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Take A Moment To Use This Simple Stress Release/Re-framing Tool!


I have been a holistic therapist/teacher/coach for over 34 years. My work can be very esoteric but I also focus on work that is practical and gets results. For several years I took workshops into companies and government agencies as well as teaching them publicly. I liked to teach simple tools that can be used in the moment to shift things so a person could get back to trust, peace, and clarity.

I received an email from a friend today whose daughter had been at the Boston Marathon but left an hour before the bombs exploded. I can understand his concern and fear when he first heard of the tragedy and didn’t know if his daughter was safe or not. But since he found out about her safety, he has been watching the news non-stop, has developed sores all over his body, hasn’t slept well, has been unable to work, letting the stress and fear overwhelm him and he has bought into the media hype.

Things happen in our lives, to us, and others. And yes, it is important to have compassion, and normal for us to have reactions to things. But when we let it continue to override our peace, we just end up making ourselves sick, and drawing more and more negativity to ourselves. We are left unable to contribute in any way or make clear decisions.

I’d like to share with you a tool that is on my website. What I love about this tool is that you can use it in the more detailed way to shift something that you are reacting to in the moment, or use it for something that happened in the past. When we react to something now or in the past, we attach an emotional charge to that event, make decisions about ourselves and life based on those emotions and will continue to script and live our lives from that emotional place, until we are able to be present and shift ourselves to make a new choice. So you can also use this tool in the moment, just simply using the hand holds as described and not going through the steps.

I hope you find it useful. Remember, you do have a choice, you are in charge. Choose peace!!!!





          In the mid-80’s I was working with a book by Arnold Patent called You Can Have It All.  At one point I was using a technique that was supposed to clear blocks to prosperit, allowing you to manifest the money to pay back someone you owed money to.  Since I owed my Mom money, I started attempting to visualize looking her straight in the face and telling her I loved her.  Over and over, as I’d begin the visualization, a pie would come from the corner of my vision and hit her in the face.  No matter how much I tried to complete this visualization with love and forgiveness, I just couldn’t seem to complete it without the pie intrusion.  One day after another frustrating attempt, two friends of mine arrived for dinner just after going to a New Age talk.  I told them the story of my attempts and they laughed.  The speaker had just talked about our attempts to “be saints before our time”, i.e. trying to move to the positive without clearing the blocks and negative emotions that were keeping our good at bay.


          I have seen this focus on the positive and disregard for the negative in books and the movie “The Secret”.  I worked for years using the law of attraction without the positive results I was seeking.  Now I see that the missing part is for us to dive into the deep emotions and blocks, love them, and allow them to move through us so that our energy naturally lifts and we are then able to attract to us the good we are seeking.  No wonder so many people try to use the law of attraction and then decide it is just another New Age fraud, when they aren’t able to obtain the results they are seeking.


          Recently I discovered Lola Jones and her book Things Are Going Great in My Absence.    She addresses both the law of attraction and how to dive into your emotions and allow them to move, clearing the blocks to success and truly claiming your divinity.  She describes various techniques to use in this process.  I have been having great success with these techniques as well as using others that I find helpful.


          Scientists have repeatedly proven that we store memories in our cells.  These memories and the negative charge we have on these memories create the subconscious blocks that hinder our forward progress and manifestations.  In one of the therapies I do called “One Brain”, applied kinesiology is used to access the subconscious, find the systems that the negative charge is stored in and then, using gentle “corrections”, clear the charge and allow the body to restore itself to a positive state.  One of my favorite “corrections” used in One Brain is called Frontal Occipital Hold. It is one technique that I always teach in my corporate workshops as it can be used quickly and easily right in the moment, after a difficult phone call or situation, allowing you to regain your focus and positive energy. The more you can allow yourself to get into all the feelings, the more you will be able to allow these feelings to move and dissipate. I invite you to practice using this technique and see what positives you then make room for in your life!!


Frontal Occipital Hold:  This is a way to release the emotional charge built up around a stressful situation.  It is a way to welcome your vital forces to take you out of the place of victim and bring you to a place of empowerment.  Also, in reframing the situation, you give your mind new solutions and reactions to call upon to use in the future.  Cover your frontal eminences by placing the palm of your hand across your forehead, just above your eyebrows  and place all fingertips of the other hand over your occiput (base of skull).  The frontal eminences are stomach acupressure points, the stomach being where we often hold emotional tension. These front points also correspond to the front part of our brain, the part that allows us to be in choice, create new actions and options. The occipital points correlate to the primary visual centers of the brain, and the back part of our brain, the reptilian brain that holds old deeply entrenched behaviors and reactions.  You can use all three steps below or simply just use the first step. You can use this technique for a situation that just happened or something from the past that you desire to defuse.


a.     First, visualize the situation as it happened from beginning to end, noting all

       the details.  Imagine you are watching it from outside, as though it were

       seen through a window or on a video.  Take a deep breath and let it go.


  b.   Play the situation back again, noting all the details.  But this time let all

 of your senses come into play.  Remember sounds, sights, smells

    temperature of the air, feelings in your body…Allow your body to “be”

   in the situation as completely as possible.  Now run it backwards, as

  quickly as possible, several times.  Take a deep breath and let it go.


c.    Play the situation back again once more.  This time, however, imagine the

     situation changed in any way you wish.  You may simply change your

    response to the situation or you can completely change the details and

    outcome.  The mind doesn’t differentiate between what “really” happened

    and your new “made up” version, it just accepts it because it is all just

    perception anyway.  You can even add polka dots, stripes, or any other

   creative additions to change the “movie”.  When we hold the acupressure

   points we are using for this exercise, the blood flow within the brain moves

   away from the reactive paths that already existed, toward the brain center

   that is capable of creating new choices.  This technique can defuse past

   situations and make new behavior patterns possible in similar stressful

   situations now.