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My Passion!



Photo by Katelon Jeffereys

I chose this photo as it is a Passion Flower.  I wanted to share about what I am passionate about.

I’m passionate about helping bring about a new world of light, love, cooperation, clean air/water/earth and airwaves. I’m passionate about having a light based financial system, debt forgiveness around the world, light based governments in TRUE service to this planet and humanity.  I’m passionate about us finally joining forces with light based ET’s and becoming great galactic citizens.  I’m passionate about every man, woman, child and creature on this planet being valued, cared for, nurtured, healthy, whole, safe and able to express all of their divine nature, gifts and talents.

As I’ve mentioned, things weren’t great for me growing up…maybe financially, but emotionally, health wise, mentally, etc. it was quite challenging.  And yet, that is what led me to my true work as a professional holistic and spiritual healer, knowing that I’m just the midwife, as healing happens THROUGH me and through the person whom I am working with, with Spirit guiding the way. It’s what led me to lead Spiritual ceremony, teach creative music and movement to children, lead public workshops as well as taking workshops to youth, government agencies, non-profits, businesses,  and corporations.

I was able to move myself from years of deep depression and suicidal thoughts to strength, inner calmness, and the courage to take on my now 149 week journey of living on faith and trust. And all the 16+ therapies I learned were ones that worked for me, so I learned them to share with others.

I know this is a challenging time as we transition from the darkness that has held this planet for so long, into a light based world.  There is much we are releasing as at the same time, we are being blasted with so much light and love to move us forward.

I am passionate about helping all of you in any way I can.  Doing my work is so much fun and brings me so much joy. I love digging into my vast tool bag and being guided in what would work best with each of you, to help you make this transition with more ease and grace.

Please check out my website http://www.empowerandbalance.com and check out what is offered there.

For those who are ready to play, I am offering a 20% off special for Sept. for those who follow my blog. Just let me know when you contact me.  There is so much I can offer via skype and by phone.

For those who choose the free stuff, there are pages of stress release/energy medicine techniques with instructions.

Let me know if I can help in any way.

Enjoy these times! We are so graced to live at this time on the planet and to be a part of this amazing transformation.  This morning, while standing in the shower, I could feel my entire body pulsing with energy, each cell vibrating with light as if the physical parameters of my body don’t exist anymore.  It is happening now friends, please allow and embrace it.

Much love to you all, katelon


Listen to the interview of me that was on blog talk radio last night…..


Trail with juniper trees

My interview on Ananda’s show took place last night. You can click on the http://tobtr.com/s/4719761 link and listen to the archived show. Ananda’s voice came through garbled at times but otherwise it is fine. Hope you enjoy it. Her write up about it is below.

“Birthing The Sacred Union.” on The Love Channel with Sat Chit Ananda ofLove Katelon Jeffereys joins Ananda this week, Katelon has made a radical decision to change her life. Join us in conversation .Call in number :::(646) 595-3440

Katelon’s Website is http://www.empowerandbalance.com where people can contact her via the phone number and an email on that site. Her blog is empowerandbalance.wordpress.com People can donate to her via paypal…at her email address: katelon9@yahoo.com.

Sat Chit Ananda of Love
~ The Italian Mystic from The Bronx ~ Ananda is a Lover~and she intends to bring all she meets to The Lover Within.
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The Love Channel ~ Teachings of Sat Chit Ananda ofLove
“Birthing The Sacred Union.” on The Love Channel with Sat Chit Ananda ofLove Thursdays at 7:30 PM

The Love Channel ~ Teachings of Sat Chit Ananda ofLove
“Birthing The Sacred Union.” on The Love Channel with Sat Chit Ananda ofLove Thursdays at 7:30 PM Est on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/withinsights/2013/03/21/the-love-channel-teachings-of-sat-chit-ananda-oflove Call in number :::(646) 595-3440 Sat Chit Ananda of Love ~ The Italian Mystic from The Br…
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