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I saw this last night and it was great! It was funny, insightful and a rallying call for the citizens of America to wake up and take back their government, and stand up for true democracy. I believe that there is a transformation taking place in the world, that we are in the process of ascending and creating a new planet of peace, harmony, and true democracy for all…a place where everyone is cared for, has food to eat, a safe place to live, meaningful work to do. I believe it is happening within and around us. I feel that it is not only about changing laws though, I feel it is about inner change, realizing our true divinity, our ability as co-creators to create a world based on love, rather than fear, greed and corruption. As we raise our vibrations, realize that we are all one, we come together to create a world that supports ALL of us, in a responsible, healthy and WHOLLY manner.

Katelon T. Jeffereys