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Crossing The Finish Line


I first had a much different post in mind but decided to focus more on the good things, with faith, trust, and hope.  I haven’t posted about the work I’ve been doing for quite awhile as I’d just plummeted into utter and complete exhaustion and the information coming in sessions was confusing, with some intrigue, shifts, promised deadlines come and gone and I finally just crashed and burned.  It’s been so close for so long that at times, the distance felt too far, even though the finish line was in sight…. finish-line-2 And yet with day after day of two sessions a day, coming up with various interventions daily, ways to help the Financial reset team and the surrender/announcement team, carrying signals of their challenges in my body along with dark attacks daily on top of how that all affects my health and the tenuousness of my being on the road now 141 weeks, left me feeling like we were crawling to the finish line….                          falling_short_9981 I started this journey to oust the dark from power and return the dark to the light and the power to the light when the dark was first conceived millions and millions of years ago.  It has led me lifetime after lifetime to being tortured and killed, challenged in every way, memories of which I’ve had since early childhood. Yet I was authorized to do this work and have remained dedicated to it…..and although like the tortoise, it has taken a very long time, I’m very patient and have been willing to stay committed to this task no matter what!                                    turtle and hare Lately the work that has been requested of me by the teams has been about seeing this complete.  So I’ve channeled several visions of the teams crossing the finish line, all of humanity rising up in joy and appreciation for this gift that these men and women are bringing to the world, setting humanity and the planet free, and completing the surrender of the dark started by Ankara in 1996.                                                   group crossing the finish line As the team has requested this for several days, the celebrations have gotten more and more powerful and exciting. https://youtu.be/y6Sxv-sUYtM ….the teams and humanity dancing, singing, expressing joy finally with no limits. The next step was seeing humanity there to receive the teams with open hands, and open hearts, there to receive all that the completion of the financial reset, the shift into light based financial systems, disclosure, the surrender of the dark, the shift into light based media, free energy, cleaned up air/water/soil, the end to the veil and quarantine and all technologies and interference placed by the dark, the shift into light based government, the end to violence, cooperation springing up all over the world, people once again feeling the full connection with Source and their divine nature….on and on, filling up with all that the success of these teams has set in motion. All the team members were lifted up on the shoulders of the celebrating mass of humanity.            celebration So please join with me and feel this completion, embrace this success, welcome in the light, support the teams as they finish up this part of their work and bring this transformation to the world…a transformation that welcomes all to the light, even the dark that has held this transformation back all these millions of years.  This transformation welcomes all to contribute the best of themselves and to be supported by light and love in all ways. Then we truly can live in heaven on earth.  I can’t wait!!!! Love to ALL, katelon pixbam rainbow heart All photos from Google Images.

Revisiting the poem I wrote : Roots in the Sky


Light and dark

Photo by Katelon T. Jeffereys

I was awake for quite awhile in the middle of the night, wondering what it is going to take for the Financial reset team and the surrender team to get things done and for the dark surrender to be complete. It has been so close for soooooo long, with so many things put in place to help bring this about and protect all those involved in bringing it about.

My thoughts were led to this poem of mine and especially the last verse/stanza….

Light flowing into darkness

Darkness flowing into light

We can usher in the change

If we rejoice in all our might.

In feeling these words, to me it means that light flows into the darkness, transforming it, and the darkness flows into the light, being transformed.  That was my objective when I took on this task of ousting the dark when it first arose, millions and millions of years ago….bringing it back to the light.

So rather than working, planning, worrying etc.perhaps it is time to rejoice….rejoice in the light, acting as if, knowing that in truth, it already IS done.

So I’m going to focus now on celebrating. How about you? Care to join me?

Much love, katelon

The link below is to the background of the poem and the full poem itself. This poem made its way into a song several years after being written first as a poem.