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The False Dark Gaia Grid…and other ways the dark has controlled us.


Photo by Katelon T Jeffereys 

John and I do one session a day, and sometimes even two or three. We begin by discussing information and questions that have arisen, we then create a Sacred Circle and do our work. We listen only to Source within to receive information to make sure that we are not being misled anymore by the matrix.  We continue to make headway every day in shutting down the various aspects that are in the way of full disclosure.  We are targeting Full Disclosure and the completion of the Shift into the light, and shut down of the dark matrix and all the Secret Government.  This will include the shut down of the many dark technologies and heinous ways the dark has enslaved humanity and attempted to destroy the earth.  Every day seems to bring new attacks by the dark, which in turn lead us to another group or entity to replace with light based high selves and souls.  We only do work authorized by Source. Occasionally, there is other new exciting information that arises.

A few days ago, this happened for me.   Part of my process of creating a sacred circle includes grounding in Gaia.  Suddenly, in the midst of our session, I was aware that the matrix had created an interface that hijacked any grounding we do, so that instead of grounding in the true light of Gaia, we end up grounding into the dark matrix “Gaia grid”. A long time ago, some spiritual article or call I read or listened to suggested that we always state we are grounding in the energy of earth that had already been healed.  I didn’t understand that completely nor did I always remember to clarify my grounding work as being into the energy of earth that had already been healed. Receiving this information about the dark matrix Gaia grid, explained this clarification to me.  This information sparked even more insights.  Suddenly I saw that when the dark did its original bioengineering to distort and control humanity, it not only distorted our DNA, but also all systems in our body and circuitry in our brain.  By distorting our DNA, no longer would the cells replicate in health and perfection as originally designed but it kept all systems and the brain wired for distortion, disease, and death.  This is why we all have cancer cells. The very action of cancer cells out-pictures this distortion. These dark technologies wire our brains with this distortion so that we end up in this loop that keeps us disempowered, blocks our connection with Source, feeds us fear.  It’s as if our compass isn’t set to true North anymore, it is set off that mark.  Our true design and nature is rejuvenation, immortality, healing, renewal, and Source within ability to create and manifest all we need. 

This dark manipulation of our DNA sets up this distortion of our circuitry, our neuronal pathways in our brain, tying us to the matrix, and this becomes that loop that keeps us repeating this downward spiral.  The same is true when we attempt to ground into earth. Instead of receiving the nourishment, a foundation of belonging and stability, we receive the dark energy that keeps this distortion fed.  This keeps our entire energy system tied in to their matrix.  This keeps us separate from Source, each other, unsuccessful, ill, feeling un-worthy and powerless. This also keeps us more susceptible to all the other dark manipulation via religions, education, “healthcare”, politics, consumerism ,all the chemicals in our food/water/air and much more.

The same thing happens when we attempt to connect with Source, as the beam that connects us, is hijacked above, just as it is below.  John discovered that the light most people report in near death experiences isn’t Source at all, it is a false light projected by the matrix so that souls keep getting snagged into the matrix, thus controlled from lifetime to lifetime.  I will write about this more in a second post as I’ve had 2 NDE’s and the second one was extremely vivid and did not include going to the light. I now understand why.

This new information helps me see why so many law of attraction systems and processes are so challenging and often lacking in results.  Yes, we can succeed from time to time, but really, all we are doing is still manifesting within the matrix, within scarcity and lack. Until we are completely disconnected from this matrix, and it is dissolved, we can’t be completely free.

I’m not telling you this to say there is no way out.  There is a temporary way out, and that is to specify that you are grounding in Light Gaia, you are connecting to Source light.  Also, in our session, I worked with all life upon the planet, surrounding each being with a protected tube of light from Source to Source within to Light Gaia, to best protect all until the true solution takes place. My intention was that this truly did provide some temporary help until the true solution takes place.  Source supports our work so I trust it had some positive effect 🙂  That true solution of course is Full Disclosure, exposing and shutting down all the dark and their technologies and opening the way for full healing and rejuvenation. With the dark matrix shut down, we are once again, and immediately, connected to the Divine, to Source, to the power within us that is Divine, the power within us that truly manifests our desires for the good of all.  When the Shift happens and we exist on the timeline of Oneness and Abundance, all the law of attraction precepts become activated without limits, as long as we follow natural law and manifest for the good of all.

So may this be so, ASAP!!!!!

Thanks so much for reading and following my blog. If you need more background info, there are many past blog posts on my blog, as well as on John’s blog http://www.freedom4humanity.wordpress.com

Much love, katelon


More Beautiful Trees!


Beautiful old trees in Granite Creek park

I’ve enjoyed my time in Prescott and enjoyed the sweet little trail along Granite Creek. The Creek runs through town and has this trail that leads ultimately to a park. These trees are in the park. Everywhere you go in Prescott it seems that there are trees. It certainly isn’t as green as Seattle, where I used to live, but I’m enjoying all the green trees. My heart especially lights up when I see Aspen trees.

I used to crawl out my window and sleep in a tree. I loved how it’s branches held me in such a loving embrace. It felt more like home than the bedroom I had inside the house.

Perhaps that is why I still love trees so much. I talk to them, lean against them, feel their bark and tell them how much they mean to me. They seem to ground me and bring me back to a place of peace.

Do you have a part of nature that particularly calls to you?

Giving Thanks For A Body!


592 skyward web

A long time friend contacted my yesterday to see if she could offer me some work from the healing work she is learning this weekend. So we did a session via skype. I could feel the work happening in my body and also had a profound shift in my understanding.

I grew up very severely ill and when I wasn’t ill I was very active, climbing everything I could find and taking part in other physical activities. I also sang and studied piano. So I was used to using my body but I don’t feel that I spent much time truly being “in” my body. Perhaps it was from being ill that I felt my body had betrayed me, I don’t know. And although I loved the beauty of this earth, I just never felt a sense of belonging here. My spiritual and psychic experiences weren’t received well by my parents and doctors tried to convince them I was crazy. It was confusing to me because what I saw with my spiritual sight made much more sense to me than the struggles and negativity that much of the world lived within.

I have used “grounding” and other spiritual visualizations and techniques to help myself inhabit my body more, and have certainly made great gains through this, but still don’t feel like I ever truly felt at home in my body. I grew up restless, too, which I partly feel is my true nature, but in other ways, I feel like this has been behind much of my moving.

Several years ago I took a Hooponopono workshop and Len, the leader, suggested that we thank everything…the chair we are sitting on, the shower stall we are standing in, the air, the water, our food, etc. I started the habit of doing this everyday to all the parts of my lodging, my walks, my car…all of it. But I never thought to thank my body, until today.

In the midst of an “activation” that my friend was administering, I had this strong tingling feeling in my legs and feet, and then this understanding that I needed to start honoring my body and thanking it for housing my soul. Later, my friend and I discussed how this honoring would perhaps lead to me not only feeling at home in my body, but me feeling a deeper sense of being home, belonging here. So we are both curious to see how this will shift other areas of my body and life.

Thank you beautiful body for your strength, amazing cooperation and team work that keeps me healthy, my food digested, my body oxygenated, and allows me to see/smell/touch/taste/hear this beautiful planet and all the creatures on it. Thank you wonderful body for allowing me to have a vehicle to use to share my gifts with the world and providing me a profession. Thank you my delightful body for allowing me to experience the joy of this planet and the bounty of Spirit.



 With so many conflicting messages coming to us these days from the news, governments, and people channeling various entities, etc. it can be challenging to know what is true or not.  I do believe we are in the midst of tremendous transformation on the planet, an event I’ve been working toward for many, many lifetimes.  During these times though it is important to stay balanced, grounded and centered.  I believe that many lies are going to be exposed as the truth is revealed about the history of our planet and how we have been held down, lied to, and harmed throughout the ages.  I have no ill feelings toward this oppression as I now choose to only remain in love and light.  I prefer to focus on my connection with God, Spirit, whatever you choose to call it and my own divinity and power as a co-creator.  Therefore, I feel it is my job to stand firm in love and be able to offer that to others as their foundation may be shaken to its core.  So today, I’d like to offer a guided visualization for you to use to do the same.


I invite you to begin by breathing deeply, while remembering a fond memory, someone or something that you love, a positive experience, or a favorite smell.  As you breathe in, breathe in those positive feelings and breathe out anything that feels negative or limiting.  Continue to breathe this way for a few minutes.


 Now I’d like you to imagine or feel a powerful blue column of light beaming down from beyond our sun, from the center of our galaxy…and even beyond. This blue light places you in a protection of truth, cutting you free from any lies or mis-perceptions.  Continue to breathe in positive feelings and breathe out any limitations, pain, worry, stress or tension. 


Now I invite you to imagine or feel roots coming out of your feet and tailbone, big massive roots that spread out in all directions and then travel down, just as a tree’s roots do, through the soil and its nutrients.  Imagine/feel these roots continuing to travel down past the crystals and gemstones, healing stones, and all layers of earth until they plug in at the center of the earth.  You can release through these roots any limiting beliefs, thoughts, stress or pain.  Continue to breathe in positive feelings and release on the out breath, through the roots, anything you need to let go of.  Feel this support you have with these strong roots and from the earth.


Now, imagine drinking up through these roots the wisdom within the crystals, the healing attributes from the healing stones, the nutrients from the soil, the wealth of veins of gold and silver and the gemstones, filling you with strength, and the knowledge that you are truly supported.  Bring this up into every organ, every gland, every system, every cell, from the bottom of your feet, to the tips of your fingers and the top of your head; from the deepest core of your DNA; throughout your brain and all levels and layers of consciousness.  Feel that strength, feel your power, as you receive and are surrounded by this brilliant blue light from above and the nourishment and richness of the earth below.  Standing in this center of your being, you are as strong as the mightiest redwood tree, and as bright as the sun.  In this place you are able to stand in your truth of love, divinity and peace.

 While in this space you might decide to project out love and light to others, visualize the kind of life and body you’d like for yourself, and/or  the kind of world you’d like for humanity. Or you may choose to just continue to breathe in and out and enjoy this sense of peace and empowerment.  This is available to you at anytime.


You are welcome to access other audio meditations of mine on my website www.empowerandbalance.com on the front page and on the page “more resources”.  Even though these meditations were created for certain past dates, you can still access that energy for healing, relaxation and manifesting your dreams.  You simply click on the links, and you are able to receive these meditations for free.  If I can help you in any other way, please let me know.


Blessings, Katelon