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Overboard (1987) Trailer


I recently watched the movie “Overboard”. Although on the surface the movie is seen as a romantic comedy of class struggle/redemption/transformation, I see a deeper meaning. Of course, my son used to kid me about how I could see deeper meaning in even the silliest farce!

Just after watching the movie, I listened to the weekly call from The One Command creators, a powerful healing and transformation technique. During the call, the speaker was talking about the process of moving from who we are now, what our life is like, to who we choose to be and how we’d like our life to be. She talked about how we’d need to take on a new identity, behaviors, habits, thoughts, and ways of being, in order to become that new version of ourselves.

In the movie “Overboard”, Goldie Hawn’s character starts out as a rich, pampered, unhappy, haughty woman. After suffering amnesia, she is tricked into thinking she is the wife of a poor and permissive father of four boys. Without knowing anything differently, she adopts the maternal instinct, skills, patience, love and creativity to provide a loving and comfortable home for this family.

Since I am in the process of re-discovering my true nature, as so many of us are these days, I loved the demonstration of how we can change, and what it takes to adopt these new ways of being. For thousands of years we have all been tricked into believing we are separate from God, from each other, powerless, living in lack and so we have created a world and lives from that limited place. It is time for us all to wake up, remember our power, our ability to create magic. It is already within us, it has just been covered over, just like Goldie Hawn’s character knew innately how to be the devoted and loving woman she became in the end.

Time to rise up and shine! I am with you on the journey!

Katelon T. Jeffereys

Seattle Life Coach


Staying Afloat During the Storms – Leading To A New Destination!



     If you have been reading my blog at all, you know that personal growth work and accountability is a focus of mine.  This focus has intensified during this electric summer.  You can feel the winds of change blowing more intensely as things are heating up around the planet, not just from global warming and all the intense astrological events, but I believe it is because of the deep transformational changes that are taking place all around us and within us. 

       So how does one stay in grace, patience, peace and afloat, during all these changes?  How do you stay focused on what you truly desire for yourself and the planet as you sometimes watch all your deepest, darkest, limitations, miss-perceptions and distorted memories come to the surface and sneer at you with a devilish grin?

      Even though I’ve been on this path, with awareness, since childhood and even more consciously since 1973, I am still learning, still growing, still being challenged, and yes, still lose it from time to time. So occasionally I find myself either snarling at some irritation with a customer service person, or snarling in my head at some miss-perceived slight, situation or past relationship.    I do remember that I’m human, that feelings are fleeting, thoughts and judgments are just passing through, but sometimes I seem to get lost in them for awhile, and take THAT journey down the rabbit hole, which can have so many other “attractions” that it is like Disneyland on steroids, and I’ve got a handful of tickets and there’s no line to wait in…I can just jump on board and take the next ride into despair, anger, resentment or whatever emotion is being served up.

      And other times, I manage to just forget the story, and move into the emotion.  Normally the feeling comes first, then my mind attaches meaning, and that leads to more “oh yeah and what about this and that”, and pretty soon I have an entire string of examples of when I  felt that way at other times.  So when I meet that with curiosity instead, drop the story, move into the feeling and notice where it is in my body, and start noticing what it tastes like, looks like, smells like, whatever attributes it has, then allow that to expand and expand until it fills my whole body…pretty soon it just flows right out.  Then I can see that none of those perceived events from the past were any more real that this present one, they were just a feeling with a story attached, maybe true but likely not.

     At a meet-up this weekend, the presenter talked of a very vivid traumatic memory she had and how she had remembered herself being a different age than she really was, and so she posited the question to us asking if any of our memories are real?  Perhaps, she suggested, some of the details might be wrong, or maybe the entire memory isn’t real either.  I watched a short video today about quantum physics, talking about how everything is just a hologram projected outwardly, a picture that our brain makes up from what it takes in from the outer world, filtered through our beliefs. Spiritual teachers have talked for thousands of years about how we are just dreaming this life.  Now scientists are coming to a conclusion that is almost the same.  My Russian existentialist professor discussed this in my Russian literature class in 1974.

      Since quantum scientists and energy psychology therapists are teaching us that WE can turn off the beliefs held in our DNA that are creating our limiting beliefs, thus creating limiting experiences and turn on programs for beliefs that support us, we can then evolve ourselves and create the life and world of our dreams.

      So next time you find yourself taking a wrong turn into despair, frustration or believing you are powerless, you can stop and ask yourself about the story you are telling yourself, drop into the feeling, be curious, ride the wave and not only allow it to just pass right on through, but you will be re-setting your internal GPS system to lead you more and more along paths that are more prosperous and supportive in all ways!

       If I can help you in any way, please contact me!  I’ve been doing this work professionally, as a teacher, therapist and coach, for over 30 years, and have a great bag of tools to help you clear any obstacles, create a gentler path and start traveling more of the life of your dreams.  I do work in person, by phone and long distance as well as teach workshops!

      Enjoy the ride, stay curious about the dark stuff, allow yourself to move into the feeling and drop the story, let the feeling move on through and then pull out your list of things you enjoy, parts of your life that are working right now and let THAT fill you up.  Soon, you will find yourself afloat again and perhaps soon, landing in a brand new world!

Katelon T. Jeffereys



You Can Push The Reset Button On Your Life By Katelon T. Jeffereys | Satiama


You Can Push The Reset Button On Your Life By Katelon T. Jeffereys

May 30, 2010 by Susan  
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Katelon JeffereysSince early childhood, I remembered past lives and grew up walking into other dimensions and talking to spirits. This helped me realize there was more to this world than the ‘reality’ that my parents tried to convince me was the ‘real world.’ Because of these early experiences, I began a life-long exploration of spirituality and metaphysics. 

In an attempt to heal my personal challenges, I sought out past life regression. But with my thirty-one years of experience and training as a holistic therapist I wasn’t satisfied with the sessions I experienced and created my own process, combining several modalities so that true transformation could happen.

Often people will ask if past lives are real.  They wonder if the lifetimes they see or feel are truly ones they experienced.  My belief is that they are, and I also tell my clients that it doesn’t matter if it really happened; whether these memories are an ancestral story passed down, part of the Jungian collective consciousness or their own imagination, because we never see ‘reality’ anyway. 

As most spiritual teachers and even scientists explain, life is all just perception, a dream we create from our experiences and the story we tell ourselves about it.  So if this past life story is one that is in our psyche, it is a story that our unconscious is using to affect our present experience of life and thus is valuable information to use in transforming our present and creating a new future.

In listening to an interview with Bruce Lipton, a biologist and co-author of Spontaneous Evolution, he talked of how our unconscious is used 95% of the time. It has stored all the information passed down to us in the womb and early childhood — our parents’ reactions, society’s biases, imprinted upon us without censure or without the filter of critical thinking. I also believe the sum of all we have experienced in other lives and the decisions we have made about life and ourselves are brought into our unconscious as well.  

There is much in the scientific literature that documents that we are responding to a stimulus before we are even conscious of its presence.  This storehouse of unconscious ‘information’ is what we are using to form our beliefs and attitudes, impact our health, shape our relationships, etc. It is what we are using to write our present and our future.

There is a part of our brain called the reticular activating system.  This part of the brain will start seeing red sports cars everywhere if you think of buying one. They were there before, but you didn’t notice them until you started directing your attention toward them.  This experience demonstrates that you create what you focus your energy upon.  So whatever we hold in our unconscious from past lives and early childhood informs the kind of experiences we will continue to have in our lives until we transform that information.

Past life regression is a powerful tool for this work.

I created a new way of doing past life regression so that a person could not only view a past life and  identify limiting beliefs brought from that lifetime into their present, but also identify gifts and talents from those lifetimes.  I then take it a step further and have people go back into that life or lifetimes and change it, thus creating new beliefs to carry forward.  Scientists are now proving that we can alter our DNA via thoughts, so changing your unconscious thoughts can change your life, on every level! 

It is an empowering process to review all the talents and experiences you have collected, carrying them forward, re-writing them, assimilating them into this lifetime, moving through your childhood into the present and thus being able to create your future from this newly redesigned viewpoint.  There is a reset button that we have all so often wished for.  Re-writing your personal history is not only possible but likely. Often healing happens on many levels, relationships can be transformed and people feel more of a sense of inner peace and personal power.

Katelon T. Jeffereys has been an intrepid and passionate explorer on the path of spirituality since early childhood.  Undaunted by growing up aware of a world that many denied, she has pursued her prayer for a world of peace, harmony, love and light for all.  She has been a wellness therapist, coach and teacher for over 31 years, trained in 15 mind/body/spiritual therapies that enhance her innate wisdom and memories from other lives, and her ongoing study in energy medicine and other modalities.  Katelon has years of experience working with both adults and children, in schools, small and large businesses and in private practice.  She is honored to be a midwife in their journey to living their highest manifestations.  Learn more about Katelon and her work at www.empowerandbalance.com




Check out my latest article posted on the Satiama website. This article is about Past life regression and the past life regression work I created. Thanks for reading!

Katelon T. Jeffereys

Seattle LIfe Coach


Opening Doors!



     With all the changes taking place on the planet and in each country, the media and many religious institutions are screaming out fear, gloom and doom. Darwin taught us that evolution happens through survival of the fittest, competition…. which leads to a belief in lack and limitation. It also leads to greed, with people, companies and countries attempting to have power over others.  But is this the truth?

     When I was doing my first research for the stress release and wellness workshops I lead for companies and the public, I ran across the information that Louis Pasteur admitted on his death bed that another prominent scientist had the correct idea…that our body isn’t attacked from outside by germs, rather, our cells are changed within by what we eat, our thoughts, our emotions…the environment we create inside ourselves.

      I was listening to an interview with Bruce Lipton the other day, author of “Spontaneous Evolution” and a biologist, and he discovered many years ago that the environment that DNA cells were in, dictated what they became.  Along with that, he talked about the fact that simply by speaking to the DNA cells created a change in them.  He said that Darwin wasn’t correct, that evolution happens through cooperation, not competition, and yet in schools and society we have been fed this misinformation that has created this environment of fear, struggle, etc. inside ourselves and in our world. Russian research as confirmed this as well, and they speak of the fact that we are in charge of our evolution and that we can actively evolve ourselves by changing our thoughts, basically coming into cooperation with what it is we desire.

     Candace Pert, the author of “Molecules of Emotion” and a scientific researcher, has also come to the conclusion that our thoughts and emotions change our molecules and thus affect our health.  Even in the movie “Avatar” it talked of how we are all connected with each other, and the earth, that environment is important…inner and outer. And I don’t believe the movie was just “science fiction”. Wayne Dyer repeated a quote in a recent interview that stated, “When you change the way you look at things, things change.”  Quantum science has proven this to be so.

      David Spangler, an author and teacher of spirituality, says that it is time for us to collaborate with all components on earth and beyond the seen and unseen to sustain and enhance the ecology of the planet.  In a recent interview that I just listened to, he also spoke of how different wines are best savored in different glasses, as the container in which the wine is poured into affects the flavor, expression and really, the life of the wine.  He used this as an explanation of how we, too, need to be a part of what he calls “incarnational evolution”…. to best evolve ourselves, evolve our “containers”, so that we can more fully express ALL of us, and assist in the evolution of this planet and even Spirit itself. Seconding that is a quote by Richard Tarnas, the author of “Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of a New World View”: “What seems to be unfolding is not only recovery of the soul of the world, the anima mundi, but a new relationship with it.”

     We are at a crossroads globally and I feel this personally.  As I watch things falling apart around the world, all the earth changes and government battles, I see things falling apart in my life as I’m being forced to let go of old behaviors, beliefs, relationships, and situations that in truth, haven’t been supporting my good, my true Spirit, my wholeness…but keeping me small instead.  At times I meet this with grace, humor and open arms, at other times I am filled with terror, anger, and feel powerless.  I am focusing on creating open doors in my mind, my heart, my life, so that I can fly forward and live the kind of life I desire.

      I searched online to find pictures of open doors and found the one I included in this post.  I showed it to a friend and for her, it felt scary, like she might fall. But for me, when I look at it, I see myself flying!  I was graced with the opportunity to do a tandem hang-glide off a mountain in Edwards, Col. before coming to Seattle in 1998.  We were lucky to catch this sweet updraft and I experienced flying. The entire experience was so supportive, beautiful and encouraged me to trust this next leap I was going to make. If I had known then what I’d face in Seattle, I probably wouldn’t have come here, but on a deeper level I also trust that I needed to die in this fire here to be reborn to fulfill my destiny.  That flight off the mountain and how I was gently lifted and carried softly to my landing has been the lifeline I’ve used many times to remind myself that it is going to be ok!

     As I’ve walked this path of transformation I have continued to receive assistance from the many new and older mind/body/spiritual therapies out there, sometimes going to others for help and often working with myself, too. This path has led me to learn and use several techniques including hypnotherapy, NLP, breathwork, applied kinesiology, One Command, EFT, Emotion code work, regression work, Spiritual response therapy, Spiritual Restructuring, meditation, visualization, energy medicine techniques, Reiki and other energy therapies along with the spiritual healing work I have instinctively done since childhood.  I have seen it’s positive affects and powerful transformations with my clients and with me and am grateful for these tools to use to assist me in moving through these changes; cooperating with Spirit and with the earth changes, cooperating with my body, heart, and mind as well.

     How about you? Are you, too, feeling overwhelmed at times?  Are you looking for ways to travel this journey with grace and more gentleness?  I invite you to check out these authors listed and check out my website www.empowerandbalance.com I offer in person sessions and have had powerful results also from doing phone sessions for people and long distance healing work, too. I also am available to teach classes, workshops, lectures and coaching.  You can find testimonials and more information on my website and also some tools to use.  I am able to combine therapies in a unique way to fit the person, the situation and the desired outcome. I have taught corporate workshops on various topics, too. Let me know if I can help you in any way.

      I’m scared at times but mostly I’m excited about changing me, evolving me and joining hands with others and the earth to assist in the grand transformation that I believe we are in the midst of.  Let’s be BIG, let’s be WHOLE and HOLY, and let’s follow our dreams and create and fly through open doors!

Katelon T. Jeffereys

Seattle Life Coach