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I am sharing Dolly’s latest post. I have followed her blog for years and love how thoughtful, caring, compassionate and sensitive she is, demonstrating this with her deeply felt posts and kind ways!  Please support her and share her offer. And, if you would like to receive an offered love letter from her, she has a link to a form in her post where you can sign up!  I salute her light and bright being!

via A small gesture can go a long way…

A small gesture can go a long way…

Is Your Body Yelling At You Loudly?


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I’ve visited with two women this week who have literally made themselves sick doing the work they are doing. One was getting more and more fatigued, her iron levels were at “go to the hospital” levels but she stayed home, and several other organ systems were struggling as well. The other woman ended up with pain in her back so severe that she is having trouble walking and moving around and ended up in the emergency room. Both these women knew that their chosen work was affecting them and their health.

I’ve seen this happen with clients of mine, too. They knew they needed to make some changes in their lives but either weren’t ready to make those changes or felt unable to at the moment and they ended up with sicknesses, injuries or accidents. Perhaps if they had made the changes that needed to be made they wouldn’t have ended up having such drastic situations happen to them.

This has happened in my life as well. The signals start in a more subtle way, then turn into sluggishness, tiredness, or a slight pain. If I don’t listen and make the changes I am needing to make, things will turn more drastic to get my attention.

You can see this in a job you need to leave, a relationship that is in trouble or unhealthy for you, a career that needs to switch to something else, and the signals are always there, if we take time to pay attention and then take action.

I’m reading the book “FREQUENCY” by Penny Peirce and it talks of how we are getting signals all the time and teaches people to be more sensitive to this information. I feel that with the changes on the planet, we are heading into this heightened awareness even more now.

So what is your body telling you? Are there some changes you need to make?

Years ago I wrote down the line “Listen to the whisper before it becomes a shout”. I’ve been meaning to turn it into a song but so far, it hasn’t grown into that yet!

But I’ll say it again….Listen to the whisper before it becomes a shout!