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Express Way…..another poem


This journey I’ve been on for 141 weeks now, this life I’ve lived since my mission was given to me at age nine, has been a veryyyyyy long journey. I know I have contributed to many people along the way AND I’m ready and wanting/intending to move forward now and get on to the next phase 🙂  highway-wallpapers-14

Express Way

On the freeway
running from….
familiar feel
yet different
This darkness somehow comforting
All around
Enfolding me
One with a long stream of lights
Running to

Rite of passage
feeling complete
the old doesn’t fit
can’t run back to it
Somehow there’s nothing to go back to
Past finished
No Ps’s
It just doesn’t fit anymore
Death to it

Releasing guilt
X’s out
Familiar relationships that limit
Joy and enthusiasm dancing

Inner corridor
caught between
what doesn’t work
what will
Patience and trust wavering
Frustration mounts
Will it come?
Passageway narrowing, closing in
Leading to

Dreams and visions
promises of
divine plan
Spirit calling
Long and tiring journey
Preparation complete
Fire hardened
Ready for the task


Emmanuel Dagher: Energy Forecast March 2014 – An Unexpected Revolution


Emmanuel Dagher: Energy Forecast March 2014 – An Unexpected Revolution.

What makes you happy? What are your dreams? What are goals you have been ready to give up on? What else is possible?

I have spent 35+ years working on, researching and attempting to fund a destination international wellness center/resort/learning center/community. My long time mission statement is “To inspire individuals to rediscover wonder and joy”. My idea about wellness goes way beyond just merely having a healthy body, as my long time career of being a holistic/spiritual therapist has shown that wellness isn’t just the absence of illness. Wellness implies the totality of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well being. And this needs to take place within a well environment.

I have long felt that for individuals to be truly well, they need the skill set and structure of a well family, well companies, well cities, well countries and a well world. One affects the other and ripples outward. So the focus of my wellness center is to support, inspire and teach individuals, families, companies and communities what it takes to truly be well. This includes healing our water, our air, our soil, and growing healthy sustainable food; educational systems that support the individual learner in a healthy way; music, art, dance, creativity to uplift and transform; healthy communication and social skills that support healthy relationships with self and others; deep spiritual attunement that underpins the knowledge that we truly are ONE, thus we co-create a world of peace and cooperation.

I am ready to claim the fulfillment of this dream I have worked on for so long, and held in my heart since childhood.

The time is now for us to step into our power, fulfill our dreams for ourselves and the world.

So, what are you ready to bring forth?

The House That Katelon Built!


My house built in 1978

In 1978 I was living in Prescott and ended up buying 5 acres 12 miles out Williamson Valley Road, and building a house for myself. I hired the man from whom I had purchased the land. He was a contractor who supposedly knew what he was doing. I also hired my across the dirt road neighbor and a man from town to help us. I dug holes, mixed concrete and carried big blocks. I had big dreams for the home and land, seeing it as the fulfillment of the vision I had been given that I was to create a wellness center and community. As was my pattern, I believed in dreams, not looking at the current reality.

The physical experience of building the house was thrilling, as I pushed myself more than I ever had, discovering strength and muscles I never knew I had before. I loved the initial backhoe work as we dug a big hole, to create a home partially underground. I had great dreams of providing a stable community for my son to grow up in but that wasn’t to be. The neighbor and contractor turned against me, and I didn’t have the desire to stand up to their backhanded treatment anymore and also didn’t have the money to finish, as the estimated cost turned out way below what the final cost would be. So I put the roof on and sold the house as is, leaving it to the buyer to finish it.

It is sad and yet gratifying to see the home now finished. Numerous years ago I went inside the home and met the owners. They had turned my south facing greenhouse into a carport but otherwise, it was close to how I had envisioned it. They did scratch their heads over how some things had been done, but were happy with the finished product.

I am learning that sometimes our dreams don’t turn out the way we thought they would and yet they do contribute to how we turn out, and they bring us strengths, qualities and gifts that add to our make up and enhance future dreams and goals. I have no regrets, only gratitude for all I’ve learned, and the path I’ve walked.

Shining Your Light


Sunflower red

When tragedy happens in our lives, our country, our world, it is easy to move into a feelings of fear, hopelessness, dis-empowerment, anger or hopelessness. It is also easy to just read the immediate signs, rather than looking for truth.

As the world goes through it’s transformation now and we are in the midst of taking back control from institutions, governments, companies, and policies that have served to enslave us for so long, keep us feeling weak, and limited; and as we as individuals are in the process of releasing habits, patterns, and beliefs that have kept us feeling small and kept us from the truth of our beings, it can be overwhelming.

Please don’t give up! Please don’t buy into fear within you or the fear that the media so loves to promote.

Please do keep on staying in your heart, feeling your courage, and shining your light for all to see!

Please do keep your mind, heart and soul pointed toward your deepest dreams for yourself and the world.

You will succeed! And it will be worth the effort, dedication and struggles you have gone through.

So when you need to rest and retreat for awhile, do so. And when you are ready, pick yourself up and shine out some more! The world is in need of your light!

Following Your Dream!



  After recently watching the movie “Garbage Warrior” and also “2012: Time for change”, it led me to reflect upon how my life has been leading me  to this moment in time and my purpose on this planet.

    As a child, I grew up in the desert and would play house by drawing house plans on the desert floor and playing house in those “houses”.  After workers would go home for the day, I would explore the newly framed out houses in our neighborhood. I loved the smell of the wood, the openness of the frames and the wonder of watching a house be built from the ground up.

     Since I grew up both very ill and also remembering other lives and seeing other dimensions, the quest for health and a deeper spiritual understanding became the constant path I was led to walk.  Along with this, my sensitivity to unjustness that I saw all around me; the misery in my family, in school and in society, informed my later work as an activist.

     In 1978 I ended up taking a job as the communications director for Prescott College, the first college to offer a degree in environmental studies.  The staff at the time was an amazing group of transformational teachers, forward thinkers, pioneers.  During this time I was able to attend a workshop at the college taught by people from Findhorn, the still thriving spiritual community in Scotland.  This workshop brought together my metaphysical childhood, my love for building and community, my passion for wellness and social activism.

     At the time, my son was attending a local alternative school. I was in discussion with them to receive a government funded “Ceta” position in the fall of 1978, to teach art/music/dance to the children 1/2 time and do the school’s accounting and PR the other 1/2 day.  So I decided to take a leap, take money I had inherited from family deaths along with money I had received from an injury and buy land for myself. I quit my job, bought 5 acres 12 miles out of town, situated on a 20 acre land parcel purchased by 2 families.  My idealistic nature imagined this to be the Utopian beginning of a glorious community.  I thought I had it all figured out.  I had enough, I thought, to build my house. Since the land was paid for, I figured I would build the house over the summer, then have a job to go to in the fall and make enough to support my son and I, and still have some money left over.

     So the project began!  My son and I moved into a tepee and then my Father’s camper blocked up on the high desert floor.  I had a hose strung out over a tree branch, socking up sun during the morning and that became my shower.  I had an outhouse that looked out to a view of the San Francisco peaks in Flagstaff, AZ.  We started work at 6 am and worked until noon. Life was grand!!!

     The man I bought the land from designed a house that was partially underground and was to be powered by solar energy.  The crew was another neighbor, one other man from town and myself.  I started that summer with such hope and vision.  I grew muscles I never knew I had and began my life long dream of community, sustainability and alternative energy technology!

     Things didn’t go as planned as the land owner and neighbor began to talk badly about me behind my back, I found out that I really didn’t have enough money to finish the house and that the house had been built with poor decisions (like filling in the huge bricks with adobe ?!).    I was new to building so was just following the direction of the supposed experts.  I felt confused, betrayed and had no idea where to go from that experience.  My dream of community there disappeared as I got the roof on and put the house on the market, left the land and moved my son and I in with a friend.  All the extra materials I had purchased were stolen by the land owner and the neighbor, who later tried to deny it all.The descent was sealed when my promised job was given to someone else.

     But Spirit had a plan and led me to a reflexologist, for my ongoing back pain from the old injury and that began my career in holistic health.  From there I was led to explore other communities in AZ and NM, and I began my 32 year career in wellness along with my research to create International wellness/wholeness centers and commmunities.  My vision has stayed strong in spite of the many setbacks and often going it alone, but I feel the world coming to a stronger place that now better supports the visions that began for me in childhood.

    Sometimes it is challenging and painful to have a dream and to wait for it to materialize and yet the journey alone builds the strength, understanding and compassion that you need in order to fulfill that dream.  When you look back, you can see all the steps that led you from there to here, all the gifts along the way that expanded your offerings to give to your dream and the world.

     What path have you been walking? What dream have you been holding in your heart? My love and blessings go out to you to feed those dreams, bring light to that path, create the opening for you and your dream to be fulfilled.

Katelon T. Jeffereys