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Unleash Your Power


I didn’t watch the video but did read this blog, my feelings are that now is the time on the planet for us to finally own our power. I remember and believe in past lives and I feel that we’ve all done great good in other lifetimes and were tortured and killed for doing so, which has kept us afraid of doing our real work this time. We’ve also done harm in other lives and thus, again, have felt afraid of our power, afraid we’d use it for harm again.

In the bible, Jesus demonstrated power in his situation with the fig tree, cursing it and then it couldn’t bear fruit anymore. He told his disciples that they, too, had this power and could use it for harm or good.

I believe that this power is our God given ability to create, and the world is crying for all of us to accept this power, and direct it for good use in our lives and for the world. To deny this, not embrace it, is to turn away from the power of God within each one of us to create a better world.

The past several days I’ve been using techniques for clearing found in the recent Maureen Moss article I posted as well as another article, techniques for breaking old agreements and for letting go of old stories. Throughout our lifetimes we have these agreements we’ve made with life and others, and these often remain on an unconscious level, playing out in disharmony in our relationships, bodies and situations. The same is true of the stories we have told ourselves lifetime after lifetime, year after year. It is time to love these all free, break the old agreements, shift the old stories and emotions into new more supportive and uplifting ones.

There are many techniques out there to assist you in this process, and some on my website http://www.empowerandbalance.com, too. If I can help you in any way, with the various therapies I do professionally, please contact me and we can discuss how I can help you. It is time for all of us to create lives and bodies of wonder and joy!

Seriously Tripping Through Life

Once when I was a kid, I was riding in this old blue pick up truck with my mom’s former boyfriend, Chico.  From the beginning of his relationship with my mother, Chico took to me like I was his blood son.  Even after they were no longer together he would pick me up and take me out to his job sites and let me earn a little money.  So on this particular day we were working on a fence in this well-off neighborhood in VA Beach–an area where a truck like his would look out of place.  As we were driving back to the site, these teenagers pulled up beside us and started screaming and calling his truck a piece of junk.

Now, I loved Chico.  I still love Chico.  So when those boys screamed at him something ignited in me.  I could feel myself focusing my sights directly on…

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Youve Got The Power




This is the truth and yet throughout the ages we’ve been told otherwise.  And so the pattern of greed, protecting our territory, and violence began.  We’ve been sold a lie.  And it is time to discard those lies and live our truth.

Religions started by a beautiful spark of light brought forth by an avatar, teacher, way-shower, and yet those who chose to control others, and keep others small preempted the message. Governments arose to supposedly herald in freedom, and yet often these same governments became the force of control as well. Media became the same, initially created to inform and then used to misinform, spread lies, keep people in fear.

It has been heartening to see the lie begin to be exposed in movies like The Matrix, Avatar, and others. Even scientists are now proving the biology of misinformation inside us that has led to disease, lack, struggle and shown us how we do have the power to change this, and thus take back our power to create a better body, life and world.

It is time for us all to wake up from this nightmare.  We have learned a lot, and truly, it is all just experience.  Personally though, I’m ready to live the dream, a life painted in vivid colors, vibrant, alive, gentle, and grace-filled; rather than looking like a scary Edvard Munch painting called The Scream.  How about you?

Techniques and therapies have been taught throughout the ages, to assist us in this waking up.  Even more have sprung into the mass consciousness lately such as Emotional Freedom Technique, Meridian Tapping, Body Talk, The One Command, Healing Codes, Theta Healing and others; adding to the modalities of breath work, NLP, hypnotherapy, Reiki.  Going back even further, shamanism, aboriginal healing, prayer, the laying on of hands, and others have been used as a bridge between the lies of separation and back to the truth of Oneness and inner power.

Breaking free isn’t easy, and sometimes it feels quite lonely.  I imagine that the first few attempts a young bird makes at flight would feel like a strain, stretching physical strength beyond perceived boundaries.  And yet, how magical the feeling must be to at last rise in flight.  For when that moment arises, the wind arrives to carry the bird higher.

I feel it is the same for us.  We have to exert an effort to free ourselves from all these beliefs, habits, and patterns we have lived by and had passed down to us. And yet, I feel like we, too, can experience that sweet release, as we are gently lifted up into that experience of Oneness and empowerment, like a beautiful lilting melody.

Lately I’ve been changing my “what if” self talk, from the worries and imaging of negative outcomes.  I’ve been playing the “what if” game every morning now!  What if I have this amazing day today? What if I truly remember how powerful I really am? What if my day flowed easily and effortlessly, as support, joy, and abundance shows up within and all around me?  On and on, imagining a new way of being.

What are you dreaming for your world, your life, and your body?  If you could wave a magic wand (which you can, you know!), what would you create and allow into your new world?  Please share your dreams with me in the comment section below.  Together, we can dream bigger and bigger…and then, the wondrous outcome arrives!

My passion is to assist people in breaking free out of chaos, and restrictions; to help others realize their dreams.  It has been my work for over 30 years.  I use a variety of therapies and techniques, in person, by phone and also distance healing.  Check out my website http://www.empowerandbalance.com.   If I can help you in any way, please call 206-763-9980.  Together, magic happens, new worlds and ways are revealed.  Many blessings for a more joyous life for you and whomever you touch!

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