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Waiting with compassion and joy!


Kuan Yin

For those of you who were very excited about and gearing up to Dec. 21, 2012, expecting/hoping/intending for huge shifts and positive manifestations, only to have that day come and go with perhaps some obvious inner shifts but not the outer shifts, you might be feeling pretty worn out like I have been. I’ve read and feel that things have been healing, shifting, transforming internally, and are soon to be seen in the outer world. But this waiting has taken much patience, self love and compassion. The tendency is to feel that nothing is happening as there aren’t many apparent shifts in our lives and outer world. But I can feel that much has taken place behind the scenes. And it is also obvious in all the countries rising up for freedom, and all the lies and ill behavior by governments, leaders, bankers, etc. being exposed. Even now, many changes have taken place and are soon to take place in world banking and revaluation of currency for many countries.

I believe that we choose our parents, co-create our life scenarios, and set up relationships and scenarios we believe we will learn from and the fact that I grew up with asthma, which demanded and taught me great patience, makes sense to me. Years ago I was given the spiritual name, Aradhana, which means to pray without ceasing. The act of Aradhana is to hold prayer in your heart, hold your desire and dream in your heart, and keep that focus, unceasingly, holding the vision as manifested until it actually does. Again, that makes great sense to me.

That doesn’t make it any easier for me these days though. I’ve been on the road for 9 months and although my present situation is comfortable, I am ready to not only find my home base, but to also get busy with the work that was given to me as a young child. I understand that I’ve been doing that work to a certain extent, but I also was told and feel a bigger expression of that work coming.

In our society we are encouraged to push, make things happen, swim upstream, and I’ve been great at that throughout my life, even in my struggle to breathe, raise a child alone, get a degree, work as an alternative therapist at a time when that wasn’t very accepted, and be mostly self employed. And yet, the guidance I’ve been receiving and I feel it is true for everyone these days, is that this is the time to wait and allow our destinies to take form. As I write this, I’m listening to my astrology for August, and as I typed these very sentences, the woman was talking about waiting, and yet at the same time using visualization, and intention to assist in my destiny taking form. Very cool! And I feel that is true. I’m not describing a passive waiting, but a very active waiting, coming from the heart, instead of the mind and ego that says we need to push. When we come from our hearts, we are receptive to the manifestation of what we are co-creating, and yet we are actively assisting that creation through our feelings, thoughts, prayers and visions.

So I invite you to ask yourself what it is you’d really love to have/do/be in your life?

What does that look like?

What does it feel like?

What would you be doing?

How will you feel doing it?

Who will you be with?

Where would you like to be?

As much as possible bring in all the senses, and especially your feelings. When we create from a place of joy and love, we are in our hearts, aligned with our higher selves and spirit, and thus in vibratory resonance with that which we desire. When we get into the FEELING as if we are already doing/being/having all we choose, that supports and builds our manifestations.

And lastly, please continue to release all that doesn’t serve you anymore…circumstances, places, people, habit patterns, thoughts, beliefs, etc. and replace it with love and appreciation for all you’ve done, all that you are, and be compassionate with yourself through this process. When you truly focus on the body, relationships, lives and world you desire, all the yuck that keeps you from having it will rise to the surface for you to love it free. So let it go, thank it all for the lessons, bless it and release it, forgiving yourself for it all, and having compassion for your past ways of being.

I don’t believe it will be much longer until we are truly living on the New Earth, with abundance, freedom, sovereignty, peace, cooperation and harmony for and with all.

Please feel free to share your dreams or any questions in the comment section below.

And, if you need any assistance, please contact through my website http://www.empowerandbalance.com

Staying in your heart space!



    Like many long time light workers, I have seen my destiny since early childhood.  I, of course, figured that it would just flow forth, manifest when I was in my twenties and I’d be on my way, living my dream.  Little did I know that I’d still be waiting and working on this 31 years later…and counting!!!!! 

     At times I have felt patient, continued to do the research, put the information out there, make contacts, on and on, feeling trust and the faith that yep, this is gonna  happen when the timing is perfect for me and the Universe.  At other times, I have sobbed, screamed, yelled out to some unseen force WTF, told God to either heal me or kill me, manifest this dream or take it away….complaining that I just couldn’t keep holding up this positive front, doing the work without any outward sign of something happening or coming together.  Sometimes these extremes happen within one hour…sometimes over months or years.  And still, I keep the faith, take the steps that I am led to take,  or sit back and wait when that seems to be the guidance.

      When I was given my spiritual name of Aradhana, the message told me about the name was that when you surrender to the path of realizing Oneness, you prepare the soil, tend the soil,…and wait with a prayerful heart and one day the sprout…and you are suddenly fulfilled. The name, Aradhana, means divine prayer…to pray without ceasing.  Well, I have been praying and praying, keeping focused on this destiny given me for a very long time.  So, come on sprout???!!!!!

     As many of us are envisioning, affirming, praying, meditating and working toward a new world of peace, harmony, compassion and cooperation, at times we can see that all around us. At other times we run into the old reality that seems to feel like the blast from some stinking furnace or a brick wall.  I got blasted on Friday, walking into a situation bearing “friendship” bread, and being greeted with anything but friendship.  I quickly removed myself, sobbed some, then looked at what I could do to shift things, take care of myself and prepare to spend the next 7 1/2 hours giving loving, nurturing massages and healing work to my clients.

     Luckily, I remembered what I had just read in Karen Bishop’s latest mini-e-book, called “Creating  the New Reality ”  http://www.emergingearthangels.com/creating.html In it, she talks of how we have come to this time, bearing the skills and wisdom that we have used so many times before, and that these visions of what we are to share truly are getting ready to manifest, now that the New world is being readied and created to sustain them.  She suggested that we envision these situations, relationships, places, communities, careers…whatever they are, and just love them, send them love, feel the love you have for them. She recommended to not put yourself in the picture, which is quite different than how others have suggested we use visualization.  For me, this made sense, as it then feels like I am not attached to the outcome, I am simply and completely just loving these people, places and things, honoring them, feeling gratitude that they exist.  She explained that by doing this, these people, places, things will then assist by manifesting the conditions to bring us together with them.  So, that was my focus the rest of the day. I envisioned  and felt all this love that I feel for these centers I am to create, this work I am to do, all the people who will come to these centers, be employed by them, work with me to create them; for my true love partner that I know I will be with; for the community I will live in; for all the places I will visit around the world and all the people I am to meet; for all the music I will create and enjoy; for my son and his son; on and on.  Pretty soon, rather than the trauma, pain, confusion and grief I had started with that day, I was feeling filled with love, gratitude, joy, sweet compassion and fulfillment and I surrounded and filled my clients with all this love. I ended up being more tuned in to their needs and more successful in helping them than I ever had before.

    So, what started out as a disaster and confrontation that I just wanted to run from, turned into one of the warmest and tuned in days I’ve had in quite awhile.

     I dedicate this to Kuan Yin, who reminds me to seek peace, offer love and compassion and wait in wholeness and holiness for guidance and fulfillment.

      Om mane padme Om!!!  Blessed Be!!!!

Katelon T. Jeffereys

Seattle Life Coach