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Shifting Your Focus


Jan. 2012 snow and Tree Lincoln Park

When I first took this picture, I took it because I loved the snow and the contrasting bark on the tree. When I loaded it onto my computer, I realized that it is the perfect example of “focus”. In this picture, you can focus on the tree, or the snow behind it…one is dark, the other light; one is soft, the other rough; one is more uniform, the other is quite varied in texture.

It is the same right now, during this transformation time. We can allow our focus to get stuck looking at the rough spots, the fear, the pain, the uncertainty, afraid to take our eyes off that supposed “reality” as if we didn’t keep our attention, thoughts and worry on it, something awful might happen.

And yet, something awful does happen when we keep our focus on that perceived lack, struggle, limitation, as our energy goes further down in vibration and we attract more thoughts, conditions and situations that reflect and mirror this. And thus the downward spiral continues until we feel powerless, like a victim to circumstances.

But when we shift our focus to solutions, to wondering what else is possible, how it could be different, how in truth we have much in our lives to be grateful for, many things we have succeeded in before, we open the door for our minds/hearts/life to present a new way. We make room for these perceived circumstances to change for the better.

Just by changing our focus.

It is like my post yesterday…you can look at the trees, or the forest, or the forest made up of trees:)

It’s a new moon tomorrow (depending upon where you live), in Aries, the sign of new beginnings, the energy to change. So let’s all focus on new beginnings, great beginnings. We have the power, it is our choice what to focus on, what to create.

Photo taken at Lincoln Park, Seattle, WA.