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Yep, I’ve Seen Some Weird Shit!


Dorothy and Alice

A friend recently sent this picture to me. I loved it for many reasons. I could imagine Dorothy and Alice having a conversation about all they had seen. I could imagine how they’d feel in attempting to share what they’d seen and perhaps their concern about whether they could really share those things with others. I think about what would happen to these two young women if they were real people and attempted to go on and live their regular lives after living through such experiences. In our current society, they’d probably be drugged, or institutionalized. I felt happy that they had each other to talk to.

Then I started wondering why no one had imagined such a meeting and made a movie of it. I could picture this great movie of these two characters getting together, making their way in the modern world, attempting to find their way in their lives after having experienced what they did. I pictured their families, potential lovers, and society attempting to understand and digest the experiences they shared.

Then I looked at this picture as it depicted my childhood. To be blunt…I saw some weird shit since early childhood. I remembered other lifetimes since I was about two. Then I started seeing and walking in and out of other dimensions. I would attempt to tell my parents and they didn’t understand. I saw other spirits and religious figures and talked to them like I would to any other adult. Doctors attempted to tell my parents I was crazy and my parents thought it was imagination at best. They couldn’t see what I saw.

I learned to keep it all inside. It almost drove me to suicide as I struggled to fit into a world that seemed so small to me compared to the world I knew existed. I thought that who I was wasn’t acceptable or lovable. As I grew up, I still saw spirits, or heard information, saw UFO’s, other signs of beings from other planets, and luckily started interacting with others who had these experiences as well. It helped me heal this rift in my psyche.

I believe that in the future, we will all be seeing some weird shit, that it will become the norm. So buckle up folks and open your minds!