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Penelope Trailer — Extended Version


I just watched this movie and although Entertainment weekly gave it and “F” (really???!!!!), I loved it. The sets were something out of a Timothy Burton movie, the costumes were quirky and creative, I loved the acting, and the story. I feel it is such a sweet and important story about growing up feeling like a freak. I know I did, getting rejected for many things. But at some point, in order to allow yourself to live your truth, manifest your dreams, share your gifts with the world, you have to come to a point of self-acceptance and beyond that self-love! This movie shows a young woman who never let her so called disfigurement stop her from being creative and adventurous so she finally steps out into the world, bravely, to experience life and learn to accept herself and allow love to flourish inside and out!

Katelon T Jeffereys

Seattle Life Coach