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The House That Katelon Built!


My house built in 1978

In 1978 I was living in Prescott and ended up buying 5 acres 12 miles out Williamson Valley Road, and building a house for myself. I hired the man from whom I had purchased the land. He was a contractor who supposedly knew what he was doing. I also hired my across the dirt road neighbor and a man from town to help us. I dug holes, mixed concrete and carried big blocks. I had big dreams for the home and land, seeing it as the fulfillment of the vision I had been given that I was to create a wellness center and community. As was my pattern, I believed in dreams, not looking at the current reality.

The physical experience of building the house was thrilling, as I pushed myself more than I ever had, discovering strength and muscles I never knew I had before. I loved the initial backhoe work as we dug a big hole, to create a home partially underground. I had great dreams of providing a stable community for my son to grow up in but that wasn’t to be. The neighbor and contractor turned against me, and I didn’t have the desire to stand up to their backhanded treatment anymore and also didn’t have the money to finish, as the estimated cost turned out way below what the final cost would be. So I put the roof on and sold the house as is, leaving it to the buyer to finish it.

It is sad and yet gratifying to see the home now finished. Numerous years ago I went inside the home and met the owners. They had turned my south facing greenhouse into a carport but otherwise, it was close to how I had envisioned it. They did scratch their heads over how some things had been done, but were happy with the finished product.

I am learning that sometimes our dreams don’t turn out the way we thought they would and yet they do contribute to how we turn out, and they bring us strengths, qualities and gifts that add to our make up and enhance future dreams and goals. I have no regrets, only gratitude for all I’ve learned, and the path I’ve walked.

Garbage Warrior


I just watched this exciting documentary about Michael Reynolds, the visionary architect who not only revolutionized “green” building with his earthships over 30 years ago but got laws changed to be able to be able to research new ways to build without the restrictions of so many regulations. His buildings are self-sustaining and off the grid.

Katelon T. Jeffereys

Seattle LIfe Coach