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All The Diamonds- Bruce at the Barrymore 5-21-2011 – YouTube


All The Diamonds- Bruce at the Barrymore 5-21-2011 – YouTube.

I got introduced to Bruce in 1976 by my guitar teacher. He has been my hero, and inspiration ever since then. I own 29 or so albums of his. I grew up a severe asthmatic, in and out of hospitals and emergency rooms, and died a couple times. I never knew if I’d be alive the next day. At times I would struggle to breathe for several days at a time, sitting up, leaning against a wall. As you can imagine, it could get quite scary. Finally, I decided to put on Bruce music, and I’d close my eyes, picturing myself sitting across from him, playing my guitar and singing along with him. I was still having a hard time breathing but the visualization along with the music helped me to be more peaceful, surrender, and allow my body to heal again. Bruce became my lifesaver!

I am grateful that I no longer have attacks like that, but Bruce’s music remains my go to music for bringing myself back to center and to a place of peace.

Bruce Cockburn, Justice, 9/11 Moments


Here is my MAIN guitar/singer-songwriter hero!!!! I have been listening to Bruce since 1982. When I used to have extreme asthma and struggle to breathe for days, I would make it through that time listening to Bruce, leaning against a wall because I couldn’t lay down, and picture myself playing guitar and singing with Bruce. I have 28 or more albums of his. His passion for spirituality, music and being an activist around the world has been my inspiration for all these years. Yay Bruce!!!!!!!

Katelon T. Jeffereys