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PLANET B-BOY official trailer. DVD available now!


      I grew up watching a variety show, dreaming of being a dancer on such a show. In the 80’s I tried to learn break-dancing and was awful! So now I dance in my living room…but I dance!
     This movie was a very powerful ode to dance…it’s passion, the need to express what is inside you, how it translates around the world no matter the politics or language, how it unites people, and empowers them!
     This is about the history of break dancing, it’s evolution, it’s power. It portrays a global dance contest and various teams as they prepare for it, and also includes poignant personal stories of loss, families grappling to understand and support their child’s interests, that universal desire to find your heart’s desire and be able to express that and perhaps earn a living doing it.
      There are beautiful scenes of juxtaposition…a break dance performance in a Buddhist temple; a Canadian older break dancer working as a social worker teaching youth to break dance for healing, empowerment and scenes of them doing so with Native American elders; break dancing in the streets in Japan as women dressed as geishas stroll by with umbrellas.

      This movie was very inspiring as it reminded me once again about my dreams, my passion, my heart’s desires and to keep saying yes to them!

Katelon T Jeffereys

Seattle Life Coach