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May TRUE Freedom Reign!


Photo by Katelon T Jeffereys

I found this wonderful sign in the front yard of a house I walked by.  This is what I’d like the US to be about, what I’d like all countries to stand for, this Oneness.  This is why I do the work I do every single day, in and out of body, 24/7.  Freedom is my goal…freedom for all life throughout creation. 

This dark timeline detour we’ve been on for so long is about the opposite of all this sign states.  But it is time for that timeline to end.  The dark’s present power is a mirage.  A mirage of lies.

So let us now stand for this freedom.  Let us be the strength and courage to protect and empower ALL lives, all genders, all sexuality, in a healthy way.  We are connected to Source. We have Source guidance and power within us to create.  So let’s remember this and choose the light, choose love, choose Oneness, choose compassion and peace.

Let’s declare this day as a true Independence day…independent from the dark, independent from slavery, independent from lies!  May love and truth prevail.

Love, katelon

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Protecting Whistleblowers: It’s Up to Us « Golden Age of Gaia


Protecting Whistleblowers: It’s Up to Us « Golden Age of Gaia.

I agree with this. These whistle=blowers have given up their lives and freedom to assist this planet in over-throwing the dark forces that have held us hostage. I have great admiration for them.

I have been an activist much of my life but have never taken such a stance. I have stood up for the truth, but never to their level.

I stand with these people and pray for a day when our entire planet and all of humanity is free in all ways.