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Expressing Gratitude To ALL Those Bringing Success To The Light!


Barbie and Ken greeting

Today is Thanksgiving Day in Sunny San Diego, CA, where I’m presently staying on this 2+ year journey to bring my light, love and healing to others, living on faith and continuing my work to oust the dark. So I’m sending you a picture I took of this unique and fun greeting I passed on the Pacific beach/Mission Beach boardwalk a few months ago.

Although I am spending this holiday alone, which isn’t unusual in my present life, I have much to be grateful for so wanted to share that with you.

Personally I am grateful I’ve had a clean, safe space to stay these last few months where I knew I was welcome as long as I needed the space, and it has given me the comfort and security needed so John and I could do the deep work we are doing now. This is my 42nd place to stay on this journey so it is wonderful to not have to look for another place.

I am grateful for all you readers that although you don’t “like” my posts or comment very often, you still think enough of what I share, to sign up and follow me, through all the times I post regularly and all the times I don’t. And I’m grateful for all my followers who write wonderful blogs themselves. I have enjoyed building relationships with some of you and I consider you friends!

I’m VERY grateful to all the humans, off world beings and higher dimensional beings who have worked so hard to bring forth the surrender of the Chimera, the shutdown of all their technologies, the so far etheric level surrender of the cabal and all their down-line; to take care of everything that needs to happen to bring forth the RV/GCR, prosperity packages, humanitarian funds, the historic bond sales, NESARA, GESARA and set up a light based financial system; to ultimately bring forth the physical level surrender of the cabal, shut down all their technologies, dark based governments, dark based companies, dark based justice system, dark based media and all the other ways they have controlled humanity and kept them ill and enslaved; to prepare to bring forth new light based governments; to prepare to bring forth free energy, a light based media, disclosure, and clean up the planet; and all the other situations and ways you are working to help humanity shift onto a timeline of Oneness and create a new world.

I’m grateful for all the spiritual teachers, spiritual writers, healing modalities, intel people, whistleblowers, protesters, activists, light based artists/musicians/film makers/writers, leaders, and just plain folks who have worked so hard to bring forth the truth, inspire humanity to change, and lead the call of the light.

I’m grateful for this beautiful planet and its patience with us humans as the cabal and humanity have treated it so poorly at times and taken it for granted, and yet, it continues to bloom and bring forth such brilliance in a dazzling array of environments. flora and fauna, and creatures galore.

I’m grateful for humanity for maintaining a heroic level of courage, love, compassion, perseverance, dedication and support for one another in the midst of all the challenges to that in the way.

I’m grateful to John for his continuing support and for bringing his work to me so we could grow and share the work in such a meaningful way.

I’m grateful to be a part of this deep work at the level of creation, to assist in the transformation of the planet.

I’m grateful that after pursuing to oust the dark from it’s inception, that it will soon be done and I can move on to new adventures.

I’m grateful for this body vehicle, my soul, my birth, my family, my son, my adopted daughter for supporting me, pushing me to grow in loving and not so loving ways, so that I could become who I am today, and who I will become tomorrow.

On this US based Thanksgiving holiday, this day of reflection and gratitude, the cusp of the New World of the light……what are YOU grateful for? Please share that below.

Much love to you all, all around the world. May you be blessed in ALL ways!!!

If you haven’t checked it out yet, here is a guided meditation you can do for relaxation, and stress release, as well as to lend your light to the victory of the light and design the life and world you desire.



Happy Thanksgiving with Gratitude for ALL of YOU!


Sunflower yellow

I have been on the road over a year now. Last Thanksgiving I was in Sedona and started the celebration by helping serve the community meal at the local Elks club. Then I went back to eat there with a friend and his girlfriend. Later, I was invited over to a local psychic/energy healer’s home for a feast with her friends.

This year, I am sharing it with a friend I met through a hairdressing/massage barter:)

There has been a lifetime of adventure, challenges, gifts, learning and healing over this year, way beyond my wildest imagination. I am grateful for every moment of it, even the hard times. Although I am certainly ready for more ease in my life, and it is what many of us desire, it seems the hard stuff is what truly moves us forward in leaps and bounds when we let it!

The world has gone through so much transformation this last year, as we geared up for 12/21/12 and many were left scratching their heads, wondering if anything had changed at all. But it has and I feel like the planet and humanity is on the verge, the tipping point into the life of rejuvenation, Oneness, peace and sovereignty that we’ve been working toward.

So I wanted to take the time to thank all of YOU for taking the time to read my blog, “like” it, and comment on it. I know your lives are busy and there are so many wonderful videos and blogs to watch and read on the web. My intention is that my posts help teach you some new things, ponder new ways of being, uplift and inspire you! Thank you for honoring me with the gift of your time and attention. May your lives be blessed in ever more cascading fountains of light and love. Happy Thanksgiving!

Please feel free to join the conversation in the comment section below and share your questions, thoughts, dreams and ideas!