifted on Jan. 1st, why he even was willing to step forward on Jan. 1st, as he had told us the day before that without that love intervention, he could have stonewalled for two more years.  He informed us that he is a high light being, and he walked into the body of Mr. X, during that Jan. 1st session, with the agreement of the soul aspect that had been there to walk out for awhile, that the love blast assisted in this walk in experience and helped the new Mr. X to feel at home and to help make the transition easier for him.  He also stated that this is something that the light does, come in and take care of some messy business and then hand the body back to the original soul if that soul chooses to return.  So the new Mr. X will have to withstand the disclosure of all Mr. X’s dirty deeds and then go about restoring Mr. X’s relationships and assist in cleaning up the dark deeds and their outcome.  I was teary realizing the commitment this soul was making.

So good news friends, the end is finally in sight, after millions and millions of years.  And in the end, it truly was LOVE that made the difference and in the beginning and continuation of the New World to be, LOVE truly will be the order of the New Day!!!