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Overboard (1987) Trailer


I recently watched the movie “Overboard”. Although on the surface the movie is seen as a romantic comedy of class struggle/redemption/transformation, I see a deeper meaning. Of course, my son used to kid me about how I could see deeper meaning in even the silliest farce!

Just after watching the movie, I listened to the weekly call from The One Command creators, a powerful healing and transformation technique. During the call, the speaker was talking about the process of moving from who we are now, what our life is like, to who we choose to be and how we’d like our life to be. She talked about how we’d need to take on a new identity, behaviors, habits, thoughts, and ways of being, in order to become that new version of ourselves.

In the movie “Overboard”, Goldie Hawn’s character starts out as a rich, pampered, unhappy, haughty woman. After suffering amnesia, she is tricked into thinking she is the wife of a poor and permissive father of four boys. Without knowing anything differently, she adopts the maternal instinct, skills, patience, love and creativity to provide a loving and comfortable home for this family.

Since I am in the process of re-discovering my true nature, as so many of us are these days, I loved the demonstration of how we can change, and what it takes to adopt these new ways of being. For thousands of years we have all been tricked into believing we are separate from God, from each other, powerless, living in lack and so we have created a world and lives from that limited place. It is time for us all to wake up, remember our power, our ability to create magic. It is already within us, it has just been covered over, just like Goldie Hawn’s character knew innately how to be the devoted and loving woman she became in the end.

Time to rise up and shine! I am with you on the journey!

Katelon T. Jeffereys

Seattle Life Coach