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Modern Lives


Forr Misery

I’ve been having fun playing tourist in Prescott. Today I went to the Sharlot Hall Museum. Sharlot was self educated and very literate, becoming an author and a historian, in addition to being a ranch woman and having to keep the ranch going and care for the workers. She never married and I’m sure was thought of as quite the anomaly back then.

In reading the description of what women had to do back then…getting up before dawn, feeding the children, hand washing all the clothes, mending the clothes, making the clothes, tending the chickens and other animals, growing the garden, keeping the home clean, cooking all the meals, working until after dark and often living many miles from any other families or social engagements…it makes our lives seem like lazy ones. Granted, many women today work, and take care of the home and family, along with taking the children to all their events, but we have more modern conveniences that make cooking, cleaning and laundry much easier.

I wonder though if women today are any happier? Yes, modern appliances same time and effort, and yet, it seems like we’ve created even busier lives for ourselves, with all the driving, children with overly committed schedules, computers, I-pads, tweets and posts ..the list goes on and on.

I’m not one of those “lets go back to the old days” people, but I certainly am a proponent of moving forward to lives that are built once again in community, a closeness to nature, a closeness to family.

The photo is of Fort Misery, the oldest cabin built in Territorial AZ around 1883-64.