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Waiting For The Shift Into The Light!



Photo by Katelon T. Jeffereys

Just like this fragrant sweet pea, growing up amidst another bush, THE initiative that will finally and fully bring forth the shift into the light exists and will prevail.

Recently I stated in a blog post that the shift was close.  I didn’t mention dates at that time, as I’ve learned over the last couple years of my work, to have a wait and see attitude.  Actually though, the team that John and I call “The Shift team”, assured us that by April 30th, the shift would be initiated. (The shift happened at the level of energy, on March 2nd).  They also assured us that it was all green lights, no more doubts or fears stopping anyone; all the plans were set and scheduled.  As you can imagine, I felt excited and relieved, that after working on this ALL my lifetimes, and this entire one, that the dark ruling elite would finally be shut down and humanity and the planet would be free at last.  

When it became apparent last Sat. that it wasn’t going to be the case, I felt betrayed, confused and very disappointed.  I went through a weekend of meltdown, and then on Monday, got back to work, focused on finding out what happened to stop it and what I could do to assist in moving it forward to completion.  I did work last weekend, too, but more as a disgruntled and depressed “employee”, rather than the leadership role I normally take in this work.

For those who are new to this blog, I’d like to pause and give more background. 

In reality, we are communicating with each other, on the unspoken level, all the time.  That is why you click with some people, and are repelled by others, why some places feel comfortable to you and others don’t.  People known for channeling tune into the energy of whom they are channeling and relay that information.  People known for being psychics, tune into your thoughts and energy field, or that of others, to relay the information they gather and share.  We all do this, it is just that some are conscious of doing this work and some aren’t. 

When my work partner, John Ross, and I, do our work, we start with creating a sacred space, inviting in help and assistance from higher dimensions and beings, make sure the space is protected from the dark, and that our egos are out of the way, and we carry on our sessions like any business meeting or therapeutic session.  We each do work on our own and also do a joint session each day.

John brings his skill set and knowledge to the session and abilities to heal and assist, I bring the same and call upon my 38 year practice in holistic health and the various healing modalities I’m trained in.  Together we call in the various members of the teams working to bring about the shift into the light, and shut down of the dark secret government and all who support and profit off of them,  and all those working to bring about the light based programs and initiatives that will roll out with the initial shift or follow soon after.We also call in all the off world beings here to support these efforts.

We then gather information, give information and provide assistance.  Sometimes we are providing healing interventions and John might assist in a dark being surrendering or shifting into the light, or share information; and I might use NLP timeline work or other NLP techniques, use visualizations or use my skills from the Spiritual Response Therapy work I do. Sometimes we call in people, at their high self level, whom we feel might have new information to share or perhaps to join one of the teams and provide assistance that way.  Sometimes we act as problem solvers. 

So you see, we just carry forth as if all these beings are sitting in a room with us, a room set up as a sacred space.  As far as the humans are involved, only a few advanced in working at this level, are conscious of these interactions.  But the information shared with each human’s high self, does filter down and make a difference.  Scientists have been able to measure the positive shifts that take place, in the physical, when there are mass worldwide meditations. This demonstrates that we are capable of affecting physical matter with our energy level activities.  The Heart Math Institute has done experiments with a person located countries away, focusing certain thoughts and feelings on a plant or living tissue and the effect is measurable on that plant or living tissue. If I am having an issue with a person, in my own life,  I will often have an energy level discussion with them, stating all the things I might not be able to do so in person.  I have experienced huge shifts doing this work, for myself, the other person and our relationship.

Now some of you more skeptical people might question our techniques, or assume we are making all of this up. And actually, John and I have asked the same question. I refer to it as us possibly being just “fan boys”, like the population of some video gamers who play these games with others, acting as if the games are real.  But both of us have experienced too many situations and interventions in our health, our lives, and in information that comes up in other blogs, validating what we are “hearing” in our sessions, to deny the truth of our work. 

There is no denying that people are rising up all over the world to stand for healing the environment, moving away from fossil fuel use, the huge disparity in income and power;  standing up for women’s rights, clean water, truth, governments working for the people rather than corruption and self interest.  There is no denying that the current President of the US is exposing his ignorance and immense self interest more and more, as his policies continue to fail and be met by investigations and court orders over-turning them. 

OK…back to the story.  We discovered that some members of the “Shift team” had concerns and weren’t ready to move forward with the shift.  Since this shift is for the light, any choices made by this team needs to follow from consensus, not from a leaders dictatorial decree.  This team still has a high potential of succeeding and they are doing internal work to move this initiative forward.  Meanwhile, John and I were both given guidance for other possible steps to take.  So Sunday and yesterday, we once again gathered the teams together, checked in with each of them and proposed the efforts we’d been shown as possible solutions.  Since the teams consist of humans, and off world beings, changes can happen quickly and in a manner that we can’t necessarily achieve in this 3D world.

So things continue to move forward and I’m still confident that the Shift into the light and a moving of all of humanity and the planet off this dark timeline and onto a timeline of Oneness and abundance will still happen soon…not by April 30th obviously, but soon, very soon 🙂

Thanks for all that these teams are doing, moving against millions of years of dark rule, and all that you are doing in your own unique way.  We all support this process when we say NO to the darkness and envision a world of peace and harmony, love and joy, cooperation and creativity, a world that works for the good of all and the planet. 

Much love, katelon



Independence Day vs. Interdependence Day!


      I’ve had  this blog running around in my head all week.  As I’ve been thinking about this upcoming holiday we celebrate in America, Independence Day, and our break from the tyranny of England at the time, I think of the fact that Puritans founded our country in the name of religious freedom.  Then we went on to burn women at the stake, healers, spiritual women, calling them witches.  We left England to break from rulers, and then went on to take over Native American’s land, massacre them and put them on reservations.  We founded a country in the name of freedom, to give it only to white males, import African slaves, abuse Chinese workers who built our railroads, and put Japanese people in internment camps because of their country’s involvement in the war at the time.  We enlist men and women to fight a present war, a war that started based on lies, and allows them to put their lives on the line, to end up dead or severely injured, yet kick them out of the service if their sexual orientation is different.  We still have many people held in our prisons and military posts just because their skin is another color and they speak in a different language.  We almost didn’t elect our present President because lies spread that he was Muslim.   We’ve never elected a person of the Buddhist faith, Jewish faith or any other faith other than Christian.  So what freedom is this we are celebrating?

      It is the same with religion.  Many spiritual teachers and leaders, have come forth with great courage, insight, inspiration, attempting to show another way of living, another way of seeing, embodying the essence of God, whatever name was used, demonstrating that we are powerful beings.  Demonstrating that we have this connection with each other, with an energy bigger than just this body we inhabit, in a world far beyond what our eye can see. Showing that we are co-creators, creating our lives, our world, with our thoughts and focus.  They talked of love, unity, compassion, cooperation and yet their words and deeds were hijacked, turned into religions with seeds of truth remaining, surrounded by lies that have been used to separate us, turn us against each other, as we fight to prove that only our religion is the truth, while the real truth has been buried so that we stay little and able to be controlled.  Where is the peace in that? Where is the love in that?  Where is the God (good) in that? Where is the independence and freedom in that?

      My heart and vision have guided me since childhood, as I’ve seen other dimensions, seen the beauty in contrast to the often challenging existence I was living in.  I have carried this immaculate concept of a world based in beauty, peace, joy, wholeness, and oneness.  I believe that the men who founded our country had such a concept, such a dream, and yet it was somehow buried or lost, through fear and the up to now human belief in scarcity and powerlessness.  Just as all religions were born of a transcendent experience that lifted a person out of darkness and limitation into the heights of our true essence.

      I believe that we are headed toward a world that I’ve dreamed of all my life, for many, many lifetimes, a world of interdependence. And at Dances of Universal Peace last night, this was the theme. The conception of the dances is a demonstration of this interdependence. These dances were created by a man named Samuel L. Lewis, a Jewish Rabbi; a student of Ruth St. Denis, the mother of modern dance; and a student of Hazrat Inayat Khan, a spiritual teacher who brought Sufism to America, created them.  Sam had a vision of creating dances, using simple folk dance steps and words from all the world’s religions, and in taking them around the world it would help bring about world peace. 

      So, as I stepped into dance, my head filled with the contradictions that I started this writing with, I was reminded once again about the power of our dreams, the power of our intentions, the power of our focusing hearts.  Holding hands, feet feeling the support of the earth underneath us, the sun shining through the windows reminding us of Source, we wove our voices together in a song, a prayer, a choice to leave the fear behind… a choice to leave a belief in separation and scarcity behind.  And we chose interdependence.  We chose love. So this is what I am going to celebrate this Independence Day…. being independent from fear, and the powerlessness we are taught, and instead celebrate Interdependence.  Celebrate Oneness!


Katelon T. Jeffereys