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Friendship in the New Reality!


Hugging bushes photo by Katelon


Smiles, laughs, the love of friends
that’s what makes me high
opening up inside to caress all that comes.

High times, low times, friends survive
all that comes in between
cherishing the light each other holds
inside, filled with dreams.

Sometimes craziness threatens to come between
the faith, the pact of a friendship’s life.
But you hold onto the love,
because of all you gain.

Through the low times, high times
friends survive all that comes in between
cherishing the light each other holds
inside, filled with dreams.

© Katelon T. Jeffereys

This is a poem I wrote in 1976 and it is still one of my favorites. It has been on my mind as I still spend so much time alone. I certainly have plenty of out of body “friends” but it’s not like they can really walk down the street with me or sit across from me at some meal. I have numerous FB friends and friends that I stay in touch with via phone, text or email. But again, much of my time is spent alone. I don’t think I am the exception either. Especially in the “lightworker” community, as they are often alone in their beliefs, their experiences, all while doing their work to assist the light agenda on this planet, but lack physical support.

I’ve been writing about the recent surrender of the Chimera, the dark cloned race created by Ankara and placed here in underground bunkers on this planet, who had placed various dark technologies within humanity as well as on the planet. The Archons, energetic beings on the etheric plane of this planet also had technologies hampering humanity and the planet. As previously reported the head of the Chimera has been working with the light forces and shut down their technologies on the planet. In my session with John yesterday, the Archons came forward and announced that they all wanted to transition to the light, and that they welcomed a coordinated effort with the Chimera head and the light forces to shut down all their dark technologies as well. They are all jumping for joy now that they can move forward with open doors of possibilities in their evolutionary journey.

Why I’m mentioning all of this is that up until now, our planet has been based on survival, economic slavery, lack, competition, survival of the fittest, and separation. It is amazing that human beings have managed to have families, build community, express love and compassion at all, as many religious doctrines, governmental dictates, societal rules, cultural and racial beliefs and prejudices, economic biases, and gender discrimination passed down to inform our cultures, have rather than encouraged the supposed love, kindness, and support they were created from and instead posited beliefs that served to divide people even more. This was all at the hands of the dark, to keep humanity separate, weak, fearful and easy to control.

Community and friendship have also taken a big hit with the more westernized fast paced lifestyles, too; longer work days, back yards, and yes, even the technology that connects us globally and yet invades most face to face conversations and even distracts at a shared meal. I lived in Seattle for 14 years, a record for me, and joined a few groups, went to and occasionally played at open mics, did some volunteer work, worked for others some and yet still managed to do most things alone. Luckily I am ok with going to a movie alone, a meal out, a hike, a trip, and now my over two year journey. But it wasn’t without an effort to connect that I ended up mostly alone.

The dark has done what it can through its media and other outlets to separate people. Even when people do manage to come together, without a concerted effort there is often dysfunction and dissent. So up until now, the path to friendship has had its share of blocks and challenges.

Once the dark is ousted and light and love take full control of religions, governments, countries, companies and the minds and hearts of humanity, the technologies fully shut down along with all their effects, the truth revealed of all that kept us separate, I believe we will be able to move into true friendship/relationship with ourselves, each other and Spirit. Can you imagine a world where housing, clean water, safety and plenty to eat is taken care of and obtained easily? Can you imagine a world where governments truly work to support its citizens and work in cooperation with all other governments? Can you imagine a week with plenty of time for your family, your community, your friends, yourself? With our basic needs taken care of, and meaningful work that doesn’t take up most of your week, this leaves time to connect with others. And especially, with these beliefs gone that have kept us in survival mode and such competition, judgment, self-judgment, reaction and separation, I believe we will finally move into deep friendships that serve to inspire us and lift us even higher. I believe that communities will thrive, true sustainable cooperative communities.

I’m looking forward to that day. How about you? To move forward in life unfettered inside and outside…..no more need to protect or defend….just open unabashed love extended to others. Wow!!!

Birthday Celebrations on Nov. 24th

     Tomorrow is both the celebration of my dear friend Corrine’s birthday, and also the celebration of me giving birth to my son, Loran.  What a gift to have them both having a birthday on the same day.  I believe that each of us has a gift to bring to the world, and so it is important to acknowledge how amazing and courageous it is for a soul to make the decision to come to this planet to grow and share their light with the world, and to bring forth their special gifts.

     I met Corrine in Telluride, CO, in 1984.  We met while I was going through a very challenging relationship and living in a difficult situation in Rico, CO, just south of Telluride.  Rico was a very small town at the time, and probably still is. Corrine was such a gift to me, so insightful, supportive, challenging.  She was the light that shone during a very dark time, that made it safe for me to heal and step forward on my path.  We stayed in touch throughout the years, but not often.  She is now back in my life and we talk every two weeks, and it is such a gift.  She is older and going through her own health challenges and yet her mind is still nimble.  She can remember conversations we had back then; my circumstances, my learning, and has been a precious mirror to show me how much I have healed. She is also an avid cheerleader, applauding all my growth, and helping me see how much I have changed, as well as reminding me of my special gifts and talents.  I feel like Spirit has brought us back into each other’s lives at an important time, so that we could support each other through our present transformation and challenges.

     I met my son 38 years ago.  I loved being pregnant and even wrote a paper for a college class about all the physical and emotional changes I was going through.  It was during my Catholic phase, so as I would go for five mile walks each day, with my dogs, Oblio and Arlo, I’d talk to my son and say the rosary.  So there we were, Mother Mary, Oblio, Arlo, my inutero son and I, together in the desert as we bonded.  After 4 months of Braxten Hicks contractions, and 17 hours of hard labor, my son was born the day before Thanksgiving, and boy was I grateful to finally meet him.  It was love at first sight, just as the love had grown over those nine months of conversations. 

     The relationship hasn’t turned out how I thought it would but for many years we were the best of friends.  No one could make me laugh as much as him. I always loved being a Mom. I read to him most nights and also sang and played guitar for him, until he went to college.  We had great fun playing games and football catch, singing songs, reading books, taking several week long road trips after I’d check him out of school, cross country skiing excursions, and hiking sometimes 7 days a week. We loved birthday celebrations so much that we’d often celebrate his birthday twice a year, making up a random date for the second birthday celebration. In a way we grew up together.  I am so grateful for the learning that takes place in motherhood, as you experience being responsible for someone else.  We were always aware of other lives we’d shared, so we knew the bond was an old one.

   What a precious gift it is to get to journey through life with these people,… to cry, to laugh, to travel through both the dark and light.  So, tonight, on the eve of their birthdays, I want to take the time to salute them, thank them, and wish for them a more peaceful path to walk, open doors to joyful opportunities, love to expand their hearts even more and light to show them the way.

Katelon T. Jeffereys

Seattle Life Coach