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Holiday Wishes and an Invitation!


Boardwalk Christmas lights dec 22 2014
Photo taken Dec. 22, 2014, Pacific Beach Boardwalk, San Diego, CA by Katelon Jeffereys

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyful Kwanzaa, and Magical Yuletide, whatever holiday you celebrate now…and if you don’t, then happy love season, happy light returning! It truly is time to get ready to celebrate light being restored on this planet, with every human restoring a conscious connection with Source, and freedom in all ways.

I wanted to take this time to thank all my readers, all those who follow my blog, “like” my posts and/or comment. I am grateful for your readership and participation. You make this blog writing worthwhile.

The negotiations for the physical surrender of the dark are still in progress but I don’t believe it will take much longer. Soon we will have the world I have worked for since it’s beginning.

I was walking on the beach tonight and came upon this very magical sunset…..
Sunset Dec 24 2014 Pacific Beach San Diego CA
It seemed to me there were ET ships hidden in the clouds as it looked so majestic. The string of clouds in the lower sky, on the right, reminded me of Arabic writing.

On my walk back, in the dark, on the beach, gazing at houses lit with Christmas lights, I was led to start chanting. I hadn’t chanted in quite awhile. The words started out softly first…..

I surrender to the earth, I surrender to the sky
I surrender to the water, I surrender to the fire
I am one with the universe and the universe is one with me
I am home, I belong here
I can move here, I am free

Occasionally, since I have struggled with breathing this lifetime, I would substitute the word “breathe’ for “move”.
Without conscious effort, the chanting became louder and louder and more powerful, and soon I felt i was chanting as a representative of humanity, AND singing to the entire planet, the sound surrounding the planet, bringing harmony and balance back to all as it installed the Oneness to all.

A few days ago, I posted an invitation for you to join John and I in a session starting at 3:03 pm PDT, on the Winter Solstice, to join us in our work to oust the dark. https://empowerandbalance.wordpress.com/2014/12/20/please-join-john-and-i-in-a-solstice-circle-session-to-complete-the-cabal-surrender/ Six people let me know ahead of time that they planned to attend so when John and i called forth the light team and observer team, I invited those people to join us. Later, I heard back from 4 people who had joined us and although they had different experiences….one had his shoulder healed, one had an intense headache, all talked of “zoning out” off and on, being unable to maintain consciousness. These were all in tune folks. So in the next session we asked about it and received the information that the team we have gathered for our work is so powerful that it can be challenging for others to remain conscious in the energy. Everyone was glad they joined in though. I’m sharing this in case you joined in and experienced sensations you were unable to explain.

I’d like to extend the invitation again. Although we hold our sessions daily, lasting from 1 1/2 to 4 hours, we hold them at varying times. However, if you will post a comment or email either me on this blog or post a comment on John’s blog or email him http://www.freedom4humanity.wordpress.com we would be happy to personally invite you in etherically and write you on our list to include daily. Of course, if you change your mind, you can let us know, too. Since you wouldn’t know the time when we”re meeting i don’t think your experience would be as intense, but it still would be helpful.

Also, each day we have a time during our session where I work with Spirit and my team to do clearing and healing and John does, too. All you need to do to participate in that is to put forth the intention. Of course, you can let us know directly, if you’d like to be included and we will personally invite you forward in the etheric. You would need to give permission for this work.

Again, I am sending you much love this holiday season. May the rebirth of the light truly bring full victory to the light, a victory that remains from now on, with darkness vanquished in all ways for all time.

PS: +++++++++ !!!!!!!!! We were given information today that if a person wants to be included and conscious of the involvement, in our sessions, you can just set aside a time, choose to join in and you will be there full on. The other way is just to set an intention and you will be included but in a less conscious fashion. So if you want to be included in our sessions and /or the healing/clearing work we do each day, please just leave a comment here with your name and permission. +++++!!!!!!!

▶ Jimmy Fallon, Mariah Carey & The Roots: “All I Want For Christmas Is You” (w/ Classroom Instruments) – YouTube


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via ▶ Jimmy Fallon, Mariah Carey & The Roots: \”All I Want For Christmas Is You\” (w/ Classroom Instruments) – YouTube.

via ▶ Jimmy Fallon, Mariah Carey & The Roots: "All I Want For Christmas Is You" (w/ Classroom Instruments) – YouTube.

I wanted to take the time to wish all my readers a very wonderful holiday season. No matter your circumstances you can still tap into the love that is in the air.

I am grateful for your ongoing support, for the love and light you bring to this world and for the part you are playing in the transformation of this planet.

Deep bow of gratitude!

Blessings and love to you, katelon

My Christmas Wish for 2011!

      I am spending another Christmas alone!  This is my 5th Christmas alone since my son decided to leave my life.  I thought it would get easier, but it hasn’t.  I don’t miss the frantic shopping and crazy need to find the perfect presents, even if it means going in debt to get them.  But I do miss family and sharing the holidays with family.  Things weren’t always easy around my Mom, and holidays could have some tense moments, but I only spent two Christmas’s apart from my Mom in the 48 years I had with her. She always brought my son and I home for Christmas or came to where we were and she always made Christmas special.  But since she is gone now, and my son has left, it is just me.

      Over the past 5 years I have done what I could to attempt to celebrate the holiday, feeding the homeless one Christmas, watching a movie with a couple friends, walking in the snow, meditating, and I value those different experiences.  I appreciate how this loss and aloneness has led me to go deeper into solstice and Christmas and find that spark of light within myself and my life, however it is at the moment.  And I realize there are others all over the world who are alone this day…and certainly plenty of people surrounded by family and cursing it!  

      There is a delicate balance in learning to accept what “is”, find the gift in it all, allow change, and yet also allow and acknowledge the loss, the empty places, and to do it with grace.  Without my sense of God, Christ and other beings of light supporting me through these times, I’m not sure how I would survive…but this light and love that I feel inside and surrounding me keeps me going, keeps me imagining a new life, a new way.  It keeps me holding and nurturing this immaculate concept, this seed of hope that I maintain in myself for the world and for me.

      So my wish for Christmas 2011, is to feel joy, feel peace, no matter what else I am feeling today, to be able to swim the turbulence of grief and loss, and still express the love and sweetness that I am, and feel comforted.  My wish is for a magical opening that returns family to me, but a family of honesty, honor, respect, continuity, commitment, forgiveness and deep love.  These are values I base my life on, and have worked to expand in all areas of my life.  No matter what has happened or what happens in the future, I know that love is the only truth and this is what I extend to my son, to the world, to myself.

     I wish for a world where everyone is respected, differences are embraced and celebrated, as we learn and grow and expand by creating a bigger opening to allow in others and their different ways.  I wish for a world where everyone has a warm, comfortable home; clean and hot water; plenty of food to eat; meaningful work; a loving family, community, country and world where they feel welcomed, appreciated, safe and supported; a strong sense of their own divinity, self-worth and power to create the life and world of their dreams; a deep connection with Spirit in whatever form is comfortable for them; confidence to live their truth; peace within them and all around them; and much joy, magic and fun to lift them up.

      And so, I extend these wishes to all of you, and to myself!  May we all find joy within no matter our circumstances and be able to extend that joy out to others.  May we all find that peace within and send it out to each other, extending the olive branch to create peace everywhere.

Love to you,

Katelon T. Jeffereys
Seattle Life Coach


Let Your Light Shine!



      Today is Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year.  This day was long celebrated as it meant that from tomorrow on, the light would be returning, more and more each day until the longest day of the year is reached on Summer Solstice. I can imagine long ago, that the increasing darkness in the months past, could have created concern and fear, as it was unknown if the light would come again.  Christians took this pagan holiday and stationed the celebration of Christ’s birth near this day, so they could more easily round up the pagans and get them to now celebrate in a new way, celebrating the message of love and light that Christ brought to the world (or the small part of the world that he lived in at the time).

      With all the wars, corporate greed, bought off politicians and governments around the world, the fear that is broadcast to us connected to terrorism/illness/economic upheaval/unemployment/climate change/the latest scandals, etc. it seems like we are just as much in times of uncertainty now as well.  And yet I can see the light arising in the demonstrations going on around the world that are pleading for equality, taking care of the environment, asking for just governments, health care for all, saving species/forests/mountain tops….I can see the light arising as more and more people take time to help the homeless, the sick, reach out through face book and twitter, reaching through the ethers to make a connection.

      Several years ago, my son’s then girlfriend’s Mom and sister were in town for Christmas.  As was our yearly ritual, we had gone to the local Catholic Church for the children’s Christmas Eve afternoon mass. We had arrived late so the only place left for us was to stand against the wall. At some point during the mass, the lights went out in a part of the church.  I thought that was strange, but stranger still, when it went back on again. I figured that perhaps someone in the know had turned the switch back on.  This happened again before I realized I was responsible, as I was standing right in front of the light switch and had been unknowingly leaning against the switch. So, when the lights went out again, I tried to discreetly turn around and switch it back on.  People were looking at me askance as I tried to figure out the switch.  Just flipping it up wasn’t making the lights go back on.  At some point, the priest had everyone sing “This little light of mine”, which I thought was quite appropriate.  It wasn’t until the mass was over that I realized that in order to get the light switch to work you had to push it in and then flip it up.  In a way, I kind of liked being in charge of the lights, even though it was pretty embarrassing that I had turned off the lights for a part of the church.

       I have often sung that song about the light but changed it to “this BIG light of mine” as I feel like we are all really big lights, part of that even bigger light of Spirit.  That experience reminded me though that at times we forget that we are a light, we forget how to work the switch, forget we can work the switch.  We let so many things cover our light or we get caught up in thinking that our light is so small that it can’t compete with all the things that seem to be overtaking it.

       I believe that the reason it seems so dark right now is because WE are getting lighter, our light is getting brighter, and so all the conditions and circumstances that have been operating without our attention, are now being spotlighted so that we will wake up and make the necessary changes within us and around us.  I feel that we are powerful beings, that we are co-creators with Spirit, and that it is time for each of us to see our light, own our light, and let it shine more brightly than ever.  So, together, these little lights can join forces and light up this world.  Together we can transform this planet, restore this planet and this world family to the Garden of Eden we left behind when we forgot our light in the first place.  I feel we never really left there…we just forgot, we bought the illusion that we could be separate from Spirit.  So, as we remember, we can shine brightly once again.

       This big light of mine, I’m going to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine…and join with yours and yours and yours….to light up this beautiful world once again!


Happy solstice, happy holidays!  May the New Year open up new-lighted pathways for all!

Katelon T. Jeffereys

Seattle Life Coach